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Types of music videos


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Types of music videos

  1. 1. Types of music videos
  2. 2. Narrative music video  This is a type of music video that is related to the song lyric and the genre of the song. This is a good way of engaging the audiences attention. An example of this is Katy Perry- Last Friday Night. This is a music video telling what happened through the style of narrative to engage the audiences.  https:// 
  3. 3. Performance Based Videos.  Performance based videos usually features the artist or band performing in front of the camera or an audience. This is technique is commonly used in the Rock genre.  Kings of Leon – Molly's chamber is a good example of this. During this video you see the band members performing in front of a camera.  https://'s%20chambers  This is a similar way of how I want to do my music video.
  4. 4. Concept Based Videos.  Concept music videos are unusual videos. They are based around one single idea and because of their unusual video it attracts people. A good concept video will keep their audience entertained.  Fall Out Boy- Sugar, We’re goin down is an example of a concept video. 