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Intro to Simply Measured

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Intro to Simply Measured

  1. 1. Simply Measured Full-Funnel Social Analytics
  2. 2. You First
  3. 3. Your Goals and Opportunities Goals • Ex. Increase traffic to website from social. • Ex. Grow follower base. • Ex. Start and influencer program. Company Logo Here Opportunities • Ex. Determine what content drives the most traffic to your website. • Ex. Gain an understanding of what people say about your brand. • Ex. Find the right influencers and measure effectiveness.
  4. 4. The Social Metrics Map Conversion Intent Consideration Awareness Goals KPIs Increase the number of people who know your brand and what you offer. Educate people on your products, mission, and value proposition. Differentiate your brand and products, and create urgency to take action. Entice people to purchase, donate, submit forms, etc. with offers and promotions. Mentions Sentiment Reach & Impressions Engagement Audience Growth Visits URL Shares Pageviews/Time on Site Form Submissions Account Creation Purchases/Donations
  5. 5. Your Current Toolset for Social Conversion Intent Consideration AwarenessEx. Crimson Hexagon Ex. Unmetric, Sprout Ex. Google Analytics Ex. UTM Parameters
  6. 6. Social’s Role in the Customer Journey HAS CHANGED. Wildfire, 2012; Center for Marketing Research, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 2017 Most common benefit of social was growing brand awareness.2012 Inc. 500 executives rank social as the #1 channel with potential to impact sales this year.2017
  7. 7. SOCIAL IMPACTS EVERY POINT in the Marketing Funnel. What Does This Mean?
  8. 8. Social Analytics Tools Have Failed to Keep up, Forcing Social Marketers to in an Attempt to Measure The Full Funnel. PIECE TOGETHER DISPARATE TOOLS
  9. 9. The Frankenstein Funnel Approach Has Held Marketers Back from FULFILLING SOCIAL’S POTENTIAL.
  10. 10. How Do We Know Marketers Are BEING HELD BACK?
  11. 11. THEN AND NOW Duke University CMO Survey, 2013, 2017 85% 81% 2013 2017 Are Unable to Quantitatively Measure the Full-Funnel Impact of Social
  12. 12. How Can Social Finally Reach Its Potential? Only with a New Solution That Takes a FULL-FUNNEL APPROACH.
  13. 13. The Only Full-Funnel Social Analytics Solution Old World New World Conversion Intent Consideration AwarenessListening Tools Engagement Tools Web Analytics Tools URL Tagging Tools
  14. 14. What We’re All About 1. Data Shouldn’t be Hard – Metric hunting across tabs is painful and ineffective. You’re a marketer, and that’s not what you signed-up for. 2. Content Shouldn’t be a Guessing Game – To create relevant content, you must know what people say and what they share. 3. Lost Time = Opportunity Cost – Building reports is not an activity that impacts your funnel. You should spend that time finding and applying insights that will have an increased impact. 4. The Time is Now – It’s no longer a question of does social impact the whole funnel, it’s a question of how much.
  15. 15. Simply Measured Full-Funnel Social Analytics
  16. 16. Listening Listen to Social Conversations
  17. 17. Listening • Discover new audience segments • Age, gender, and location. • Analyze emerging conversations • Themes relevant to your brand and competitors. • Identify influencers • Who can help increase brand awareness and share of voice? Increase Brand Awareness: Sentiment, mention volume, reach, time of day and week, and top media in a single view.
  18. 18. Use Case: Discover New Audience Segments Gender Age Location
  19. 19. Use Case: Analyze Emerging Conversations Themes Competitors Sentiment
  20. 20. Use Case: Identify Influencers People/Partners Reach Engagement
  21. 21. Customer Story: Premier Nutrition Challenge: Reposition PowerBar in a way that appeals to consumers of other lifestyles, while maintaining the base appeal to avid runners. Solution: Listen to conversations about protein and segment by multiple themes. Identify influencers in other sports and lifestyles to help promote PowerBar. Results: Reduced the time required to discover and define relevant content for consumers of other lifestyles. Identified influencers relevant to consumers talking about CrossFit, swimming, soccer, basketball, and more.
  22. 22. Social Analytics Analyze Social Performance
