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  1. 1. kajsa westman portfolio
  2. 2. 2007 - 2008 |master degree project| Hot Stuff – Cordless Kitchen Appliances for Ind uction Stove Tops The Hot Stuff project was about inducti Induction stove top +mechanical soluti on stove tops and how ons = cordless kitchen appliances it could be used as an energy source for small appliances in the kitchen. Imagine a cordless kitchen. Process I started my Masters Thesis project rese arching people’s relationship to small kitchen appliances. Most responders answered that the appliances were, due to the cord, hard to store, and that the need for sockets incr eased by the number of appliances. As a result, the kitchen was full of messy electrical cords and plugged-in appliances. This knowledge, together with the eme rging trend of installing electromagnetic induction stove tops in modern kitchens, inspired me to research into a potential use of the induction stove top for running small cordless elec trical kitchen appliances. The result was that with som e development of the stove top it could in theory be used as an energy source. The magnetic field in the induction stov e top could, apart from the use of generating heat in a ferr omagnetic material, also be made able to rotate magnets. Bas ed on this theory, I have developed a conceptual range of cordless, ceramic kitchen appliances that are designed to co-fun ction with induction stove tops, potentially without any elec trical components within the product itself.
  3. 3. Heating Rotation Function The magnetic field attract and repel mag By pushing down the top part of each When a magnetic material is induced nets, by con- product with a mag- trolling this movement, rotation cou down, the ferrous material (black met netic field heat is produced as a by-pro ld be created, al surface) duct, that like a magnetic mixer or the generator enters the electromagnetic field on the how induction stove tops work. in your elec- induction trical toothbrush. stove top and the heating can begin. A mechanical sensor determinates whe Toaster – as the toast is pushed down n the heat- by lowering Juicer – the juicer starts to rotate as you ing is finished, and the top part is ejec the handles, the ferrous material (that push an or- ted. This reacts with ange to the top piece. breaks the connection with the electrom the electromagnetic field) is lowered as agnetic well. When field and the stove is turned off. the toasting is done a timer ejects first the top part Hovering whisk – the whisk starts to The same principle of pushing one par and then the bread, from the lower par rotate as it is t into the t. placed in a magnetic field. other is applied to all products except the whisk, Kettle – by pressing the handle on the that will start to rotate as the hob is turn top part ed on. downwards, the ferrous material in low ered trough the bottom part into the electromagn etic field (the hob) and the heating is started. A mec hanical sensor ejects the top part when heating is fini shed.
  4. 4. Hot Stuff! -cordless kitchen appliances you run on your induc- tions stove top, without electrical com ponents in the products itself.
  5. 5. 2009 2006 |internship| |internship| frog design Volkswagen design Recently I worked in the During the Spring of 2006 creative team of Frog I worked at the product de design in Stuttgart, Germ department in Volkswage sign any. n Design studio in Wolfsb Germany. urg, “(Kajsa) was responsible for The projects I worked on tasks throughout the was generally lifestyle, whole process (of the creati accessories, product deve ve team) including lopment and conceptual research, concept creation sketching. , color- material- and trend research, 3D mo deling, technical conceptions, renderings an For references please cont d the creation of act mr. Kohlhase at presentation material. Jens.kohlhase@volkswage // ...contribute to multidiscip linary projects together with our UX and technolo gy teams. // Her analytical and graphica l skills. Kajsa was quickly capable of getting to the heart of complex tasks posed by our clients. On the personal side she was recognized as courteous, friendly and op en-minded and was able to thrive in the internation al environment at frog design.” For references please cont Ralph.Bremenkamp@fro act hr. Bremenkamp
  6. 6. 2006 |workshop| IKEA During the fall of 2006 a selected gro up of students at LUID got the opportunity to work with IKEA on a furniture project. The theme from IKEA was to design ”Swedish” fur- niture. My process started with finding pictures that represented the cultural heritage. My idea was to make a side table/stool that would be slim eno ugh to fit into a hallway, yet wide enough to fit two people. I also wanted a piece of furniture that would look good not only as a single piece, but also would create an interest- ing connection between two or three pieces in a repeti- tion.
