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Guide to Information Overload

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A guide to help you manage your information consumption, produced by a student of library and information science for other fellow information addicts.

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Guide to Information Overload

  1. A Library Student’s Guide toInformation Overload Hope Harms December 2012
  2. Whether you’re researching something specific…
  3. … or generallygoing aboutyour day
  4. You may feel like you’re being bombardedwith information.
  5. “We suffer frominformationoverconsumption.”Clay A. JohnsonAuthor of The Information Diet
  6. “Information overload is asymptom of our desire notto focus on what’simportant. …”
  7. “It’s achoice.” Brian Solis Industry Analyst
  8. Need help makingbetter choices?
  9. Here are 5 simple steps…
  10. Observe
  11. Pause
  12. Look. Whatinformation is in front of you?
  13. Seem familiar?
  14. What is it about?
  15. Who is the source?
  16. Who is the source? Experts?
  17. Who is the source? Entertainers?
  18. Who is the source? Friends and family?
  19. Who is the source? Joe Shmoe
  20. Who is the source? Joe Shmoe and his dog?
  21. How often is it produced?
  22. Evaluate
  23. Is itreliable?
  24. Is ittime sensitive?
  25. Is ituseful?
  26. Is itentertaining?
  27. Organize
  28. Group similar types ofinformation …
  29. … to give context to the content.
  30. Context adds meaning and helps us process information faster.
  31. Set limits Cloud storage for yourself Filters Tools are at your fingertips! Note-taking DashboardsFolders Calendars Lists OnlineVoicemail archiving RSS feeds
  32. Check out a few of these: Diigo Dropbox Evernote Google Reader Instapaper
  33. And don’t forgetthe Delete button.(Because you can probably use your awesome searchskills if you really need that information later.)
  34. Prioritize
  35. Which informationis mostrelevant?
  36. Which informationis mostauthoritative?
  37. Which informationmostcontributesto yourunderstanding?
  38. Is iturgent?
  39. Is itimportant?
  40. Can itwait?
  41. Do youneed itnow?
  42. Plan what and when you’llconsume your information.Maybe some morning news over coffee. An audiobook during the work commute. Pass the afternoon break with Facebook. Perhaps some homework after dinner.
  43. Consume
  44. Followyour plan…
  45. … but set asidetime to explore.
  46. No need to plunge intoan ocean of information…
  47. …just skimthe surface.
  48. Take timeto unplug.
  49. And …
  50. And …make time for people, too.
  51. Find abalance
  52. that works for you. Find abalance
  53. Observe
  54. Evaluate
  55. Organize
  56. Prioritize
  57. Consume
  58. So easy, you can do it onone hand.
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  61. Thank you and good luck!