Q1 – how did you use, develop

16 de Dec de 2012

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Q1 – how did you use, develop

  1. Q1 – How did you USE, DEVELOP, or CHALLENGE codes and conventions of real media products. Harley Clarke
  2. Soap Operas A soap opera, sometimes called "soap" is a on going show where storylines are added every episode to allow the audience to feel connected and involved with the cast. An individual episode of a soap opera will generally switch between several different concurrent story lines that may at times affect one another or may run entirely independent of each other. Each episode may feature some of the show's current storylines but not always all of them. Especially in daytime serials and those that are screened each weekday, there is some rotation of both storyline and actors so any given storyline or actor will appear in some but usually not all of a week's worth of episodes. The two main examples of soap operas in the UK are Eastenders and Corination Street these soaps have been continuously running since 1985 ( Eastenders ) 1960 ( Corination street ) The two shows are known mainly for gossiping and drama about what's going on, soap operas have helped develop other genres such as dramas, and scripted reality.
  3. Codes & Conventions Soap Operas Soap Opera Trailer Magazine Billboard • Continuous storylines • Promotes the • Multiple • Brand identity • Stereotypes such as, gangster, programme features via logo tart, bully • Varies in length 25- • Brand • Bright • Realistic, cathartic storylines 115seconds identity colourful • Lighting reflects mood • Teaser/little snippet created via images / • Variety of camera shots of events masthead background • Little or Extreme make up • Highlights key • Highlights • Dominant/ • Parallel narratives features key features interesting • Regional • Big budget costs • Images title • Costumes create stereotypes • Creates interest • Websites • Clear images • Location reflects characters • Beats match edits • Strapline • Good layout • Conflict between the characters • Date of • Anchored • Anchored showing/release images/text slogan • Shows storylines • Barcodes • Subheadings without giving away • Prizes • Easy to read to much crucial • Rule of thirds font information
  4. Existing examples of scripted reality shows
  5. Scripted reality background The definition of scripted reality is: “a type of television series featuring real people who talk naturally but are put in situations which are pre arranged by the production company” Reality TV came onto our TV screens around 1999-2000 with the two biggest shows being Big Brother and Survivor, these all had real people in it with a celebrity special added after the “normal” one had finished. The people inside it had to do the tasks however the producers decided what happened when e.g. In Big Brother food was took away for misbehaving. Scripted reality emerged globally via such shows as Desperate Housewife's & Jersey Shore, however in England it took a little longer for scripted reality to make it onto a TV companies shows, in 2011 a show called “The Only Way Is Essex started. At first the characters were mocked and laughed at however nearly 2 years on the show is watched by at least 75% of the UK. After seeing “TOWIES” success on Itv2 E4 looked for an answer to dip into the scripted reality market and came up with “Made In Chelsea” this aired near the end of 2011. Both of these shows show the wealth and glamorous lifestyle of people who live in Essex & Chelsea.
  6. LOGO comparison The Only Way Is Essex logo is bright and shines onto the screen with purple writing, this is simple yet effective. There is lines going off most of the letters maybe symbolising its not going to be normal or the show may be extravagant. The Made In Chelsea logo is plain yet simple, it has white text on a coloured background, the Logo also has a crown above it showing the wealth that will be associated with the programme For my Logo I decided to get most of my ideas from the Made In Chelsea I chose to use white font colour on a pink background, the font showed the sophisticated classy side, where the pink showed the colourful side making the audience feel good about the programme, however it also incorporated the tacky / parody side to it.
  7. Scripted reality themes • Affairs • Relationships • Money • Babies • Death / Leaving show Each of the above are normally found in scripted reality shows, the five things are things which will all create “good TV” the themes allow the audience to connect with the characters and create “favourite” ones which can lead to social networking interaction for example #TeamArg as part of a Towie break up.
  8. TRAILERS • The Only Way Is Essex • Made In Chelsea • Well Jel
  10. SIMILARITIES For each character in the Well Jel cast I had These two characters compared them to a character from TOWIE as have a lot of talked about in Q2 on this slide you will see how the similarities, they wear two characters are similar. the same brands of extravagant clothes but are also very confident and mischievous this is These two character are similar to shown on a magazine each other, they both wore suits and and posters with was supposed to give off there “fun interviews with them. smart image” within their trailers. These two sets of characters are similar because they act very alike to the other, they are very good friends on screen and care about their appearance, a group of girls is very common in scripted reality.
