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Chapter 3 Summary

  1. Organizational Culture and Environment: The Constraints Chapter 3
  2. Exhibit 3–1 Parameters of Managerial Discretion
  3. Exhibit 3–2 Dimensions of Organizational Culture
  4. Exhibit 3–3 Contrasting Organizational Cultures High Low Innovation and Risk Taking Low High Stability High Low Aggressiveness High Low Team Orientation High Low People Orientation High Low Outcome Orientation Low High Attention to Detail Organization B Organization A Dimension
  5. Exhibit 3–4 Strong versus Weak Organizational Cultures
  6. Exhibit 3–5 How an Organization’s Culture Is Established and Maintained
  7. Exhibit 3–9 The External Environment
  8. Exhibit 3–11 Environmental Uncertainty Matrix
  9. Exhibit 3–12 Organizational Stakeholders