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College chapter #2 part 2
College chapter #2 part 2
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Chapter 3.1

  1. 1. Geogacy Chapter 3.1 Trial by Error
  2. 2. Oh Lea... Lea....Lea Lea Lea.....Le of the ah... Lea Tlhs0... Le Le Le Le... "The answer is no." Please Lea, Pretty Please with a platinum plumbob on top? "I'm not listening anymore." Come on Lea, Please. Lea? Leeeeeeeaaaaaaahh....Lea? Leeeah.
  3. 3. "You're not going to stop are you?" Nope! "If I agree and prove to you I am boring and a waste of screenshot space, will you admit defeat and leave me alone?" That isn't going to happen! There is no such thing as a boring Simself and to prove it I am following you around town. I am going to take pictures of the exciting things you do and you'll never say you're boring again! "Last warning, I'm --" Nope, I will not hear it! Now, let's get walking. "Sigh"
  4. 4. "You are wasting your time." No, I am not! We'll ask the readers and see what they think. This is Lea aka Tlhs0 writer of The Barsoom Legacy. A few weeks back she made a comment that her Simself was boring and I am determined to show her she is wrong. "Won't you be embarrassed when you are proven wrong in front of all the readers." As I said before I am not wrong.
  5. 5. "You're building yourself up for a terrible fall. I hope you have your Will updated. I don't see this ending well." Ha ha, It will end just fine. You'll see.
  6. 6. "I beg your pardon, Sir. Ms. Love has left the house. Should I send someone to follow?" "Darn that woman! What can she be up to?" "I will send someone to inquire Ms. Love's destination post haste, Sir." "Blast it all! What is that password?" "Sir?"
  7. 7. "If only I had a clue, something. What is she planning... Alistair where is Sierra? She might know Hector's password. I need this system running properly again." "Forgive me Sir, I assumed you were listening. Ms. Love has left the house. Do you wish me to call her back?" " ...No. It appears I may have to get my information the old fashion way. Blast you Hector. Why did you have to die when I needed you the most." "I am sure it wasn't intentional, Sir."
  8. 8. "Well, of course it wasn't! ...I apologize, Alistair. How is the situation with young Higarashi going? The sooner we can get him on board the sooner I'll know what the hell is going on in that simself mad house." "As you wished, Mr. Taylor has refused employment to young Higarashi and has been so kind as to inform the other organizations to do the same." "Good, announce a TNLT meeting for next week and make sure you include young Higarashi's name to the guest list." "Very well sir."
  9. 9. What a night. What time is it? 9:30. I'm up earlier than normal.
  10. 10. Why are my feet sore? Oh yeah, those stupid shoes. Grr, I need some coffee.
  11. 11. "Holy Plumbob, Coffee!" Did we set a time? What if he is waiting? What if he thinks I stood him up?
  12. 12. "Breccia, I need to talk to you." "Gotta go, late I be!" "Late? Breccia, I really need to talk to you."
  13. 13. "Talk later! I go now!" "But, I have to tell you about Bio..."
  14. 14. Madlocker & Associates, Downtown..... "You have nothing to worry about Mr. Higarashi. I have reviewed your case and with the lack of evidence I see this as an easy victory."
  15. 15. "Then why do we have to go through this at all? If there is no evidence my son shouldn't have to trail." "And I agree, Mrs. Higarashi. But, the testimony is still there, lack of evidence or not."
  16. 16. "I am so sorry, son. If I had know my Rival would hire Cows to do his dirty work, I would have been better prepared." "Umm, dear I don't think your Rival has anything to do with this mix up." "Nonsense, who else would want to hurt this family if not him?"
  17. 17. "Rival?" "It's nothing Mr. Madlocker." "Very well, the trail will being next week, bail has been placed at $500. I will call you as things develop."
  18. 18. Star Coffee location #3647.5.... "Can I go home now?" And miss an exciting opportunity? ".....So, I can go?" No
  19. 19. "Excuse me, can I ask you something?" HaHa! I told you. There isn't a sim alive that can resist the lure of a Simself. Why? Because Simselves can't be boring. They have natural charisma, witty minds and a sense of adventure.