  11. DIFFERENCES There wasn’t much of a difference between characters from Well Jel and TOWIE, Within the Towie trailer a however on this slide I will talk about the storyline isn't released, differences between the on screen they just say what they relationship and Trailer. hope will happen, however with Well Jel, there is quick cuts to location shots showing arguments, fights or romance. The two images show the contrast between how a location shot could be needed to spice up a trailer an reveal what's going to happen. All the TOWIE trailer is shot on the green screen, however Well Jel has location shots to show a different side to the show. Towie does this so the audience can interact with the cast and get to see more of there favourite characters, however with Well Jel it’s a new show and has to leak more storyline information out so people are interested.
  12. SUBVERSIONS (CHALLENGE) The two shows are similar how ever some parts do contrast, within the two trailers quite a few The storylines within Well Jel are put out things are different . straight away and the audience can easily understand what the main problems are For example the Well Jel trailer releases shots of with some characters, including the love what will happen where as the TOWIE trailer hate relationships, the arguments, and the stays on the green screen. romance,. Those three things are very notable, this gives Well Jel a clear structured Around the slide you will seed how the Well Jel trailer. However as compared to Towie trailer challenges the TOWIE trailer. which is just simple green screen colourful background shots. Within the TOWIE trailer there isn't a full Within the Well Jel trailer every cast member has shot image of the cast, where as in Well extravagant make up on showing that the show is Jel the shot below shows everybody in more of a joke humours scripted reality show than full outfit & make up which can Towie, as shown in the pictures below the comparisons immediately help create a connection of how the make up is different. with the characters and the audience.
  13. The website is located just under the masthead so people can clearly see if they want FC The glamorous masthead is similar to the existing brand “Fabulous” it is located at the top of the cover with some of it being blocked by the star in more information of more of an the shot. The text makes the magazine interview they can go to that look classy and sophisticated this also and find what they want. This helps the colour due to it being black also makes the magazine look and white it reiterates the “glamorous” professional with every wealthy sophisticated look. magazine company having a website to interact with there The slogan anchors well which audience. makes it connect with the image well showing that the character is mischievous saying The side feature includes an “ive got the pick of any girl I existing reality TV star so even fancy” which shows in himself if people haven't seen or heard he is confident, this also of the main star in the image intrigues the audience to read some people will buy the the interview with that magazine just to see the character. existing character talk about accessories. The button in the middle of the page will catch the readers eye The image is of one of the after they read the title and see main characters “Rolex” the the main star, the audience can image is in black and white connect with the button due to giving off the classy, it being about new years glamorous, sophisticated resolutions which most people look. However the star is intend on setting, if they see a winking showing that he This feature shows a different side, intriguing character doing these things could be perceived as a audiences who may not like scripted reality but from a TV show they watch they mischievous or cheeky like One Direction opening up the market for will be more inclined to copy character. people to buy the product. them.
  14. POSTER The different poses from the cast Each image is in connection via vary on each image, this shows the This image works well within the colour to an other, this gives the non serious side of Well Jel and the poster because the star is audience an idea of a storyline cast look to be having fun. pointing right at the title, and which is going to be portrayed when the shot is actually on. throughout the show. Each character has equal space within the poster showing equality across the The “well jel” title in the middle show, however the poses from stands out well, it is in the same characters give away another font as on the trailer logo, this perception of someone. helps create brand identity. This character has a blue This characters pose is background connecting with This image connects well with the another cast member, this other yellow block, if remembered crucial due to the star being into two characters works well because within the in the trailer this character says trailer the two are one of the “romance” where as the other who are just smiling this creates the right balance main storylines, this shows character says “fit men” this could consistency throughout the provide a connection to the pink for the Well Jel audience. products. male character.
  15. Mood Board