  23. 23. Social Analytics • Analyze competitors and benchmark • Campaigns, engagement and audience growth. • Measure across channels • Impressions, engagement, and audience growth by profile, post, and campaign. • Schedule automated reports • Presentation-ready reports, built on industry best practices. Increase Audience Consideration: Analysis and reporting across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.
  24. 24. Use Case: Analyze Competitors & Benchmark Total Engagement Audience Growth Campaign Posts
  25. 25. Use Case: Measure Across Channels Multi-Channel Media Type Post Analysis
  26. 26. Use Case: Schedule Automated Reports Presentation-Ready Easy to use The right amount of data
  27. 27. Customer Story: Trek Bicycles Challenge: Create global alignment on brand message and engagement measurement. Identify the types of content yielding the greatest engagement by region. Solution: Trek used Simply Measured to determine a common metric on which to gauge performance: engagement per post, then identified photos as the top performing media type across channels. Results: A more unified brand voice and insightfully selected media types led to: • 82% increase in engagement per post • 61% increase in total engagement
  28. 28. Content Share Tracking Track Content Sharing
  29. 29. Increase Audience Intent: Content Share Tracking • Complete measure social web traffic • Traffic from every URL posted by your brand and your audience. • Track public and private sharing • Discover which URLs are shared in social and messaging apps. • Measure onsite activity • Pageviews, time-on-site, and more. Shares, visits, pageviews, time-on-site, and more from owned, earned, and private messaging activity.
  30. 30. Use Case: Complete Measure Social Traffic Total Social Traffic Traffic from Your Posts Traffic from Audience Sharing
  31. 31. Use Case: Track Public and Private Sharing Sharing by Channel, Including Dark (Private) Sharing Data by URL Comparative Sharing Trends
  32. 32. Use Case: Measure Onsite Activity Time-On-Site Bounce Rate Pageviews
  33. 33. Conversion Tracking Measure Social Conversions
  34. 34. Conversion Tracking • Analyze social conversions • Actions taken on your website, such as form submissions, add-to- cart, or any other action. • Measure acquisition and revenue • Purchase and donation conversions. • Full-funnel analysis • Compare trends between conversions, impressions, engagement, traffic, and sharing. • Increase Conversion: Conversions, purchases, revenue, and more from owned, earned, and private messaging activity.
  35. 35. Use Case: Analyze Social Conversions Total Conversions Conversions from Audience Sharing Conversion Trends
  36. 36. Use Case: Measure Acquisition and Revenue Purchases by Traffic Source Post-level Purchase Attribution URL-level Purchase Attribution
  37. 37. Use Case: Full-Funnel Analysis From Impressions to Conversions Impression to Revenue Ratio Engagement to Conversion Correlation
  38. 38. More Than Software
  39. 39. Onboarding User Training Programs Customer Success Product & Industry Expertise Product Support Functionality and Uptime Professional Services Custom Deliverables Success Services from Simply Measured 39
  40. 40. Pricing & Packaging
  41. 41. Pricing & Packaging Social Analytics: Starting at $199/mo. Social Analytics • 5 Profiles – Included • Additional Profiles - $20/profile Content Share Tracking • 1 Domain – Included • Required set-up - $299/domain • Additional Domains - $99/domain API Access • 100,000 calls/mo. – Included Available Add-Ons: Listening - $199/mo • 10,000 Mentions – Included • Additional Mentions - $149/50k per month • Required set-up - $499 one-time Conversion Tracking - $149/mo • 1 domain included • Additional Domains - $149/mo per domain • Required set-up - $599/domain Professional Services • Custom quote by project
  42. 42. Pricing Options Option #1 Option #2 Option #3 Listening XY,000 mentions XY,000 mentions XYZ,000 mentions Base Package Social Analytics + Content Share Tracking XY profiles X domain XY profiles Y domains XYprofiles Z domains Conversion Tracking X domain Y domains Z domains Professional Services Custom Dashboard Custom Dashboard Custom Dashboard Price/month $ABC $A,BCD $AB,CDE One-Time Set-Up $ABC $A,BCD $AB,CDE Contract Length 12 month 12 month 12 month All Options Include: • Unlimited Seats • Access to Customer Success Manager • Onboarding • Product Support