  20. 20. "What can I help you with?" I bet he wants to ask you out. Oh, I am so excited! XD "Do you have change for a $20?”
  21. 21. "Sorry, not on me." "Thank you anyway, bye." ......0.o.....Ok, so maybe I over reacted a little. But, we still have the whole week to find adventure!
  22. 22. "You should focus on the other simselves. You're right they are charismatic, witty & fun. But, I'm not." That isn't true! You've been here less then a day, of course nothing can happen right away. You'll see, it might take some time, but I'll get my exciting shots and it will be because of you. "I'm telling you, big fall, big mess."
  23. 23. Don't get fidgety, girl. It's only been 3 hours. He'll show up soon, I am sure...Plumbob, what if he was here earlier and I missed him? What if he thinks I stood him up? What if, no no calm down. He's just waiting for the lunch rush to end is all, I am sure...
  24. 24. She still hasn't moved and no sight of any "shadows". I was sure I would see one. None of Gentry's people go around without their "escort." I guess I was wrong. This isn't a trap.
  25. 25. Which means, she has been waiting for me to show up. Ha ha, for 3 hours. Well, what type of gentleman would I be to keep the damsel waiting?
  26. 26. "Roderick, you're just in time. I was about to order." For the 4th time today. "I am so sorry, love. I got caught up with work and couldn't get away. You were not waiting long I hope?" Long enough for 4 coffees. Do you really need another? "No No, I just got here." 3 freakin' hours ago. "Glad to hear it." Liar, but I can forgive you...just this once
  27. 27. "Then he dragged us out in the middle of nowhere for some kind of martial arts training. I can't remember much about it. It was a long time ago, but I do remember the dragon suits. He made us wear them the entire time. He said it would bring out our mighty fury or something."
  28. 28. "Dragon suits? Really? Haha! Did he take photo? I would love to see them." "Trust me if there were photo I would have burn them long ago." "Pity, the dragon image suits you, all that spit and fire. Haha" "Laugh it up, but I am taking that as a compliment, if you don't mind." "Please do, I nearly forgot about that 1 nice point of yours."
  29. 29. "I do only have 1, don't I? I guess that means I can either hit you or make you buy my cake." "Ahh, but you took it as a compliment, which mean you no longer have a motive for evil." "1 nice point means motives don't matter. So, what will it be, let me see... a black eye or cake? Hmmm...." "Alright, I give! What type of cake would you like?" "Aww, but I wanted to choose the black eye option."
  30. 30. "Haha, I know you do. That is why we are having cake." "But, that isn't--" *da da da 'ello moto da da da* " sigh It's my brother again." "He is persistent. Maybe you should see what he want." "This better be important is all I am saying."
  31. 31. "What is the big idea, Bayl? Seriously, this is not cool. I am on a date with the hottest guy I have ever seen and you keep calling! What do you want? Ok, ok I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell. Stop crying, geez. What? Bio's in jail? Trial? What the heck, Bayl why didn't you tell me this morning? Ok ok, I'm sorry. Calm down and blow your nose! Really, you're like a little kid. I'll be home soon."
  32. 32. "I got you a chocolate piece-- ooh, look at that face. Maybe I should get the whole cake?" "That stupid Cow! He's going to regret messing with my family!" "Cow?" "Remember I told you about Bio and his girlfriend? Well, that same Cow has pressed charges against my brother. He says he attack him! Of all the load of-- Grr! That Cow makes me so mad!"
  33. 33. "Of all the down right-- There should be laws against Cow Mascots. Always causing trouble." "I know! That Cow better watch himself or he's going to get a real beating he won't be able to walk away from." "I'll hold him down if you leave enough for me to pummel." "Hate Cows much?" "Very. You?" "With a passion."
  34. 34. "Hehe" "What is so funny?" "We are bonding over mutual Cow hatred, that's what is funny." "Ha, yeah I guess we are. What do you say we bond over cake now?" "Hehe, lead on."
  35. 35. "Good evening Hiragi Hills! Claudia Long here with tonight’s top stories."
