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Images and Social Media - What to Post

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Images and Social Media - What to Post

  1. 1. Communication Production ServicesImages and Social Media:What to PostStephanie HatchSocial Media andEmail Marketing SpecialistMIT Communication Production Services8 May 2013Twitter @hatchstephInstagram @stephaniehatchEmail hatch_s@mit.eduBlog
  2. 2. Communication Production Serviceswhat
  3. 3. Communication Production ServicesEvoke a response from your audience• Emotional (inspiring, humorous, unexpected, beautiful)• Mental (educative, informational, instructive, challenging)• Social (trends, memes, viral content, inside jokes)
  4. 4. Communication Production ServicesTypes of images• Text on image• Text as image• Photographs• Drawings, sketches• Infographics• Charts• Posters, postcards, other print media• Typography• Thumbnails of documents• Historical prints• Anything visual!!!
  5. 5. Communication Production Services“Photos are social media gold.”Janine PopickCEO and founder of VerticalResponse
  6. 6. Communication Production ServicesPhotographyIf you’re going to take a landscape shot, don’ttake a photograph any normal tourist could take.Find a different vantage point.
  7. 7. Communication Production Services#CollierStrongPhotographyTake more photos of details.
  8. 8. Communication Production ServicesPrinciples of photography• Fill the frame with your subject.• Show a unique perspective.• Have someone else review your photos.• Be willing to stand on a bench or lie on the ground. Don’ttake all photos standing.• Ask yourself, “Will this photo impact the viewer themoment they see it?”• Color balance is a must.
  9. 9. Communication Production ServicesPrinciples of photographyDo not:• Do not post photos of people without their permission.• Post blurry or dark photos.• Take a photo with flash if it doesn’t need it.• Post every photo you took at an event, especially ifsome are almost identical. Pick a few highlights.
  10. 10. Communication Production ServicesPhotography: storytelling“BU 365”Brown University“Scene by you”
  11. 11. Communication Production ServicesText on image
  12. 12. Communication Production ServicesText on image
  13. 13. Communication Production ServicesText as image
  14. 14. Communication Production ServicesPosters can go on [Facebook] wallsIf a poster can goon a physical wall,then it can go on aFacebook wall.
  15. 15. Communication Production ServicesText as image
  16. 16. Communication Production ServicesText as image:
  17. 17. Communication Production ServicesText as image:
  18. 18. Communication Production ServicesText as image:
  19. 19. Communication Production Serviceswhere
  20. 20. Communication Production ServicesWhere to find photos:CPS photo library toconsult theCPS guidelines,which explainhow you mayuse these photos.