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  • We want to network with you about our Film 'JAIN ENLIGHTENMENT - A Way of Life' for America and the world

    We are New York documentary filmmakers who have produced a beautiful 10 min DEMO film 'JAIN ENLIGHTENMENT - A Way of Life' and also working on 'Palitana - City of Temples on the Hill' to inform and educate America about Ahimsa, Anekantvad, Aparigrah ... involving Forgiveness, Compassion, and Peace.

    We returned from India with over 200 hours of film and are also producing a series of films on Legend of Lord Bahubali; King Adhinathan, Lord Mahavira and Sacred Pilgrimages - including Ranakpur, Ellora etc. to show Jain Images of Perfection.

    Vinanti Sarkar,Director, Global Cultural Diversity Films (GCDF) Inc. 425 East 51st Street, New York, NY 10022. Tel: 22-759-4568 Website: Linkedin / Twitter / Facebook / MySpace, etc. Review short clips on 5084696 or 5084856 or 50864417 or 5092260 or 5092316 and join our discussions on blog: ttp:// where we are inviting donors to help in funding and receive free DVDs in return.
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  1. 1. . . r ' ` t , . V . , _' `*~<. - f@ "xny-v m ; .r 4-. ” 4-6. , . Simulation in wireless _Network Systems _. IR I, “a 'b ` 7 s ? ` j Presented by: a ` / l Princi [zzin _ fx" Priyanka Kharuíclwal. Th, , , . Pradeep Ahíirzual 040), ,, ` ` ` ' Pradeep I a mv “Q, Pratík Saxeiza and Pritcslz Dubeg/
  2. 2. h , Universal Fact Don't think over it . ... ... .. “Human brain is the most outstanding object in the world. It functions 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. It functions right from the time we are born, and stop only when we enter in the examination hall. "
  3. 3. Outline B asics of siinttlaüon I? urpcse of Simulation Simuleçticn R420 dellíng classiñ cations iéípplitcation «of Simulation Ashraníçtages and : lis advantages Simulation Prcgrarnning (` o 1"@ I`1Y`I 'WT 15"
  4. 4. What is Simulation ? 0 It is a general term that is used in many disciplines including performance evaluation of computer and telecommunications systems. 0 It is a process of designing model of a real system
  5. 5. Purpose of simulation: Gaining insight into the operation of a system Developing operating or resource policies to improve system performance. Testing new concepts and/ or systems before implementation. Kirlllllllg lilikllllltlllklll lUlUUf Leiñitllilllllg illC tlLIUtll ñ` fwttlll.
  6. 6. Exp erírment w l l! : actual system Phyçicnl model Experiment with a Inndn-. I nl' ncuml . sysurm Pvlmhernntícnl model A nnlytictnl Solution Simulation
  7. 7. ltíírartraggemn~etmít Tip: To be a "Good professional", always start to study late for "Exams". Because it teaches how to manage "Time" and tackle "EmergenciesW Advise is a subject matter of solicitation
  8. 8. Tê= dlllíllflfífãlli Am"tíüra«e; ”ü1«omis oii' Slímífüiíülêülíllãülífi Ability to compress time, expand time Ability to control sources of variation Avoids errors in measurement Ability to stop and review Ability to restore sgt/ sten-z state w -1-. . v'
  9. 9. TEr. ..uí; .-es : off gílíüíílíütílãitílíoíirt Real System: Source of raw data Model: Set of instructions for data generating Simulator: device for carrying out model instructions
  10. 10. Q: Define C-ompiler. "A compiler 's primary function is to compile, organize the compilation, and go right back to compilíng. It compiles basically only those things that require to be compiled, ignoring things that should not be compiled. The main viray a compiler compiles, is to compile the things to be compiled until the compilation is complete. "
  11. 11. 6 o me ~' Simulation Mo delling Classifications Static vs. Dynamic: Static: No attempts to model a time sequence of changes. Dynamic: Updating each entity at each occurring event. Deterministic vs. Stochastic: Deterministic: Rule based. Stochastic: Based on Conditional probabilities.
  12. 12. i . ligalig Ií? ;l; x:_[_`. I;IL-; _-{, * . `._. '-. i:; $.f3:`. i.: t-; ?at ü Ltjç» i c» att: rrantlom ints ' e asr~a result í r , eta awaits.
  13. 13. s' U 6 Vx `“"`"7TT”.7i5'-NZ i: * li/ Irosrílel ? Irazromromny system model . dêterminisfícs static dynamic static I Monte Carlo símirlatíon continuous discrete icontinuoas discrete-event simulation
  14. 14. D a F. l i T' 11-! _a 'f! `I _ rv- I- QT q-v ang. ur- o` q'- i - : i -i I itim. , lis/ liar" . T ri . . . i : i V` i i r i i T; J . g i. Ir. .aa-. .l. ..
  15. 15. 6 u &ga-ky; p I ll f" Ans: committee is a set Inclitíiduals inrho can do : nothing individually and sit to idecidíe that nothing can be done 'together "
