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Brittany Subia and David Freeland

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  1. 1. By: Brittany Subia and David Freeland
  2. 2. To demonstrate different stretches and  techniques used by professionals to prevent the most common soccer related injuries
  3. 3. Remain static when stretching, do not bounce  Know the difference between good and bad  pain while stretching; when you have reached your limit Always warm up before stretching to  decrease the chance of injury from stretching Stretch before and after exercise to prevent  muscle soreness
  4. 4. Reduced muscle tension  Increased range of motion  Enhanced muscular coordination  Decreased muscle soreness  Allows muscles to handle intense, rigorous  exercise with less chance of injury Increased circulation  Increased energy 
  5. 5. Ankle sprains  ◦ High ankle sprain ◦ Eversion ankle sprain ◦ Inversion ankle sprain Muscle strains & Pulled muscles  Calf ◦ Groin ◦ Hamstring ◦ Quad ◦ Butt ◦
  6. 6. Find a wall and place  your foot onto it making a 90 degree angle Slightly push your body  toward the wall until you feel a stretch in your calf muscle
  7. 7. While standing, rotate  your ankle inward and gently push into the ground until you feel a stretch on the lower outside of your leg With the same context in  mind, turn your ankle outward and push until you feel a stretch in the inside of the ankle
  8. 8. Keeping legs together  and straight, bend forward and try to touch toes until you feel a stretch in your hamstring Also you can spread legs  shoulder width apart, while keeping legs straight bend to each side slowly, until you feel a stretch
  9. 9. While standing  straight, bend the leg at the knee, and hold it with the opposite arm behind the back Then pull leg up with  arm until a stretch is felt. Repeat on the opposite  leg
  10. 10. Sit on the ground and  bend the right leg Place the ankle of the  left leg on the knee of the right bent leg Push the left knee  forward until a slight stretch is felt Repeat this on the  opposite leg
  11. 11. Stand with legs spread  apart a bit more than shoulder width apart Point your right toe  outward and lean toward the right, while keeping the left leg straight Repeat on the opposite  leg
  12. 12.  medical/hw/nr55552004.jpg  mage/ankle_ligaments_MMG.jpg   /Image402.gif  teus_Maximus.PNG  http://www.tailored-fitness-home-
  13. 13. END THE