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business development sales plan

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business development sales plan is an overview of the coaching program for how to generate leads and sales of your products, services and solutions

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business development sales plan

  1. 1. Business Development Plan How to generate leads and authority online
  2. 2. Get help to achieve your sales objectives There are probably 5 specific sales and marketing objectives you want to achieve: ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 1. Target decision makers who need what you offer. 2. Engage with those people and add them to your list. 3. Get paid to solve their problems with your solution(s). 4. Persuade them to return and spend more with you. 5. Encourage them to recommend you to others.
  3. 3. My name is Fraser Hay, self-employed business coach and I want to help you if I can Welcome Fraser J. Hay Founder | Grow Your Business® ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  4. 4. Need to fill your pipeline with hot leads & enquiries? Can you identify 3 areas that you need, want or simply “must” address? ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 WRITTEN SALES PLAN LEADERSHIP OBJECTIONS & VALUE PROPOSITION REACHING DECISION MAKERS NO COST PROSPECTING APPOINTMENTS PROPOSALS TIME MANAGEMENT KEEP-IN-TOUCH Follow-up Email Sequence COMPELLING CALLS TO ACTION BUILDING YOUR LIST
  5. 5. Struggling to fill your pipeline? Struggling to generate leads, enquiries, prospects, sales or referrals? ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 Imagine what it will be like when you are generating the exposure, signups & sales you want from filling your own pipeline... You have the opportunity to pull traffic and pre-qualified decision makers towards you so you can build your list - fast. In this coaching program, we’ll share everything you need to fill the sales pipeline for your products, services or solutions.
  6. 6. Struggling to find your ideal route to market? Struggling to generate sales of your products, services or solutions? ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 For many small business owners learning how to generate leads, enquiries, prospects and sales is like navigating yourself through a maze… …there are many confusing choices to make in order to achieve the outcome you want from your sales pipeline management.
  7. 7. As founder of Grow Your Business®, I’ve helped business owners in over 40 countries to identify and address over 2000 common entrepreneurial issues, challenges and obstacles. I’ve got a number of books on Amazon where I document solutions for each stage of the entrepreneurial journey and also share these solutions in my own webinars and workshops. Achieve your entrepreneurial goals Get help to achieve more sales andrevenue ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  8. 8. Position Yourself As An Expert Take advantage of one of the most exciting times in the history of ‘prospecting’ By the end of this unique coaching program, you could be generating more leads, enquiries, prospects, sales and referrals whilst positioning yourself as an expert & thought leader ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  9. 9. Don’t get left behind The rules of selling have changed, and online they’re changing ever faster. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 Before you can close a sale, you need appointments or at the very least you need a pipeline of individuals who are very interested in what it is you have to offer. The hardest part for many sales people is finding decision makers and persuading them to engage in the first instance. Many are simply in too much of a rush to “sell”.
  10. 10. Write down how many hours PER WEEK you spend: 1. ONLINE 2. ON THE PHONE 3. WRITING 4. MEETINGS, APPOINTMENTS & 121s 5. NETWORKING (breakfast, lunch or evening) 6. Total up your answer for each of the above. 7. Write down your hourly rate. 8. Multiply your answers from 6. x 7. That’s how much time you’re investing in your business development every week How much is your prospecting really costing you? How much are you really investing in business development & marketing? ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  11. 11. Now multiply your previous total x 4: That’s how much time you’re investing in the marketing, prospecting and selling of your products, services and solutions every month. It’s time to change the way you’re managing your sales pipeline and generating leads. (Before your competitors do.) You need to change… …the way you manage your marketing, business development & sales pipeline ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  12. 12. What is your current cost per sale? What is your current cost per lead? What is the life time value of a customer? How many leads do you need to give you the revenue you want? Last but not least, 4 quick questions… Many of your competitors don’t know the answer to these questions. Do you? ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  13. 13. We guarantee to reduce marketing acquisition costs We also guarantee to increase customer loyalty and life time value… ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 …if you apply what we share on this unique coaching program. There are no short cuts, but we do share powerful, practical and proven strategies and tactics that get results – fast. (when you apply them.)
  14. 14. One thing is for sure – cash is king. Especially when it comes to cashflow. Make the decision to change the way you’re managing your business development. Would you like to build a list of prospective customers without any cold calling by phone whatsoever? It doesn’t matter whether you are B2C or B2B. Seriously, our approach works whether you’re targeting consumers or businesses. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  15. 15. Instead of just dreaming about getting recognition or generating revenue, you need to think how you’ll drive traffic and visitors to your online profile or website. The good news is you don’t even have to invest in buying expensive traffic. On this coaching program, we help you generate traffic and new connections. Even if you have the right technology platform… How are you going to generate traffic, leads and revenue? ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  16. 16. We’ll even show you how to do your prospecting on auto pilot regardless whether you’re selling a product, service or solution. Once you have these skills, you will increase your return on investment from every lead you generate and every sale you make… …OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Once you have these skills… You can create as many Sales as you want, closing as many leads as you want. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  17. 17. No cold calling. No Emailing. No Push Marketing. (If you don’t want to). Imagine… …now imagine if you had 10, 100 or 1000 people added to your list in the next 30 days. Believe it or not, it can and does happen. Best of all, you could recoup the entire cost of your coaching from your very next prospecting campaign. How much are 1, 5 or 50 new clients worth to you? ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  18. 18. Help, Guidance & Support We guide you through a very powerful, proven & practical coaching process ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 You choose what your objectives are and how you wish to connect with your target audience. More importantly, you’re in control over all the criteria you select in deciding which decision markers you wish to connect with. It’s your business. You make the decisions. You’re in control.
  19. 19. Pull your prospects to you Don’t push your products and services on them ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 Learn how to pull curious prospects to your online profile and website. No more list rentals. No more expensive telemarketing. No more advertising. No buying expensive traffic. You don’t even have to send any emails… …when you apply these powerful, practical and proven pipeline building principles.
  20. 20. Imagine…. …Having digital assets working 24/7 attracting prospective customers at no cost. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 What if you created digital assets that both educate and qualify visitors from all over the internet. Once set up, these lead magnets require no additional maintenance. You then have a virtual sales presence 24/7, and can include video too for even greater impact (and conversions).
  21. 21. How to follow-up your prospects So they either disqualify or sell themselves without a telesales pitch from you. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 Get email templates for you to customise and personalise so that you can maximise your sales revenue. We’ll supply you with fill-in-the-blank templates.
  22. 22. Want to generate more leads online and offline? Get the complete Lead Generation MBA Home Study Marketing Course ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 Just in case you were wanting more help in promoting your products, services and solutions… …we also include all 18 Sessions of the Lead Generation MBA Home Study Marketing Course… (worth £499) …when you upgrade.
  23. 23. Get it all done for you Upgrade to the platinum version of the program and look at what you get… ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 We will assist you to create: Your own online profile Your prospect profile Your authority platform Your Prospecting Emails Your Keep-In-Touch Strategy Your follow-up sequence …and much much more
  24. 24. What’s Included in the STANDARD Program? A Break-down of what’s covered in the coaching programme No. Steps Covered 1 Identify all the tools and know-how you need to get up and running - fast YES 2 How to leverage a proven system that pulls visitors to your online profile, then website YES 3 Provision of Adverts & Email Templates for you to personalise and customise YES 4 The software you need to automate all the donkey work saving you hours of work !!! YES 5 Discover one word you need to add to your online profile to differentiate you from your competitors YES 6 Learn how to position yourself as a leader in your market, niche or industry YES 7 How to add up to 100 names or more to your list – every day using criteria you define YES 8 How to eliminate spam complaints and maximise your conversion ratios YES 9 How to get prospective customers to pre-qualify themselves without you personally speaking to them YES 10 A complete route map and practical checklist that you can use over and over again for an even bigger ROI YES ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  25. 25. What’s Included in the PLATINUM Program? Everything in the standard programme and the following: No. Steps Included 11 Allow us to craft your promotional ads YES 12 We’ll write the copy for your emails and sales letters YES 13 We’ll create your authority platform YES 14 We’ll help you create your online profile and prospect profile YES 15 We’ll design and write template emails for your authority platform YES 16 We’ll write the acknowledgement email that goes out to all respondents who accept your invitation YES 17 In fact, we’ll give you all the software you need to automate your prospecting process YES 18 Extending the LIFE TIME VALUE of your webinar with 40 possible new revenue streams YES 19 A very powerful way to double, even triple the amount of money each webinar delegate spends YES 20 All 18 Sessions of The Lead Generation MBA home study course YES ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  26. 26. Look at what you receive: The advantages of our personal coaching • Private sessions are typically 1 – 2 hrs long • Tailored & personalised to your situation • Detailed, valuable information shared • Practical instructions & case study examples • Mutual Accountability. No excuses - ever • Progress every session – GUARANTEED • Record of progress made after every session Fraser J. Hay Founder | Grow Your Business® ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  27. 27. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 You Choose how you would like us to work with you. Coaching Delivered The Way You Want It Decide whether you want us to coach you online, by phone or in person at your home or office. We count, monitor & measure everything, so progress is guaranteed.
  28. 28. Grow Your Business from idea to exit, one objective at a time. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 For we have a range of additional solutions to support you. And it gets better… Knowledge Contacts Opportunity
  29. 29. …filling your pipeline and generating the leads and sales you want! Imagine… …or what it could be like a year from now, when you stop struggling with trying to fill your pipeline. Sign up and accept the help on offer with this coaching program. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017
  30. 30. Let’s summarise what’s on offer: Still Not Sure? ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2017 Get real practical help to identify what’s holding you back and preventing you from achieving your SALES PIPELINE MANAGEMENT goals and objectives… … all the “know how” you need to create (and execute) a practical plan of action for generating leads for your products, sales and solutions. …time and time again.