  16. 16. What is discrete-event Simulation? - Modeling, simulating, and analyzing systems - Computational and mathematical techniques Model: construct a conceptual framework that describes a system Simulate: perform experiments using computer implementation of the model assist in LlCClSltJll making process
  17. 17. 4r` 5 f, i Dreumurnrrzons Discrete-Event Simulation Model - Stochastic: some state variables are random - Dynamic: time evolution is important - Discrete-Event: significant changes occur at discrete time instances Monte Carlo Simulation Model - Stochastic: r* .
  18. 18. s' a t ' l kjztü_7ffifíifií r r? i . Ti f: .. V' . T ^ : Discrete IE: : eiri. r3i. ._nrrr. lernu1~r n. r-/ íir e "Map t " u, Dreve" «apartment - Howto develop a model: Determine the goals and objectives Build a COHCCpillül model Convert into a si2eci_ñcnti0n model Convert into a conzpirtaticnzal model Verify Validate 30143935354 as-asasrsasa
  19. 19. Tillie@ ltl«n«clve: l|. lbeíveíle &Conceptual - Very high level - How comprehensive should the model be? - What are the sta te variables, which are dynamic, and which are important? Specification - On paper - May involve equations, pseudo code, etc. - How will the model receive input? Fnvnnnt-linnal x ClllllPLltiJi Pllljzãlllíll - General-purpose PL or Simulation language?
  20. 20. Daily Prayer: O GOD, give us strength 8: capacity to pay Income Tax, VAT, CST, Service Tax, Excise Duty, Octroi, TDS, ESI, FBT, Prop. Tax, Stamp Duty, CGT, Water Tax, Prof. Tax, Road Tax, Edu Cess, Congestion Levy 8: many more. Besides don't forget Gunda Hafta, Bribes, Donations, Chanda, Beggers etc. .. If we have some time & money left after that, we will do some Business. Cheers to Boomino Indian Economy!
  21. 21. 6 u KF. - f i r' v' I" v' . u l u. w l5`I]*êIf'J`Llfíl'C. ã1íbí? -U)ETL *Valiísqltasli~m m Verification. - Computational model should be consistent with Specification model - Did ve build the model right? Validation - Computational model should be consistent with the system being analyzed - Did w0 build the rig ht model? «wulplat
  22. 22. x) 5. 5 ", .. .i Applications of Simulation Managing Inventory Systems Estimating the Probability of Completing a Project by the Deadline Design and Operation of Manufacturing 8: Distribution Systems Financial Risk Analysis Health Care Applications Applications to Other Service Industries - Government service, banking, hotels, restaurants, c1n1L1S(PIT1(PHt parks, . . .
  23. 23. Q: How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
  24. 24. Advantages of Simulation Flexibility: Controlled Experimentation with the system model. Speed: Results of experiments are achieved in speedy manner. Performance evaluation. Excellent training tool because it involves technical (lOCLlilllUlllçlllOll.
  25. 25. Disadvantages of Simulation Expensive. Time Consuming for large Simulation models. Possibility of taking unreasonable assumptions. Time to develop Simulator (Simulation irvtj| _.^| `)~ LL` LC
  26. 26. U 6 Vx `*"""77?í>'3'1*' "Ning sa @onti: tthinl( «over it . ... ... .. . "In C we had to code our own bugs. In C++ we can inherit them. "
  27. 27. i Programming Languages General-purpose programming languages - Flexible and familiar - Well suited for leaming DES principles and techniques - E. g.: C, C++, Java, Fortran and VB. Special-purpose Simulation languages - Good for building models quickly - Provide built-in features (e. g., queue Structures) - Graphics and animation provided Cn. FDCC FACDIWI Aran-s Dvnrnnr-'nl C; n1r~r-r; nF II: , *lllikil4xlllll l ilk_l«ll. j ` QN A P, Ne twork . _,k. li k l . , w_. .. _I imulatioii-Ztlüs-Z)
  28. 28. Summary & Conclusion S u mma r3?: di Discrete Event Simulation supports decision making in any field including Wireless communication. Computer Simulation reduces risk. A bit expensive. Civnclusion: Before implementing the real conce t we can go for testing Wit Simulation. s if real S Stem contains human li e then Simulation plays an important role. t Simulation iS a perfect tool for perfonnance Evaluation.
  29. 29. 7/ J Learn Some Hindi ` TEN N15 i Lakdl ke phalak ' TRAIV ' Sahasra Chakra Louh Path shetra pe Le takaatak de takaatzik (jaamülp ` ' LAWN TENNIS i Hari* Ghaas Par Le - ALL ROUTE PASS - Yatr Taim' Szirvalr tada tad' de 'ada tad Gaman . Azigya Patr l ' “m” BULB 3 “Ci-VI” “aka-tl” RAlL~'»-' SIGNAL - Aoni Ralh Aaya Kamh golak Gaman Soochak Paillika c ' “E I Kan*** Límãmí kanluran* STATION : Bhabhka Adda . “LATCH Box : Ragdanlpanl Agm ' BUTTOV ' Ast Wast Vastra Nivantrak Utpziadzm Peti ' ' “ ` " _ TRAFFIC SIGNAL I Aavat Jaavat ' IMIOSQLIITO : Gunjanhaari lvlanav Rakt