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Do Real People Really Use Tag Clouds?

Research to help designers, marketers and publishers distinguish between web 2.0's hits and hype from Avenue A | Razorfish.

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Do Real People Really Use Tag Clouds?

  1. Do Real People Really Use Tag Clouds? Research To Help Separate Web 2.0’s Hits From Hype Garrick Schmitt Vice President, User Experience Avenue A | Razorfish
  2. I.  Digital Consumer Behavior Study II.  What The Data Means For Designers III.  Downloads and Further Analysis
  3. Digital Consumer Behavior Study
  4. Do Consumers Use Tag Clouds?
  5. Design vs. Demographics: How do people “discover” things? How do people adopt emerging (Web 2.0) technologies? What drives consumers online purchase habits? How has video changed the consumer landscape? Are mobile services being widely used, or not?