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  1. 1. By Taylor Neal
  2. 2.  Zach Almond is a sophomore at North Stanly High School. I have known him since Third Grade and we have been best buds ever since. Throughout middle school we sat at the same lunch table almost every day, with at least four other people: Jake, Jacob, Zach H., Hoseng, and whoever else decided to join us.  Zach is the trouble-maker of the group. He’s always looking for new ways to aggravate people solely because of the fact that it’s funny.
  3. 3.  Jake is also a North Stanly sophomore. We hung out every day at New London, and he was one of the daily members of our lunch table. Jake is the redneck of the group, always coming up with crazy ideas for us to do that would likely land us in the hospital if we were to attempt them. His idea of dressing formally is wearing a nice pair of overalls with at least one strap buckled. He loves to throw parties in his basement and always has random (and stupid) events planned for them, such as flashlight tag or Guitar Hero.
  4. 4.  Zach H. is the funny- man from our New London group. He was the class clown in every class and can make any normal every-day situation comical. Almost everything he says is a joke of some kind—”That’s what she said!” being his specialty. He is obvoiusly very difficult to take seriously.  Zach is always bald and hardly ever sports any other hair style.
  5. 5.  Comer is the midget of the group. No, he’s not actually a midget. Through middle school he was shorter than most of the girls, whom he flirted with regardless. Comer was always confident that the best-looking girls in the school liked him. He even asked one out. Rejected! Though even after that he walked over to us and said “She digs me.”  Comer has grown at least a foot since eighth grade. He is no longer the midget of the group. His new title is yet to be decided.
  6. 6.  Jackson is another friend of mine who currently attends North Stanly High School. He and I were in every class together since sixth grade started and we quickly became best friends. Jackson loves to mess with people. One day last year we called a good-looking girl we know from Albemarle and told her to call my house and ask for my little brother Garrett, and told her to tell him anonymously that he is a sexy beast. When she did this, Garrett quickly hung up the phone, then freaked out because he hung up on girl who called him sexy. Best. Prank. EVER.
  7. 7.  Delilah, who prefers the name Carl but I couldn’t care less, is a friend of mine whom I’ve been friends with since before Kindergarten. We were in the same class at Millingport from Kindergarten to second grade. After that, I transferred to Kendall Valley and he stayed at Millingport. We caught up in sixth grade, when we both enrolled at New London Choice Middle School. We have gone to the same school since then and are now both students at Gray Stone Day School.  (The above picture is not the actual Delilah.)
  8. 8.  Big Caesar, The Pizza Man, Pepperoni—the list of Henry’s pizza based names goes on. You’re probably wondering, “How did he get such random and awkward nicknames?” Because his nipples are freakin’ huge, that’s why.  It all started one day before basketball practice in the bathroom when we were changing. When Henry took off his shirt, everyone was immediately concerned. We thought he had a disease. “Extremlygiganticnippleosis.” One of us decided to scream “Nice pepperoni’s, Henry!” Thus the pizza based nicknames began. Ah. Good times.
  9. 9.  Mary is a student at Gray Stone Day School. I met her last year on the first day of cross country practice and we have been friends ever since. I like to call her fat because its funny. She starts more random insider jokes than any other girl I know. She is fat.
  10. 10. Janna is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. I have known her since Kindergarten and went to the same school as her until 6th grade, when I transferred to New London Choice Middle School. She is now a student at Gray Stone, for whom she runs Cross Country. She is a very good student and a very talented runner.
  11. 11.  I met Ben at basketball camp the summer before my freshman year. I didn’t get to know him until fall however when cross country season started. We have friends ever since.  Ben is known as Ben Jammin’, Ben 10, and Skittles.