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IDMP CEE So far by Sabina Bokal

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IDMP CEE So far by Sabina Bokal

  1. 1. Integrated Drought Management Programme Overview 1st IDMP CEE Workshop Hodrusa Hamre; 15 October 2013 Sabina Bokal, IDMP Programme Manager
  2. 2.  Challenges ...  What have we done till now?  Partnership  Key objectives  Outputs  Workplan
  3. 3. Challenges ... o helping countries to improve national drought monitoring and management policies (DMP) – to increase preparedness and reducing drought impacts; o raising awareness about severe drought conditions through efficient dissemination mechanisms; o combining / joining already existing drought platforms for exchanging drought data, relevant for drought detection and monitoring; o demonstrating concrete measures that can be later used in drought management policies in different sectors; o sharing knowledge and best practices among countries.
  4. 4. Key objectives o Develop understanding, knowledge and promote state-of-theart technology for integrated drought management; o Map and assess the impact of droughts, promote adaptation of best practices and develop drought policies based on scientific knowledge; o Initiate demonstration projects by involving local communities; o Facilitate national governments to incorporate drought management in their national programs and policies; o Synthesize country findings, development monitoring framework, regional drought management platform, o Raise awareness about severe drought conditions through efficient dissemination mechanisms, such as learning platform, training and workshops/seminars.
  5. 5. What have we done till now?  2011: o o  Task Force was established to prepare a review of existing drought risks, policies and strategies in CEE countries October 2012: o Inception report & Regional Workshop in Bratislava
  6. 6. What have we done till now?  January 2013: o Development of the final workplan, budget and stakeholder list – submitted to GWPO  February 2013: Official start of the IDMP CEE  March 2013: Programme Manager was selected
  7. 7. April – June Planning phase description of the final output more detailed detailed budget implementation description of the defining plan activity contributing partners
  8. 8. June – September Implementation phase  June: Submission of revised version of IDMP CEE  July: Self-hosting status - Contracting  August: o Establishment of a Peer Review Group o Start of demonstration projects
  9. 9. Partnership • 10 CEE countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine • Over 40 differnet organizations: o o o o o o Ministries & state agencies Universities Hydro-Meteo services Research institutes River basins directorates Regional centres: DMCSEE
  10. 10. Workplan O1: Investments in regional and national development O2: Innovative Green Solutions O3: Knowledge management and capacity development O4: Partnership and sustainability
  11. 11. O1: Investments in regional and national development WP1: Regional and Trasboundary Cooperation • Act.1.1: Cooperation with international basin commissions and regional organizations • Act. 1.2: Review of the current status of the implemetation of DM plans and measures within RBMP according to EU WFD • Act.1.3: Drought information exchange Platform WP2: National planning processes • Act. 2.1: Guideline for Drought Management Plan • Act. 2.2: National Consultation dialogues
  12. 12. O2: Innovative Green Solutions 5.1: Increasing soil water holding capacity 5.6: Agricultural drought monitoring and forecasting 5.5: Remote sensing agricultural drought monitoring methods 5.2: Drought impact on forest ecosystems WP5 5.4: Drought Risk Management Scheme 5.3: Natural small water retention measures
  13. 13. O3: Knowledge management and capacity development WP6: Capacity Development WP7: Knowledge and awareness • Act. 6.1: Workshops • Act. 6.2: Capacity Building Trainings • Act. 6.3: Peer Review Group • Act. 7.1: Good practice Compendium • Act. 7.2: Rising awareness
  14. 14. O4: Partnership and sustainability WP8: Governance and Fundraising • Act. 8.1: Improving fundraising capacity of CWP and RWP
  15. 15. IDMP CEE GWP Global Water & Climate Programme GWP / WMO Global IDMP