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IDMP CEE Activity 2.1 by Elena Fatulova

Guidelines for Drought Management Plan and National Consultation dialogues

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IDMP CEE Activity 2.1 by Elena Fatulova

  1. 1. Act. 2.1 & 2.2: Guidelines for Drought Management Plan & National Consultation dialogues First IDMP workshop – 15-16 October, Hodrusa Hamre, Slovakia Elena Fatulova, GWP Slovakia
  2. 2. Activities Activity 2.1 - Guidelines for Drought Management Plans Activity 2.2 - National consultation Dialogues
  3. 3. Guidelines – why, how? Objective ●to prepare the Guidelines which will serve as a support tool for the preparation of the DMPs Principles ●to be in line with current EU drought policy as expressed in the relevant official documents ●to apply integrated approach in context with WFD objectives according RBMPs ●to follow existing official documents ●to be a practical tool based on practical experiences (EU, CIS) ●to respect country specific conditions
  4. 4. Guidelines – how? Level National or local DMP Basis ● Drought Management Plan Report, Including Agricultural, Drought Indicators and Climate Change Aspects (Report 2007) ● Slovak Case Study ● National experiences of involved countries ● Outputs from another activities of the IDM Programme
  5. 5. Guidelines – working plan Timetable: First phase: ●Slovak case study – March 2014 Second phase: ●Draft of the Guidelines – May 2014 ●National proposals, experiences, comments – December 2014 - CZ, HU, PL, LIT, SLO, ROM, BG, UA, MD ●Guidelines for DMP – April 2015
  6. 6. National Consultation Dialogues Objective: gather information required for Activity 2.1 (and 1.2) through the national dialogues organised separately in each involved countries Partners: SK, CZ, HU, PL, LIT, SLO, ROM, BG, UA,MD Duration: October 2013 – April 2015
  7. 7. National Consultation Dialogues Tasks: ●elaboration of the action plan and time schedule for the national dialogues; ●identification of the national partners dealing with drought issues; ●organising national dialogues – meetings, seminars, workshops according to the action plan; ●gathering and processing of national information relating the drought management issues ●elaboration of the progress reports
  8. 8. National Consultation Dialogues Next steps: ● elaborate the action plan and time schedule for the national dialogues throughout the activity ● organise at least one national seminar by the end of this year (2013)
  9. 9. 1. How should the public participation be organized to improve management of drought risks? 2. Which measures can help the introduction of effective drought risk management? 3. Which elements (components) of the drought management system require a special attention in the guideline?