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Sales promotions - an awareness and demand generation tool

Awareness and demand generation are the primary activities of every marketing program. Awareness primes the pump by keeping the brand top-of-mind so you are considered when a consumer is in the buying cycle. The promotion helps to bring it all home by causing the consumer to take action.

Marketers love promotions because they are easy to measure and demonstrate return on investment (ROI). For the most part, promotions are considered to be uncool by advertising people who favor a more artistic marketing message. Here at GMB we believe that promotions can be in-brand, fun and cool, but still accomplish the mission of gathering data and turning that data into sales.

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Sales promotions - an awareness and demand generation tool

  1. 1. Sales Promotions Use the buttons to get started
  2. 2. Anyone can hold an RV sales event, but how many have you ever been to that had a rock climbing wall and a clown who juggles knives and flaming bowling pins? Didn't think so.
  3. 3. RV's, food, fun, and gators (real ones) in a one-of-a-kind sales event in Tucson Arizona.
  4. 4. When three great brands combine their superpowers, great things can happen. SylvanSport provided the product for a give-a-way. Outside Magazine provided the channel. Lazydays orchestrated the strategy that resulted in more than 35,000 entries/leads. The partnership proved to be a marketer's dream. GO outside and play
  5. 5. The Road to Savings As part of a campaign to explain how much a person can save by banking at Suncoast Credit Union, we created a sweepstakes whose grand prize was a 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek. Each of our ads had a "Save more for Life with Suncoast" message, as well as a strong CTA inviting users to visit the credit union's website to register for a chance to win the car. At the website, users were reminded of the research-proven truth that banking at Suncoast can save a family with multiple Suncoast products as many as $1040 per year.