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Web Governance Crash Course: Creating a Sustainable Digital Transformation

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When creating a digital strategy you have to define a path to reach your goals in a sustainable way with collaboration and accountability from everyone. We’ve experienced the silos, the shrinking resources, the lack of defined processes and the growing complexity.

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Web Governance Crash Course: Creating a Sustainable Digital Transformation

  1. 1. #hewebgov Web Governance Crash Course: Creating a Sustainable Digital Transformation #hewebgov Prepared by Matt Herzberger Principal Consultant / CEO – Aligned Path
  2. 2. #hewebgov Introduction Hi, I’m Matt Icon by Matt Brooks
  3. 3. #hewebgov Introduction I live here Icon by Brandon Gamm I work here And here
  4. 4. #hewebgov Introduction I have also worked at: • University of Iowa • Texas A&M University • Florida International University • Creighton University • Consulted with many more… Icon by James Keuning
  5. 5. #hewebgov Introduction In one way or another I was involved in central or organic Web leadership at each organization. Both top down and bottom up. “Been there, done that, and have the scars to show for it” Icon by Phillip Green
  6. 6. #hewebgov Introduction But I also learned a lot along the way. “We are all truly passionate and genuinely want the best for our institutions, issues arise as to the path to get
  7. 7. #hewebgov ENTER GOVERNANCE
  9. 9. #hewebgov ENTER GOVERNANCE
  10. 10. #hewebgov ENTER GOVERNANCE
  11. 11. #hewebgov ENTER GOVERNANCE
  12. 12. #hewebgov Our focus today Digital Strategy and Web Governance AKA “How to manage Web in a sustainable way to meet your goals”
  13. 13. #hewebgov What is digital strategy? A plan as to how to handle whatever your institution can throw at you
  14. 14. #hewebgov What is digital strategy? A vision for • How to handle each channel • How to prioritize • How to resource each request • How to put your audience first
  15. 15. #hewebgov What can it do for you? A chance to sit down and make an outline for how things should work Helps you move from tactics/ production to mature strategic implementation
  16. 16. #hewebgov How to use your digital strategy? • Gather buy-in • Set a roadmap that will then be adhered • No longer chase shiny objects If you don’t plan to use it, don’t waste the time creating it
  17. 17. #hewebgov ENTER GOVERNANCE
  18. 18. #hewebgov ENTER GOVERNANCE
  19. 19. #hewebgov What is Web governance? A framework to help support and get buy in to put your digital strategy into action as you envisioned it
  20. 20. #hewebgov What can governance do for you? Governance make sure things are enacted and resourced from an institutional level. • Enforce priority • Find the funds to carry out necessary projects • Reduce risk and waste
  21. 21. #hewebgov How to leverage governance? • Collaboration • Accountability • Increase ROI of web initiatives through efficiencies
  22. 22. #hewebgov How can this benefit EVERYONE? Everyone has their interests taken care of Engaged staff 67% of high school seniors say a college website affects their perception of an institution SOURCE: 2014 E-Expectations Report At ease leadership Successful usersIcons by Wilson Joeseph
  23. 23. #hewebgov What is at play? People Processes Tools Resources based on size and complexity
  24. 24. #hewebgov There is an opportunity
  25. 25. #hewebgov Start small Icons by Scott Lewis, Krisada, Michael Erdmann, Lil Squid Champion Issues Relationships You
  26. 26. #hewebgov
  27. 27. #hewebgov Key takeaways True Web leaders understand their role is greater than leading the Web, but contributing to the success of the whole organization “Your website represents your university 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s the intersection of marketing and IT, enrollment and advancement, student life and alumni relations, and so on.”
  28. 28. #hewebgov Key takeaways Websites must be thought of holistically “Each entity must understand they are part of a larger Web presence. In the eyes of our users it is all one site” 55% of the prospective college student respondents cited difficulty with site navigation among the greatest challenges encountered with college websites. SOURCE: 2012 E-Expectations Report
  29. 29. #hewebgov Key takeaways Web strategy must be just that, strategic. We must move from a production focused mindset “By shifting focus to strategic objectives. You’ll be able to plan for the future instead of putting out fires in the present.”
  30. 30. #hewebgov Key takeaways Many organizations believe their issues can be solved by investment in a new design. “An investment in internal efficiencies makes all future investments pay off many times over with increased chances for success.”
  31. 31. #hewebgov Follow ups / Next steps Contact Matt http://alignedpath.c om matt@alignedpath. com @alignedpath Go for it!
  32. 32. #hewebgov There is an opportunity