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The Apple in Western Painting (2)

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An apple is not an apple,
or rather, an apple is not just an apple in the history of art ...

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The Apple in Western Painting (2)

  1. 1. An apple is not an apple, or rather, an apple is not just an apple in the history of art ...
  2. 2. The Apple in Western Painting (2)
  3. 3. Apple and the portrait …
  4. 4. a deep, intense gaze. and a golden apple is thought to be the portrait of Francesco Maria I Della Rovere, nephew of Pope Julius II and adopted son of Guidubaldo and Elisabetta Gonzaga, who was named heir to the Duchy of Urbino … the golden apple would symbolize the choice of Paris which earned him temporal power Raffaello Sanzio Raphaël Young Man with an Apple Le Jeune Homme à la pomme 1505 Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
  5. 5. the oranges, a reminder of an original innocence, of an age before sin but ... if they are apples (it is difficult to be certain), these would be the symbol be the temptation of knowledge and the Fall Jan van Eyck Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife Les Époux Arnolfini 1434 National Gallery, London
  6. 6. the ancient idols, the simple Tahitian women, the Virgin Mary Eve and the apple ... all come together in a single space Paul Gauguin Nava Nave Moe Sacred Spring: Sweet Dreams Printemps sacré: Doux rêves 1894 The Hermitage, St. Petersburg
  7. 7. three Christian symbols: the halo and the snake and the apple ... references to the garden of Eden, temptation, sin and the Fall of Man … Gauguin painting himself as both saint and sinner Paul Gauguin Autoportrait au nimbe Self-Portrait with Halo 1889 National Gallery of Art, Washington
  8. 8. a family portrait and a moralizing significance ... the red apple refers to fertility and the seventeenth-century bourgeois marriage ethic that was aimed at reproduction Cornelis de Vos Family Portrait Portrait de famille 1630 Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Ghent
  9. 9. a silver rattle and an apple in imitation of an sceptre and orb and a dwarf (a comic major-domo to the future king of Spain …) Diego Velázquez Prince Baltasar Carlos with a Dwarf Le Prince Baltasar Carlos avec un nain 1631 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  10. 10. the apple on the table, symbol of the temptation of Eve Jean-Honoré Fragonard Le Verrou The Bolt 1777 Musée du Louvre, Paris
  11. 11. Apple and still life …
  12. 12. a dark composition … an earthen jar a coconut a walnut and an apple which begins to rot by the peduncle Edvard Munch Still Life with Jar, Apple, Walnut and Coconut Nature morte avec pot, pomme, noix et noix de coco 1881 Munchmuseet, Oslo
  13. 13. this still life already has something surreal : an apple in the shape of a breast or skull Pablo Picasso Fruits dans un fruitier Fruit Bowl with Fruit 1918 Collection particulière
  14. 14. painted in 1919 by a Picasso in the middle of a classicizing period … a pitcher a plate and four apples Pablo Picasso Nature morte avec une cruche et aux pommes Still-life With a Pitcher and Apples 1919 Musée Picasso, Paris
  15. 15. a green apple … Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin Carafe à demi pleine de vin gobelet d'argent The Silver Goblet 1728 Saint Louis Art Museum
  16. 16. "A painter can say everything with fruits or flowers, or clouds only “ … Edouard Manet Le Panier de fruits Basket of Fruit 1864 Museum of Fine Arts de Boston
  17. 17. a basket of grapes and apples … Claude Monet Still-Life with Apples and Grapes Nature morte aux pommes et raisins 1879-1880 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
  18. 18. painted on the cedarwood lid of a Villar Y Villar cigar box … Auguste Renoir Apples and walnuts Nature morte avec des pommes et des noix 1860-1870 The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
  19. 19. The apple and Cézanne …
  20. 20. dish, glass and apples Paul Cézanne Nature morte au compotier Still Life with Fruit Dish 1879-1980 The Museum of Modern Art, New York
  21. 21. an apple ... a poetic symbol for Cézanne Paul Cézanne Pommes et biscuits Apples and biscuits 1879-1882 Musée de l'Orangerie, Paris
  22. 22. apples and oranges … modernity and sumptuous beauty Paul Cézanne Still-Life with Apples and Oranges Pommes et oranges 1899 Musée d'Orsay, Paris
  23. 23. one of the most unusual, mysterious, and discussed of Cézanne's work ... a white colored plaster with no arms onions and apples Paul Cézanne Nature morte avec l'Amour en plâtre Still Life with Plaster Cupid 1895 Courtauld Gallery, London
  24. 24. an awkwardly naked and recoiling figure her suitor an African chambermaid and the gargantuan decorative elements: the red curtain the vase of flowers the titan-supported table and red apples in a basket Paul Cézanne Une moderne Olympia, Le Pacha A Modern Olympia, Pasha 1867-1870 Collection privée
  25. 25. Magritte's Apple …
  26. 26. oversized, enlarged apple the fruit occupies all the space, this magnification is disturbing because the object normally holds in the hand … Magritte questions the human scale Rene Magritte The Listening Room La Chambre D'Ecoute 1952 Menil Collection, Houston
  27. 27. a low wall the sea and a cloudy sky a bowler a man and a hovering green apple everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see … Rene Magritte The Son of Man Le fils de l'homme 1964 Private Collection
  28. 28. a beach in front of the sea and the famous clouds a pear an apple Is it still life? In the spirit of the surrealist that is Magritte probably not! this image it is here the image of an apple and the image of a pear, not of the fruits themselves … Rene Magritte Memory of a Voyage Souvenirs de Voyage 1959 Collection privée
  29. 29. masked apple … a personification of the fruit, a perfect image of the Magrittian mystery Rene Magritte The Married Priest II Le prêtre marié 1961 Private collection
  30. 30. dwarfism the table covered with a linen tablecloth and the gigantism of the apple an inverted logic ... the uncertainty reigns and that is precisely what Magritte is aiming for Rene Magritte Les belles réalités Fine realities 1964 Collection privée
  31. 31. perception and reality ... this is not a apple, it’s an image of a apple ... and if you don’t believe it, Magritte challenges : “just try eat my apple" Bon appetite! Rene Magritte This is Not an Apple Ceci n'est pas une pomme 1964 Private Collection
  32. 32. apple defying the laws of universal gravitation Rene Magritte The Postcard La Carte Postale 1960 Mayor Gallery, London
  33. 33. the mystery of the apple or the play of the visible, the invisible and the visible hidden Rene Magritte Beautiful World Le Beau Monde 1962 Private collection
  34. 34. … and a Dalinian apple
  35. 35. "Nuclear Mysticism" period … still life in motion things and objects, of material and immaterial presences circulate, fly, let themselves be seen and feel ... the fruit bowl and the apple in motion split and are distorted Salvador Dali Nature Morte Vivante Still Life-Fast Moving 1956 The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida
  36. 36. olga_oes The apple in Western Painting (2) images and text credit www. Music ThePianoGuys Limitless created olga.e. thanks for watching