  36. 36. "University Cow Mascot, Alon Cowpetti was found beaten severely in his home several weeks ago. Officials have agreed the suspect, Biotite Higarashi, will be placed on trial next Tuesday. Currently the suspect?s plea is not guilty."
  37. 37. "On somewhat related news, the suspect's mother, Lucy Higarsahi has filed her 100th missing person report which authorities have yet again thrown out of the books, stating "A Treasure Cheat is not a person and will not be treated as such." Many Fortune Sims disagree and have filed their own grievances with the city's ethics & Sim rights committee."
  38. 38. "Just turn it off, George" "What a mess. I hope it blows over quickly." "If the lawyer is right we shouldn't need to worry." "It's Gentry I am worried about. Whatever did you do to him anyway?"
  39. 39. "Nothing I swear. It's a conspiracy against me." "Maybe you should look into this job he is offering?" "And let me win?" "I'm sure it's him who's been sabotaging your efforts to find work. It won't hurt to hear what he wants and once you do you can decide from there to follow orders or pretend to."
  40. 40. "Pretend? Are you encouraging me to be a double agent?" "Well, you wouldn't be a double agent. You would need another organization to play off his own."
  41. 41. "Have I ever told you how much of a devilish genius you are?" "Not lately. I think the last think you called me was a manipulative mastermind." "Yep, and that's way you are my queen not my secretary."
  42. 42. Legacy House... "I'm sorry I wasn't here earlier."
  43. 43. "Perfectly alright, Sweetie. There isn't anything else we can do until the trail. Mr. Madlocker says we shouldn't worry. It's a simple case of one's word against another and with no evidence the case most likely will be thrown out. But, enough of that. What do you do Mr. Doyle?" "Mom really, I don't think now is the time."
  44. 44. "It's alright, love. I work for an investment company. We are currently looking into the TNLT. I hear from Breccia, the late Mrs. Higarashi founded the charity. Do you protisapate in the orginization?" Tell me what I want to hear, Mrs. Higarashi.
  45. 45. "The TNLT has indeed become for profitable with the new interest intensive on the stocks. However, I like to put my money in Simco stocks. My son Bayl & my sister-in-law Aiyana are the only members we have in the family. If you are looking for advice I would talk to them. You say you work for an investment company? How do you set up your portfolio? What is your view on the market?"
  46. 46. "Well, I would love to discuss it. However, I must be on my way. I have a conference to prepare for, you understand." Bugger, she is a fortune sim. "Oh, yes. We'll have to pick up later."
  47. 47. "I'll call you tomorrow." "Good night, future investment, I mean, young man."
  48. 48. "I don't like him."
  49. 49. "Daddy, Rod is a great guy." "I know you like him sweetie, but I'm sure something isn't right about that boy. He may even work for my Rival."
  50. 50. "Daddy, you know I love you and I know you would do anything to protect me and the family. But really Daddy, don't you think you've pushed this Rival thing a bit far? The guy doesn't exist." "Breccia, My Rival is very tricky. He --"
  51. 51. "No! I don't want to hear anymore. This isn't even about that make believe villian, is it? It's about me dating. Roderick is nice to me, funny, smart with a great job and we have 3 bolts! I'm happy and you should be happy for me!" "I am happy for you Sweetie, It's just something isn't right--" "Daddy Please! I can't deal this right now. I'm going out."
  52. 52. ........
  53. 53. Doc Alan's..... "So, what's your deal?" "I would ask the same of you." "Fair enough, your Creator has been following me all over town in the hope I'll do a trick or two for her enjoyment." "That's rough. Why?" "My Creator, said something about me being boring and now your Creator wants to prove her wrong."
  54. 54. "That doesn't sound fair. Who's to say you're boring? Do you think you're boring?" "Well yeah." "Does that bother you?" "Not until everyone started to complain about it." "If you're ok with the way you are then, tell them to shove it. You're not a performing monkey." "Easier said then done, but it's good to have an ally."