  43. 43. Pricing Proposal Proposed Plan Listening XY,000 mentions Base Package Social Analytics + Content Share Tracking XY profiles X domain Conversion Tracking X domain Professional Services Custom Dashboard Price/month $ABC One-Time Set-Up $ABC Contract Length 6 mos. remaining Also Includes: • Unlimited Seats • Access to Customer Success Manager • Onboarding • Product Support Company Logo Here
  44. 44. Pricing Proposal Current Plan Proposed Plan Listening XY,000 mentions XY,000 mentions Base Package Social Analytics + Content Share Tracking XY profiles X domain XY profiles Y domains Conversion Tracking X domain Y domains Professional Services Custom Dashboard Custom Dashboard Price/month $ABC $A,BCD One-Time Set-Up $ABC $A,BCD Contract Length 6 mos. remaining 12 mos. (addtl. 6 mos.) Company Logo Here
  45. 45. What Makes Simply Measured Different? Native Analytics Engagement Tools Listening Tools Publishing Tools Engagement on Owned Profiles Y Y Y N Y Engagement on Competitor Profiles Y N Y N N Cross-Channel Profile Analysis Y N Y N Y Earned Media Audience Segments Y N N Y Y Earned Media Influencer ID Y N N Y N Earned Media Conversation Reach Y N N Y Y Owned Social Traffic & Conversion Y Y Y N Y Earned and Private Traffic & Conversion Y N N N N URL Sharing Analysis Y N N N N Full-funnel view, from Impressions to Conversions Y N N N N
  46. 46. Next Steps
  47. 47. Thank You
  48. 48. Appendix Additional Product Slides
  49. 49. About Simply Measured Social and content marketers use Simply Measured to measure everything from awareness to conversion with the only complete social analytics solution, giving them the ability to prove social’s impact and improve performance across marketing. Since 2010, we have pioneered the practice of social analytics. We’re passionate about helping marketers uncover the complete impact of their efforts and new ways to improve results.
  50. 50. Who We Work With 50
  51. 51. Simply Measured Features • Audience demographics, psychographics, and location. • Influencer identification. • Sentiment analysis. • Competitive analysis and benchmarking. • Cross-channel analysis and reporting. • Traffic from owned, earned, and private messaging social activity. • URL share tracking through public and private social channels. • Onsite activity, including conversions and revenue, from owned, earned, and private messaging social activity.
  52. 52. Content Share Tracking
  53. 53. Definition: Private Sharing Through Dark Social Technical Definition: Website traffic that originates from a shared link, but does not pass a referrer and thus appears as ‘Direct’ traffic in web analytics. Display Other? Social Search
  54. 54. Impact of Private Sharing Through Dark Social 54 84% of Social Sharing is DARK >50% of Social Traffic is DARK >50% of Social Sales are DARK Sources: RadiumOne and Simply Measured
  55. 55. How We Track Traffic and Shares 2. Automatically adds a unique tracking code onto the end of every website visitor’s URL. JavaScript goes onto your website and does two things:1. Identifies referrer, user agent, and driving URL. • When visitors copy and paste the URL into social, it will contain the unique tracking code. Then, when visitors come from that URL to the site, we are able to identify the source, including if coming from private messaging. • When your brand posts, just copy and paste the URL, including the auto-populated tracking code, into your posts.
  56. 56. API Access
  57. 57. Answer and Analyze Complex Questions, Fast 57 How many shares did I get across Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest last quarter? How do I stack up against my competitors by total engagement and engagement type? How do engagement trends on social correlate to email open rates and pre-roll viewership? What is the sentiment of the replies I’m receiving on my posts across across my social channels? Brand Dashboard
  58. 58. Unified Social Story 58 *Note: From your database, you can inject data into any 3rd party or in-house tools.
  59. 59. What Makes the Social Analytics API Different 59 Unification of engagement signals across channels. Structured data unlocks easy discovery of new insights. Perform your most complex queries.

