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The laurel in the painting (2)

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symbol of poetry
symbol of victory, immortality and eternal glory
symbol of resurrection, eternity and chastity in Christianity

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The laurel in the painting (2)

  1. 1. symbol of poetry symbol of victory, immortality and eternal glory symbol of resurrection, eternity and chastity in Christianity
  2. 2. The laurel in the painting (2)
  3. 3. The laurel, symbol in Christianity
  4. 4. a landscape a peacock, symbol of immortality and a laurel tree ... the juxtaposition of the dead tree with the flourishing laurel, a reference to Death and Resurrection Girolamo dai Libri Madonna and Child with Saints La Madone et l'enfant avec les Saints 1520 Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manhattan, New York City
  5. 5. the flowers of the rose, symbol of purity and suffering and the laurel behind the Virgin, a symbol of distinction Northern Italian School École du nord de l'Italie The Virgin and Child with Roses and Laurels La Vierge aux Lauriers 1510-1520 The National Gallery, London
  6. 6. Portrait and the laurel branch
  7. 7. Laurel branch and academic painting … William Bouguereau Branche de laurier Laurel Branch 1900 Collection particulière
  8. 8. a young woman a white veil and a branch of laurel a coded reference to the subject’s name, a attribute of poetry, a reference to Daphne, a courtesan – all of these interpretations are possible ... Giorgione Laura. Young Woman Laura 1506 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
  9. 9. a young Florentine woman, Ginevra de' Benci an juniper bush, a symbol of virtue and the reverse of the portrait decorated with a juniper sprig, a wreath of laurel and palm and the Latin motto Virtvtem Forma Decorat ("Virtue Adorns Beauty"), symbol of the relationship between Ginevra's intellectual and moral virtue and her physical beauty Leonardo da Vinci Léonard de Vinci Portrait of Ginevra de' Benci Portrait de Ginevra de' Benci 1474-1478 National Gallery of Art, Washington
  10. 10. an enigmatic portrait ... a unknown lady and a laurel tree, a symbol of poetry Antonio da Correggio Le Corrège Portrait of a Gentlewoman Portrait d'une dame 1517-1519 The Hermitage, St. Petersburg
  11. 11. a landscape with swans, a horseman and a palm tree a stork a flock of birds a middle-aged man a sestertius of emperor Nero and two laurel leaves Hans Memling Portrait of a Man with a Roman Coin Portrait d'homme avec une pièce de monnaie romaine 1480 Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp
  12. 12. The laurel in Allegorical Painting
  13. 13. a young knight asleep two beautiful young women: Virtue with a book and a sword Sensual Pleasure with one flower and a laurel tree the probable meaning of the allegory: to bring both sides of life into harmony Raffaello Sanzio Raphaël Allegory, The Knight's Dream Le Songe du chevalier 1504 National Gallery, London
  14. 14. a heavy curtain a young girl a trumpet a book of Thucydides and crown of laurel ... a connection with Clio, the muse of history Johannes Vermeer The Art of Painting, The Allegory of Painting L'Art de la peinture, L'Allégorie de la peinture 1665-1667 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna
  15. 15. the inkwell the scroll with the motto CONCORDI LVMINE MAIOR Painting with a palette, brushes and a mask Poetry with a quill and with a laurel wreath … an Sapphic kiss and embrace of the two allegorical figures Francesco Furini Painting and Poetry Peinture et Poésie 1626 Galleria Palatina di Palazzo Pitti, Florence
  16. 16. a ruby stapled to the blue ribbon and the attributes of Poetry: the blue garment edged with gold stars, the book... and the laurel wreath Carlo Dolci Poetry, Allegory of poetry Poésie, Allégorie de la Poésie 1648-1649 Galleria Corsini, Florence
  17. 17. a young poet Apollo Calliope, muse of poetry and two putti with laurel wreaths (and the painter's passion for classicism ...) Nicolas Poussin L’inspiration du poète The Inspiration of the Poet vers 1629-1630 Musée du Louvre, Paris
  18. 18. olga_oes The laurel in the painting (2) Le laurier dans la peinture (2) images and text credit www. Music ThePianoGuys Someone you loved (piano cello) created olga.e. thanks for watching