  55. 55. "What about you? You look like you're waiting for the bartender to solve all your problems. The guy looks a bit busy so you'll have to deal with me." "Hehe, ok. It's only fair. There is a guy I like. We have a lot in common and we have 3 bolts." "Sounds like good news to me. But, you wouldn't be here if it was that simple." "I'm mad at myself. I just met the guy and I already had it in my head that he's the one. But, then my father said he didn't like him. I snapped at him. It wasn't what he said or his reasoning that made me angry He made me realize I don't know this guy very well. How can I say he's the one if I barely know him?"
  56. 56. "It that all? You don't have a problem at all. It's perfectly normal to have doubts and no one said you have to make up your mind on the spot, legacy heir or not. If you feel you don't know this guy, then get to know him. Even if it takes weeks, months, whatever." "I don't think the Creator would let me have months to decide." "The point is it's your life and this legacy is about you. Do what you feel you have to and if the Creator starts getting pushing, tell her to shove it!" "Wow, Lea you're good at this advice giving thing." "You think?" "Yep, I'm feeling much better." "Same here. "
  57. 57. Next Morning Hiragi Hills City Courthouse.... "Ya'll get up! Pay some respect, the honorable Judge Big Mama is residing over this here court."
  58. 58. "What kind of introduction is that, boy? Ya'll get up? I did not spend good money on your education so you can make of fool of yourself with such bad grammar."
  59. 59. "Mama please, not in front of the jury." "Don't you, not in front of the jury, me young man! We are going over the basic fundamentals of the English language when we get home. Is that understood?" "Yes, Mama." "That's Honorable Judge Big Mama to you!" "Yes, Honorable Judge Big Mama."
  60. 60. "Ms. Bar, you officially stated that you were receiving "crank" calls from Mr. Cowpetti. Can you tell me about these calls?" "Yes, they started off innocent enough, just your normal crack calls. When I picked up he would hang up. At first I thought it was a bored kid. But, then the calls got more frequent. I had to power off my cell phone and unplug my home phone and I am a Popularity Sim. So, that wasn't an easy decision for me."
  61. 61. "But, one night you said enough was enough and you confronted Mr. Cowpetti over the phone." "Yes, I was tired of all the late night calling. It had already interfered with my sleep. So, one night he called and I told him to stop. Then he started to Moo at me."
  62. 62. Jury: No! He couldn't have!...How horrible!...Poor young lady. "Your witness."
  63. 63. "Ms. Bar, do you like Greek food?" "Urr, yes I do." "So, you could say you are a fan of feta?" "Yes, I like feta very much."
  64. 64. "I don't have anything against them." "But, you just stated you like feta the Goat Cheese. Is Cow cheese not good enough for you? Do you think you are better than a cow, Ms. Bar?" "I didn't say that at all. I--" "Ms. Bar I must say your prejudice offends me. No more questions." "What?"
  65. 65. "If I could distract everyone’s attention to the shinny objects on the table for a moment. Tell me Mr. Higarashi, if that really is your name. What is the object on the table?"
  66. 66. "I don't know, some kind of science thing. What does it have to do with this case?"
  67. 67. "Do you see! He doesn't even know what it is and so he makes something up, science thing indeed! Biotite Higarashi makes things up, which is just as bad as lying."
  68. 68. "Eee, he's got a point. Did you get that Ethel?"
  69. 69. "To the left left! Stupid thing I AM pushing the spacebar!"
  70. 70. "Your Honor, this evidence has nothing to do with the case. Nothing from the prosecutors has made any sense at all. These Cows are making a mockery of this case."
  71. 71. "Control your temper, Mr. Madlocker. The case and questions presented by the prosecutors have not violated the court conduct and therefore are valid. Keep further criticism to yourself. I call recess and I want everyone to come back into this courtroom with positive attitudes."
  72. 72. "I've had enough of this joke of a trial! I Quit!" "Quit? But, you're my Lawyer you can't quit now! You said you could turn this case in my favor. You said with the lack of evidence we couldn't loose. You can't leave!" "Ha! Watch me!"
