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movie opening (initial ideas)

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PowerPoint I created to showcase the initial ideas of my media project.

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movie opening (initial ideas)

  1. 1. OUR MOVIE OPENING Harry Richardson.
  2. 2. THE GENREWe have decided to use the genre of horror for our movie andopening, we have come to this decision as we feel that horror will bethe most interesting genre to our film and will keep the audienceentertained and wanting to watch on.
  3. 3. THE STRUCTUREThe structure of our film will be based around an opening whichreveals the end of the movie and then flashbacks to the start, we havedone this because we feel by showing what happens at the end willtease the viewer and want them to watch on to see what previouslyhappened to the characters and with the storyline for this to concludethe film.
  4. 4. TARGET AUDIENCEIf the movie was going to go into production the target audience forthe film would be any persons over the age of eighteen due to thenature of the story line and the images and events that would have tobe captured to portray the plot of the movie.
  5. 5. INITIAL IDEASHow we plan to open our film was to have a voiceover of a man talking about somefacts to set the scene of the movie and its plot over a screen with text. The nextscene will be of two children walking into a location where the movie took placeand the people were attacked, these children will be seen to be distraught and indoubt of what to do, this will be playing while there is a voiceover of a phone callconversation of the children ringing the police to inform them of their findings.(throughout this credits will be shown at points). The scene will then cut to showthe title of the movie in a font which shows Sinicism and evil.
  6. 6. TITLE IDEASWe have not come to a complete conclusion for the title of the filmso are currently using the term of ‘working title’ but we have someideas that consist of: ‘interlopers’, ‘the perfect intruders’, ‘unwantedacquaintance’ etc.
  7. 7. OTHER INFORMATIONWe will also be creating a ‘imaginary’ company, name and logo for theproduction of our film, although we have no clear indication of thisyet and what it will be named and presented like at the start of theproduction, it will play the role of companies such as ‘Lionsgate’ or‘twisted pictures’.