Notas del editor

  • But first, let’s recap our previous conversation.
  • Here’s what I took away from our previous conversation. Did I do a good job of summarizing the goals for social at your organization and the opportunities you have to grow?
  • Here’s a look at how your current toolset covers the funnel.
  • Here’s a look at how your current toolset covers the funnel.
  • Social’s Role in the Customer Journey Has Changed.
    In 2012, social was just about brand awareness.
    Today, Inc. 500 executives say social is the #1 channel with potential to impact sales in 2017.

  • What does this mean?
    Today, social impacts every point in the marketing funnel.
  • But the tools social marketers use to analyze social have failed to keep-up, and they are forced to piece together a disjointed story across multiple tools. We call this the Frankenstein Funnel.
  • And the Frankenstein Funnel is problematic. When marketers try to jam together multiple tools to get a full-funnel view, the tools inevitably don’t fit together, they get conflicting data points, and they have gaps in measurement that hold them back from determining what types of posts, campaigns, and more will drive their channel to its full potential.
  • How do we know social is being held back from its full-funnel potential?
  • Because when you compare apples to apples, full-funnel measurement in 2017 looks nearly identical to how it did in 2013. Still, less than 1 in 5 companies have a quantitative understanding of social’s impact on their business.

  • For social to finally reach its potential, it requires a new solution with a full-funnel approach,
    which is what we’ve done at Simply Measured.
  • Simply Measured is the only full-funnel social analytics solution.
    Optional: In the old world, you had the Frankenstein funnel, patching together different tools to help you understand different points in the funnel. In many cases, you may have been missing an arm or a leg and been totally blind to social’s impact at certain points in the funnel. With Simply Measured, we’ve brought the entire funnel into a single solution.
  • At Simply Measured we believe:
    Data Shouldn’t be Hard – Hunting for metrics is not fun and it’s not strategic, and frankly, it’s not what you signed up for when you decided to be a marketer.
    Content Shouldn’t be a Guessing Game – You should be able to completely understand your audience’s interests and what compels them to consume your content, not just based on what they say online, but also based on what they do with your content.
    When you lose time, it’s an opportunity cost – Building reports is a necessary part of every marketers’ job, but it isn’t an activity that impacts your funnel. Shouldn’t you be spending your time finding and applying insights that impact the business, rather than building reports?
    Lastly, The Time is Now – In 2017, it’s no longer a question of does social impact the whole funnel, it’s a question of how much, and even more, how can you increase the impact on the funnel.
  • (Simply Measured is the only full-funnel social analytics solution.)
    With Simply Measured, you' start building more engaged communities and convert them to customers by combining full-funnel insights from:
    What people talk about on social,
    What your brand and your competitors do on social,
    What people share through digital word-of-mouth - including through private messaging, and
    How content shared from your website results in traffic, leads, and revenue.
    Plus, we provide automated social reporting based on industry best practices, so you gain back the time you need to apply these full-funnel insights.
    Let’s discuss the products in our solution best matched to your needs.
  • Simply Measured has partnered with over half of the Interband 100. While we work with many of the world’s largest brands, we also work with many SMBs and agency partners, which is why we have built our solution to match the needs of many different types and sizes of businesses.
    If you are a large enterprise, we have experience working with large organizations like yours
    If you are an SMB, we have the solution for you today and are ready to scale with you as you grow
    If you are an agency, we are ready to partner with you as you service clients of any type or size
  • This unattributable activity amongst consumers is called dark social.

    In simple terms, “dark social” is social shares and traffic that can’t be measured by traditional website or social analytics. This results in an inflated count of “Direct” traffic in your web analytics. In some cases, as much as 50% of what is being reported as ‘Direct’ traffic is actually coming from dark social.
    Comes as a result of consumers sharing URLs with  one another through private social channels.
    Traffic from social network mobile apps may also fail to pass a referrer in some instances.
  • Dark social
  • How visitors got to your site (owned, earned, or dark), and the acts and conversions they complete on your website. Similar to the way web analytics works, except it is able to detect dark social traffic by giving every site visitor a unique URL.
    Automatically gives every visitor a unique URL by auto-appending a “hash fragment” onto the end of each visitors’ URL. By giving every visitor a unique URL, it allows us to determine if a visitor to your site came through a different unique URL assigned to a different site visitor.
    No change required to publishing workflow. Compatible with link shorteners.
    No impact on SEO and non-factor in terms of site load speeds (sub 100 millisecond asynchronous JavaScript)
  • Ad hoc questions= Common questions
    What questions are you trying to answer? Complex?
    Speed plus flexibility means no more barriers between you and the answers you need.
    The unified data model of the Social Analytics API makes it possible to ask complex cross-channel questions and integrate the answers directly into your data visualization tools.
    The same flexibility you have with analyzing your own content can be done on competitors’ as well
    Looking to extract message themes are craft campaign segments in your data, you can even query for posts containing certain words or hashtags and analyze the performance
    Gather insights into who your followers are and how active they are on your social properties
    (What are you dying to know, that you can’t ask now)
  • The Social Analytics API puts out simple to ingest JSON, so you can analyze and visualization the data in any tool of your choice. In fact, if you are a Tableau user, you can even use our Web Connector and be up-and-running in minutes… no engineering resources required.
    Not a Tableau user? It is compatible with any ETL process consuming JSON, and we have services packages available should you need help getting set-up.