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Poka yoke: The Science of Mistake Proofing in Software

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Presentation on Poka Yoke in Software which was delivered by Dhaval Doshi and Gurpreet Luthra at ThoughtWorks xConf in July 2012.

For details refer to Blog Post:

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Poka yoke: The Science of Mistake Proofing in Software

  1. 1. POKA YOKE The Science of Mistake ProofingGurpreet Luthra & Dhaval Doshi(ThoughtWorks xConf – Bangalore – July 2012)
  2. 2. What is POKA YOKE ?
  3. 3. What is POKA YOKE ? Poka YOKEInadvertent Mistake Prevent
  4. 4. What is POKA YOKE ?The essential idea of Poke Yoke is to mistake proof themanufacturing process --- so that mistakes cannot bemade or can be caught/fixed quickly.
  5. 5. Typesof Poka Yoke devices Control Warning
  6. 6. Pin Index Safety System (PISS)
  7. 7. Buckle Up!
  8. 8. Poka Yoke / Mistake Proofing In Software
  9. 9. UI Mistake Proofing
  10. 10. UI Mistake Proofing
  11. 11. UI Mistake Proofing
  12. 12. RadiatorsUnit Tests IDEs
  13. 13. Compilers Pre-commit • Commit Message • Developer Names • New Files missed • Build is RED check • Run Unit TestsAuto Save • Check-in to VCS
  14. 14. Architectural ControlsHttpSession No updates on GET Context specific injection
  15. 15. Architectural ControlsRun UnderLeast Privilege Primitives Vs Types Circuit Breaker
  16. 16. Some more examples…PasswordLog Check Live Data Testing Keyboard Shortcuts
  17. 17. What do you think?
  18. 18. PragmaticMistake Proofing Feedback Blast Radius
  19. 19. Distributed “Agile” !!Remote Teams Long Running ProjectsLegacy & ComplexCodebase Team Attrition
  20. 20. Qualities of a Good Poka Yoke Early Precise Painless Simple
  21. 21. Instead of a BOLD font email, Choose a POKA YOKE Thank You