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Кондратюк Леся

  1. 1. OpenWorld Alexandra Kondratiuk Andrew Konovalenko Ivan Seleznov
  2. 2. Freedom What is next?
  3. 3. Problem ● The existing technological ways of navigation in the space are not sufficiently accurate and reliable for blind people ● Modern infrastructure of the city and public transport is not completely adapted for blind citizens
  4. 4. Solution Bank - 10 м Pharmacy-3m OpenWorld
  5. 5. Сity Next Сivil Society National NGO Ukrainian Society Assembly Of of the blind Disabled Of Ukraine How? Who? “You can teach many blind people to use something, but you can create a visible city for each of them instead” OpenWorld Technology: ● The system of BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons advertizes information about itself ● Smartphones detects the signal from the beacon and defines the distance to it ● With the help of sound messages the system reports the blind user information about the location and the distance to the selected object ● In case of getting in the range of several beacons, a blind person will be able to select the object he needs from the list ● There is a possibility to place the beacons on the objects of urban infrastructure, as well as transport facilities
  6. 6. Thanks for your attention Social media director contacts: +38 (050) 178-55-48