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Food and Beverage Trends - CAGNY 2019

Our CAGNY 2019 report is now available!
We review major macro-trends, consumer trends, innovations and strategies, of North America's biggest food & beverage companies.
The presentation is mostly based on CAGNY - the Consumer Analyst Group New York (CAGNY) conference, where executives of the leading food, beverage, household/ personal products and tobacco companies in North America come together, to discuss major consumer and market trends, and describe how their companies intend to address them. 
This year, we've divided the decks into food and beverage trends - and digital innovation in consumer goods in general. This deck discusses F&B.
Second, we've added a bit of info from the attendees' annual reports + consumer data, to shed further light on upcoming trends. 

To learn more, book Hamutal Schieber to discuss the trends and get a deeper insight into the future of F&B. 

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