  7. 7. 2006 |on-site NASA workshop| LRT -Lunar Rescue Transport The LRT is a low-tech, lig ht weight, rescue transpo for astronauts stranded on rt the lunar surface, in the scenario that they had to leave a motorized excursi vehicle. on The scenario from NASA back rests. was to design a system or vehicle that could bring tw Due to less gravity, a set o astronauts home efficie with as little use of resource ntly of connections points to s (air, water, operational hours and weight) as possi the hard shell space suit ble, but faster than walki hinges, to mini- in a spacesuit. ng would be able to keeps mize space and the astronaut in place weight is a cru- The idea behind the desig rather then a seat. n was to make a foldable suit lock cial part of space vehicle that would use th e space suit as it’s stability design. The hard-shell space suits . could be used as both sea and support for the astro t nauts, therefore the minim seating and support in th al e vehicle itself. As main concern was to mi nimize weight and to foc on the one target: to facilit us ate a simple recovery trans port of two astronauts str - anded on the lunar surface. A project at, and for NASA , Johnson Space Centre, Houston, Texas. Fall 2006 . pedals for moon boots a fender was necessary to minimize the space suits exposition to moon dust sealed up -quickly causing wear and tear, some- hydraulics thing that could have fatal results. tweel wheels
  8. 8. 2005 |workshop| |exhibition| Loop -sanitary ware This range of sanitary ware is a study of form. A cooperation between KMUTT design school in Bangkok, Lund University and the Swedish Trade Federation. As a result of this pro ject I later freelanced with layout for an exhibition and a book for the Swedish Trade Federation, in 200 5 and 2006.
  9. 9. exhibition, travelling | Swedish Embas sies | 2006 exhibition | Thai Embassy, Stockholm | 2006 exhibition | Boverket | 2006
  10. 10. 2005 |honorary mention| |workshop| |exhibition| Cup by Cup -easy dosage kettle When filling a electric water kettle to heat a cup of water, we usually heat more than we nee d. The behavior seems to be that Every time we boil more than we use, the amount of energy wasted each time is relatively little, but when everyone acts in this way? -We seem to need some help with our quantity estimation. My concept is based on the idea of incl uding a measuring cup in the kettle, to make it easier to measure small amounts of water for tea, coffee, soup etc. This way it’s easier to use less electricity for this daily behavior and as a bonus mak e the user more aware of the quantity needed . This entry won an honorary mention in the 2006 ”Saving the planet in style” award.
  11. 11. For free hand filling, press release button. > an active action is needed to fill the kettle with more than a cup. award, honorary mention | ”saving the planet in style” | 2006 exhibition | LUID annual design exhibit ion | 2006 exhibition | Stockholm furniture fair | 2006 insert = When insert is full, 3,5 dl is measured. > a cup of water is the inactive choice of volume. The insert is emptied when you place the kettle on the docking station or when you press release button. open to pour, press release button. press start to heat water
  12. 12. 2005 > 2006 |freelance| Jewelry box The idea behind these silver pieces was to design easy -to-produce products, with minimal mat erial use. To do this my strategy was to play wit h shadows and hollowness. The spin-off was that I had to learn the skill of silver- smithing, end up with a whole box fille d with jewelry (some of them here to the right). -and sold about a hundred pieces.
  13. 13. such stuff as dreams are ma de of super nice shadow!
