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Sustainable urban design of kajang

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Sustainable urban design of kajang

  1. 1. KAJANGHAMZAH ALI (P 63147)SUZILAWATIE ABDUL GHANI (P 60832)AZLIZA BT AZIZ (P 65287) ASH Planning Sdn. Bhd.
  2. 2.  A town in the eastern part of Selangor, Malaysia  The district capital of Hulu Langat  It is located 21 kilometers from of Malaysias capital, Kuala Lumpur Location PlanMalaysia Kajang Target Area
  3. 3. Population >> Malay 60.4% >> Chinese 19.3% Population of 342,657 >> Indians 9.7% >> Other ethnic 0.6% Population Centres Sg. Kantan Sg.Jelok Sungai Chua Jalan Reko Jalan Bukit Taman Prima Saujana Taman Kantan Permai Taman Kajang Prima.
  4. 4.  Population of Kajang has grown rapidly The city of kajang provides work around 300,775 people(2007), with employed in the service sector and in manufacturing. The popution will increase to 404,772 by year 2020.
  5. 5. Urban Design Issue Increasing car traffic Growing Growing prosperity and awareness of increasing environmental demands for an issues improved quality of life Issue Valuable agricultural land and natural No unused land reserves of left to develop biodiversity are being lost Strong demand for new housing
  8. 8. Stadium Kajang Masjid KajangHospital Kajang Sate Kajang
  9. 9. Kajang Existing Zone Medium Density Medium Density Medium Density Industrial Commercial Residential This area is a high Medium-high Ex: business area, density density with institusion anddevelopment areas active landuse social facilities
  10. 10. Google Map SimCity
  11. 11. Zone
  12. 12. Education
  13. 13. Traffic
  14. 14. Land Value
  15. 15. Health
  16. 16. Air Pollution
  17. 17. WaterPollution
  18. 18. Urban Design Issue
  19. 19. TrafficUrban Design Issue
  20. 20. EnvironmentUrban Design Issue
  21. 21. PROPOSAL 2nd Simulation
  22. 22. Zone
  23. 23. Education
  24. 24. Traffic
  25. 25. Health
  26. 26. Air Pollution
  27. 27. WaterPollution
  28. 28. Urban Design Issue
  29. 29. Aim“Build the city inward” Reuse already develop area Respect and enhance the character of the City Improve the public transport
  30. 30. Proposal Close the road  Build more green area -recreational area  Porous car park  Pedestrian walkway  Allow only public transport
  31. 31. Public Transport Better public transport  More license to bus operator  Give dedicated bus lane  Provide more parking outside the city
  32. 32. The congestion in Kajang town due to ; be worse when in the activity around a region weekend, public holidays and whose width is getting festive days as more peoplesmaller while becoming more are entering the city forand more about the number shopping and searching their of visitors. needs. This problem must be settle for the sake of giving comfort to consumers and businesses for this area.
  33. 33. need for expansion and Recommendation For opening of new cities Improvement not required until 2020.Proposed ”UrbanRenewal” program for Kajang Town from sites recovery ”brownfield” in Bangi Town to accomodate the needs until year 2020 Vertical development proposal for the development of existing cities especially at Bandar Baru Bangi-Kajang area. The developed area near the catchment areas of the city and is included in the city border Create a more organized urban design in order to facilitate the population because all the facilities are provided within close distance
  34. 34. Strengthening the city limits can also be done through the provision of Vertical building schematicdevelopment color, building texture and lighting of buildings The hardscape and soft landscape have different character for every settlemet center or Block Planning that were set can distinguish clearly an urban area.
  35. 35. Transportation and traffic issues especially traffic jammed,limited parking space and bus services is not comprehensive.Traffic jammed on the main roadat center of the city especially at The location of bus station inhigh peak morning and evening Kajang city center can causedbecause of the increasing private traffic jammed at this roads whencar and user’s factor parking their bas waiting for their besides the road. •Car parking is not adequate in Kajang city center especially a centralized parking type such as multi storage building to accommodate a high number of users. This situation are forced users to park their car besides the road and causing traffic jammed.
  36. 36. THANK YOU