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  1. 1. Intro On my way to work, I saw an interesting ad for a concert. Snapped a picture of it to remind myself, which I forgot (obviously). Got a rude reminder of the event when I saw pictures of that concert the day after on Facebook :( What a bummer! Extending your default photo cloud to turn photos into calendar events, naturally expanding current user behaviours. OURVISION
  2. 2. The hack Take a picture Sync External Cloud Is an actionable photo? No Yes Add to calendar Tesseract Scan Process to text Identify key elements
  3. 3. Take a picture of a poster "Friday Jazz in Southbank Centre at 5:30 on June 10th" and the event will be created on your calendar with the correct date and time. Unique Selling Point It is in your default camera app already, not another icon on your desktop! It runs automatically in the background. Create powerful connections from images to reminders / alerts. Other services Default camera app on your phone Google Calendar Google Now IFTTT
  4. 4. Social layer Privacy, spurious events/alerts Business layer Analytics dashboard (with location data it tells you which poster gets the most exposure) Attendance forecasting Next steps is a glue - IFTTT for events. is a framework for event managers and developers. Ultimate goalToday “Eventually is an automated solution for users, extracting information from images” Next steps Future