  73. 73. "Creator." Noooo, don't leave! I can't have my spare in jail! Just look at him, he'll be eating alive on the first day. Please come back! He's too cute to worry about soap and stuff! Please! "Creator." Oh Bio, I am so sorry! Don't worry I'll visit you everyday. It won't be that bad and it's not like they can keep you in jail forever. "Creator!" Yes? "Sigh Never mind. Just go away."
  75. 75. "AAAaa!" Circe I need you to help me find another lawyer!
  76. 76. "What is your problem! Can't a Simself power her nose in peace!” Bio's lawyer quit.
  77. 77. "That suppose to mean something to me?" Please, Circe I need a lawyer quick or Bio's going to be a jail bird! *cry* "You seem to be missing my point. Why should I care?" Ok, I'll forget you attacked Liam. The deal is back on. "And?" AND! What else could you want? I can't let you kill the guy. "Like I even care about that sniveling worm." Then what? "Let's just say you owe me a favor on top of our deal."
  78. 78. Ok Ok, Just help me! "I'm glad you see it my way. I'll find a lawyer for you. No need to worry at all."
  79. 79. "I am Shadey Mountain and I am determined to defend Bio Higarashi's honor with all of my ability! Even if it means spending months of sleepless nights researching all the evidence, combing the crime scene with one of those extra small afro picks, walking through fire, standing in line at a J K Rowlings book signing, eating muffins without jam, -- "
  80. 80. "Ok, I get it. Ms. Mountain, will you please sit down already."
  81. 81. "If you would allow me to call the victim of this horrific crime, Mr. Alon Cowpetti to the stand."
  82. 82. "Mr. Cowpetti" "Maybe I should have darken the marks more." "Mr. Cowpetti! Please tell the court of that terrible night."
  83. 83. "It was the most turmatic thing I have ever gone through. Even more then the Llama and Cheereleader ganging up on me. I was in my apartment. I had been writting my pen pal letters all day, a cute little orphan girl from Simgara a poor 3rd world country far across the ocean. I remember I felt bad that night. I had delayed writting the letter. I just didn't have the time with classes and all my charity work. Then there was a knock at the door. I thought it was animal control to give me another poor homeless puppy to foster. But, then, then, I can't go on. It's too painful." "You poor boy, you don't have to say anymore. We all know you were brutally beaten by Mr. Higarashi and that the scares you hold will forever remind you of that horrific event. It's alright to cry."
  84. 84. Poor Mr. Cow, I hate seeing you in such pain. Why did this have to happen?
  85. 85. "Mr. Cowpatty" "Cowpetti." "That's what I said, Cowpatty. Anyway, You stated you were home all day writing letters. However, we have testimony from students that you spent most of that day at the Mu Nu Omega, sorority house." "I, umm, did spend a few minute there." "A few minutes doesn't add to most of the day Mr. Cowpatty. It was also stated by witnesses, you left after an argument with Bio's sisters."
  86. 86. "I don't know what you mean. I didn't have an arguement with them." "Really? The witnesses say you did and that the argument upset your best friend, Beryl Higarashi."
  87. 87. "She is NOT my best friend! It's all her fault I'm here in the first place. Taking her sister's side over mine and then attacking me in the middle of the night! She's crazy!"
  88. 88. "What are you saying!"
  89. 89. "Sweet Beryl, beat you to a pulp? What are you trying to pull? She is not capable of doing anything like that."
  90. 90. "Don't let that innocent act fool you! She's evil! She broke into my home and came at me with a bat and said she would make me pay for tossing her aside." She did it! Keep that crazy witch away from me!"
  91. 91. "Order in the court! I demand order! Councilors, in my office now!"
  92. 92. "How can you say that? We have been friends for so long!"
  93. 93. "What the heck was that about? Your client officially stated that Biotite Higarashi was the one who attacked him in his home and now he's saying it's Beryl Higarashi, his best friend? What else is your client going to change his mind on?"
  94. 94. "Your Honor, my client has been through a traumatic situation. He's spend weeks in the hospital. It could be his memory isn't working properly."
