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  1. 1. OCR GCSE Area of Study 3 Dance Music: 1970s Disco (Play that Funky music!) The Hustle
  2. 2. Get on down… • Dance music of the 1970s (obviously) • LPs were eventually replaced by 12 inch singles • No set dance moves (apart from the classic moves to The Hustle)
  3. 3. General features • Speed = 120 BPM (beats per minute) • Singers: often solo vocalist and chorus (backing singers) • Instruments: • Drum kit (often replaced by drum machine, e.g Jump To The Beat) • Guitars: • lead guitar (very rare) rhythm guitar (often used – e.g. Sunny) bass guitar (used to funk up the bass line e.g. Blame It On The Boogie) • “Horn” Section: Trumpets Trombones Saxophones • Violin Section (Cheesetastic!) • Random percussion effects
  4. 4. Instruments and voices strutting their stuff • Drum kit/machine: • “Horn” Section: • Violins: • Voices: • Bass drum= 1st and 3rd beats of the bar • Snare drum= 2nd and 4th • Hi hat = offbeat crotchets or quavers, sometimes continuous semiquavers • “Brass” Interjections Blame It On The Boogie • Violin countermelodies Boogie Wonderland • Often a solo singer with chorus backing in harmony (3rds and 6ths) Lady Marmalade
  5. 5. Technology • MIDI • REMIX • SAMPLER • SEQUENCING • LOOPING Sunny
  6. 6. Technology • MIDI • REMIX • SAMPLER • SEQUENCING • LOOPING Sunny