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HaythamMahmoud C.V

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HaythamMahmoud C.V

  1. 1. Page 1 CURRICUlUM VITAE Personal Information Name HaythamAwadAbdelgadirMahmoud Date of Birth 03.04.1975. Nationality Sudanese. Status Single. Gender Male. Mobile +971506618363 Email 2006 Master of Science in Plant Protection University of Khartoum- Sudan. 1999 B. Sc. in Plant Protection University Of Khartoum Sudan. 2000 up to 2001Plant Protection General Administration. Training:- Survey and protection of national enemies (Locust, birds, rodents and store pests) Inspection of export and import plants in Khartoum Airport Plant Quarantine. Qualification Training
  2. 2. Page 2 Pesticide registration and integrated pest management.  Seeking an opportunity where my skill, experiences, self-motivation and education canbe utilize for challenging job and mutual satisfaction.  Strives for quality and applies process and discipline towards optimizing performance, seeks new responsibilities and uses initiative.  Strives for resolve customer's problems and build a trustful long-term relationship.  I am interesting in Walking, Reading, Travelling & knowledge. November2013 up to date Aqua tech landscaping & civil services co. - Fujairah Profession Operations manager of Landscaping dept. Responsibilities &duties:  Coordinate & supervise execution of landscape projects.  Reporton issuesandeffectivenessof practices in the field in order to develop field polices.  Maintain a working knowledge of current landscapingpolicies, procedures, practices in order to ensure quality in the field.  Assist landscape maintenance & landscape project managersinfulfilling supply requisitions, & completion of estimates &proposals.  Works with the director in determining feasibility of expansion strategies& development of new services. Working Experience Objective
  3. 3. Page 3  In conjunction with the landscape maintenance & landscape project managers, provide on-site customer services & general customer care.  Work as team for betterment of the company. March 2008 up to 2010Almadar landscaping co. Abu Dhabi. Protection and Fertilization Dept. Manager. Responsibilities &duties  Provide general supervisionandfollow upof protection and fertilization application in sites. July 2010 up to December 2013 Almadarlandscaping co. Project Manager. Responsibilities&duties  Conducta scientificagricultural meansincluding  Pestcontrol and fertilizersapplication.  Supervisionandfollow upof differentsites,conductingall landscaping applications and practices.  Pitchesandsoccer field’s sponsorandsupervisor.  Supervisionandfollow upof salesandsupplyof pesticides. and fertilizers from different suppliers all over U.A.E.  Settingmaintenanceschedulesregardingall cultural practices. April 2006- 2008Freesia & Bee Center (Khartoum Sudan). Job titleGeneral Manager. Responsibilities & duties  Supervisionof hivesfoundation&bee productsmarketing.  Followuplandscapingpracticesindifferentlocations. August 2004- 2006Aselatinvestment co. Khartoum Sudan. Job titleHead of the department of bee venom therapy. Responsibilities& duties
  4. 4. Page 4  Provide general supervisionandfollow upof patientsreceiving bee venom treatment.  Conducttrainingonbee venomtherapy.  ConductscientificresearchesonB.V.  Promotingandmarketingof bee products.  Provide qualitycontrol forbee products. 2004- 2006Nectar group Khartoum Sudan Job titleInspection engineer. Responsibilities& duties  Followupof pesticidesapplicationof publichealth&storessterilization.  Followupof pesticidesimport&marketingforthe company. 2003- 2004Al- Khalia investment co. Job titleBee keeping supervisor. Responsibilities  Supervisionof bee keepingindustry&hivesfoundation. Projects Under My Supervision Maintenance projects:  Al-Wehda club, Al-Nahyan stadium(Abu Dhabi). 2008 up 2014. (840000 AED/Y)  Abu Dhabi Police head quarter. 2009 up to2013. (240000 AED/Y)  Abu Dhabi Police College. 2009 up to 2013(240000 AED/Y)  Police officer club(Abu Dhabi). 2009 up to 2013(120000 AED/Y)  Soldiers club(Abu Dhabi). 2009 up to 2013( 84000 AED/Y)  Cultural complex (Al-hoson palace). Abu Dhabi. 2009 up to 2013 (180000 AED/Y)  Abu Dhabi educational zone. 2009 up to 2013 (60000 AED/Y)  Zayed military hospital(Abu Dhabi). 2009 up to January 2013. (300000 AED/Y)
  5. 5. Page 5  Athletic department for defense(Abu Dhabi). 2009 up to January 2013. (120000 AED/Y)  Marina royal complex(105 villas) Abu Dhabi.2008 up to 2011. (300000 AED/Y)  Mafrag hotel (Abu Dhabi). 2008 up to 2013 (300000AED/Y).  Mafrag hospital(Abu Dhabi). 2008 up to 2012. 480000 AED/Y).  AL-Ahli stadium Fujairah 2013 up to date  AL-Ittihad stadium (kalba/sharja) 2014 up to date.(372000 AED/Y)  City centermall (Fujairah) 2014 up to date.(204000/Y) Construction projects :  Fujairah exhibitioncenterconstruction project 2014. ( 255000 AED)  SheikhZayed mosque (Fujairah) underconstruction project 2015. (4 millionsAED) Computer:  Experienced user of Microsoft office products and other computer applications.  Skilled Navigator of the internet. Languages:  Arabic : Mother Tongue.  English : written and spoken. License:  UAE Driving license. Membership & subscription  FIFA Club World Cupcommittee (member). Abu Dhabi 2009.  Syngenta annually symposium. Since 2008. Skills
  6. 6. Page 6  Member ship of Sudanese Agricultural Council (SAC) since 2005.  Sudanese Bee keepingSociety (Su.B.A.) (member) since 2002.  Sudanese Agricultural Societyinuae (S.A.S). Others:  Capability to work under hard pressure.  Ability to work in tough areas within good impression.  Tactical, strategic and proactive - anticipates and takes initiative.  Methodical and rigorous approach to achieving tasks and objectives. References and certificates are availableon request.