  95. 95. "So, you are saying he could be wrong on who attacked him and on the events of that day entirely?" "He could be a bit fuzzy is all. I'm sure I can get the truth from him and we can rewrite his statement."
  96. 96. "Rewrite! If you rewrite it, then I will have to call this a mistrial based on false testimony." "Then, we'll strike Mr. Cowpetti's statements from the record because of stress from the injuries he has received" "Where did you study law? If a doctor deems him unable to give testimony, then I will have to call mistrial anyway or did you forget your whole defense is based on his testimony? Sigh I've made my decision."
  97. 97. "Mr. Cow, why did you say that? I don't understand? I could never hurt you. Yet, you said--" "Get away from me! She's crazy!"
  98. 98. "You need to back up, Missy. I will not let you damage my client anymore."
  99. 99. "Take her outside, Love." "Come on princess." "I...don't...understand!" "You listen to me, you knob head, It's not that girls fault your client went off his bleeding rocker. You want to blame someone for this mistrial, point that huff at that wanker client of yours."
  100. 100. Back at the Legacy House.... "Thank you so much Roderick, for defending my daughter. She is a gentle child, always has been. I can't imagine what she is going through. To have your best friend turn on you and say such lies, it unthinkable. I just hope she isn't put on trial next."
  101. 101. "No thanks needed, Madam. How is she, by the by?" "I put her to sleep in my room. She needs a good rest. I do not think you have to worry about another trial, Mama. We heard the judge strongly suggest to that Cow, he plead insanity or get charged for false testimony as we were leaving."
  102. 102. "What I don't get is why blame Beryl? It's obvious he wanted to get back at me. Why blow his chances and target Beryl?" "Maybe he really isn't right in the head."
  103. 103. "What I want to know is who really beat the milk out of him?" "Could have been anyone, love. Cows are not known for making friends." "Well, I guess it doesn't matter anymore anyway. I just hope Beryl can get through this quickly. I don't like seeing her cry over that Cow. He's not worth her time."
  104. 104. "If she's up for it, why don't we take her shopping tomorrow or maybe to that cafe' she likes."
  105. 105. "That's not a bad idea, Honey. I'm surprised you're not concerned your Rival taking advantage of our situation." "He won't strike this soon after failing with his cow plan and even if he did I'll be with her. She'll be fine." "Of course, sweet heart."
  106. 106. Circe HQ... There you are. How can I document your existing life if you keep hiding? "Maybe I don't want to be found?" I know you think you're boring, but really you're not. You just need an opportunity is all. I know, let's go on vacation! You will love Twikki Island or maybe you're more a woodsy simself. We could get you a make-over and paint the forest red!
  107. 107. "Will you stop already! I don't want to go on vacation. I don't want a make-over. I don't want to paint anything! All I want to do is sit a read a blasted book and maybe have some spaghetti for lunch while I watch a freckin' baseball game on TV with friends. Can't you leave me to do my own thing?" Ok
  108. 108. "You will? But, I thought you were hell bent on proving my creator wrong?" I did. Now, that we got that out of the way, I need to check on my legacy family. Lots of drama happening all the sudden. It's hard to keep track of. Bye now! " *blink blink* "
  109. 109. TNLT meeting.... "That concludes today's agenda. Next month's meetings are canceled do to the up coming holidays. You have all done a great job and deserve a little R & R. Bundle up it's getting colder out there and be safe."
  110. 110. "How did you like the meeting, Mr. Higarashi? I wasn't too wordy, was I?"
  111. 111. "Tell me about this Job." "That's what I like to see, right to the point. You and I sir, have a lot to talk about." That's the chapter! I want to thank all the simselves and their Creators for letting me abuse them. :P A quick thanks to all the Creators of the CC's I used in this chapter. Thanks to for hosting my stories and for giving me a place to discuss my interest in the Sims 2 and to all the support from all of you readers out there. ====>>>> Clicky!
  112. 112. Beryl.....Beryl.....He deserved it. He shouldn't have hurt you. Listen to me Beryl. It makes me sad....I don't like being ignored....I hate being ignored....DON"T IGNORE ME!
  113. 113. "Who is there?" "............."