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Emacs Cheat Sheet

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Emacs Cheat Sheet

  1. 1. Emacs Cheat Sheet Starting emacs Quitting Help > emacs X C HT to start emacs. quit emacs (Can be used to see the tutorial with impunity -- the H A topic > emacs filename to start emacs and load a file system will prompt if the to see help about topic workspace has not yet > emacs -nw filename XU to start emacs with no new been saved.) undo the last command window (load file) G aborts any command in progress Cursor Positioning or F A L forward (right) one to beginning of line cursor in middle of screen character. U 20 E N B or to end of line advance 20 lines back (left) one character < xw start of document display the line number or P where the cursor is located > up one character end of document X goto-line 999 N or V down one character go to line number 999 page up B V left one word page down F right one word Search and Replace Regions Loading and Saving S patterntext F filename SPC X search for patterntext; set mark at cursor create new filename for cursor moves as you type. editing (clears workspace) W Press once at the kill region F filename X correct location load in filename for editing W copy region to kill ring R patterntext W filename X search backwards for write (save) as filename Y patterntext; cursor moves as yank back last thing killed X S you type. resave under the current filename (based on above S search for the next or name given when occurrence starting emacs) % oldstring newstring Search for oldstring and replace it with newstring. 1 of 2 9/16/07 8:18 PM
  2. 2. The Y key confirms each replacement, N skips it, Q to exit Common Lisp XL start Common Lisp lisp image ©1997 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano. All Rights Reserved. 2 of 2 9/16/07 8:18 PM