  14. 14. 2003 |award winner| Wallpaper - creative room The challenge was to design a creative room for entrepreneurial village IDEON. Our idea was to integrate the IDEON logotype into a pattern for a wallpaper. This award winning entry was designed as a 3-day workshop together with Kajsa Bobjer and Sofie Collin in 2003. IDEON Logotype
  15. 15. 2008 |honorary mention| Siamese Chicks brooch Sweet chicks on thin black acrylic sha ring one heart. They mean nothing but display Love, Life and Companionship, all in the eyes of the beholder. The brief from the producer Ponoko was to create a stunning piece of jewelry that used the ir laser cutting process. My ambition was to design a piece that made people smile. Quick and dirty design work. . And the respond from the jury was; “Humorous concept that provides som e light relief to the world”. “Siamese Chicks Brooch made me gigg le”. The concept won an honorary mention in “The Ponoko Jewelry Design Challenge ”
  16. 16. 2005 fold and cut plan |competition entry| Band-aid - Salvequick packaging The challenge was to design a band-aid for active youth. We wanted the package to be easy to open on-the-go and that held the band-aid in place. We decided to go with a pocket sized package that had the same dimensions as credit card . That could be opened and shut with one hand. This entry was designed as a 3-days wor kshop together with Emilie Hallgard for the Paper Province Packaging Award in 2005. damn
  17. 17. 2009 |freelance| CD cover - graphical illustration of music Two men that live and breath through their guitars. -This is the backbone of the 4-man ban d Woodnote. For the Woodnote’s release I made cov er illustrations for their CD. To do this I asked them to send me pict ures; anything and everything that meant something for them. I received a mix of colors, laughing frie nds, feet in water, backstage snapshots and light phe nomenons. From that material I sampled motives in relation to the meaning of the band name (likene ss to the call of a bird) and turned the illustration into a forest-like scene, with little animals in the details .
  18. 18. 2004-2009 Print Work In several projects there has been a nee d to hand over printed material as well as digital . These are a colletion of the books, booklets and inv itations I’ve done. Other than these I’ve also made material for canvas print, posters, tags and informa tionsboards. From several square meters to a stampsiz e print, and from a single fold to hundreds of pages.
  19. 19. C ur ri cu lu m V it ae Education: Example of Courses: 01-08 Master degree of Industrial Des ign at Lund University, Sweden Cognitive Ergonomics 98-01 Farsta Gymnasium, Upper Sec ondary Technical School Design Management and Future Foreca sting Awards: Electronics: Possibilities and Limitation -08 honorary mention, Ponoko Jewelry Des Entrepreneurship and Business Develop ign Challenge ment -06 honorary mention, Saving the planet in style Ergonomics -05 1st prize, IMEGO Design Award -04 3rd prize, Paper Province Packaging Aw Materials and Production Technology ard Mechanics -03 1st prize, IDEON ”Creative room” 1st prize, ÖG’s night club renovation Product Semiotics , Universal Design Work experience: -09 frog design, Stuttgart - industrial design intern Design related -09 Vattenhallen, Science Center Lund - graphics, layout, print -08 -08 Zenit Design Group, Malmö London design festival, exhibitor, Lon - industrial designer, project basis don -06 Volkswagen Design -07/08 Degree show, co-organizer, Lun - product design intern d -05/06 Swedish Federation of Trade -07 Creative waves, selected participant, ICO - book and print layout GRADA online. -05 NELO Furniture Company -06 NASA project, participant, Houston - packaging designer -04 Wester+Elsner Architects IKEA workshop, selected participant, - assistant/office manager Lund Kulturhuset “plan B”, exhibitor, Stockh olm -05 Bathroom project, participant, Bangko k computer skills: LUID annual, exhibitor, Lund Adobe suit, Alias Studio Tools, Rhino, -02/07 Stockholm furniture fair, exhibit hypershot etc. or, Stockholm -02/03 LUID annual, exhibitor, Lund Miscellaneous: -02 Krapperup Konsthall, exhibitor, Högan äs Driving licence Padi OWD Silver smithing
  20. 20. Me on Me on Research; Me on Problem solving; Contact: This is fun - to find that grain of uni To figure things out and solve Intellectua que information l or practical that could become an IDEA and brin design problems could often give me cell +46-73-7071627 (GMT +1) g that IDEA into a genuinely a RESULT. All this thinking, discussing, happy feeling. home +46-8-6591556 (GMT +1) testing and the endless possibilities at this point is won Discussing, discovering, exploring and derful. building a strong case are things that I love and find important. Me on Sketching; I don’t want to make things prettier or cooler looking, Sketching is for me not only aesthet if we as designers don’t make produc ics; it’s a way to ts, services, explain and develop my ideas, not just systems etc. BETTER, then why do it? for others, but to test the out for myself as well. As I work rather quickly both with Me on Me pen and paper and directly in a 2D digital form, this Born and raised Stockholm, Sweden, is one of my 1982. strengths.