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Social Media Management using Socialytics

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Socialytics is HCL’s social media enabling platform, which helps organizations leverage and optimize their social media presence. Socialytics helps organization across their entire life cycle of social journey starting from the time they are trying to establish their presence on social media to monitoring and response for their social communities and finally to help them monetize their social presence.

The key modules of Socialytics are Social Media Monitoring and CRM, BI Reports and Social Campaigns. Some of the key differentiators of Socialytics are its ability to translate the social buzz in domain/customer specific taxonomy and the ability to generate detailed follower profiles.

Connect with us for detailed demo of Socialytics and discover why it should be your preferred choice for social media management.

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Social Media Management using Socialytics

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Social Media Monitoring Customer Profiling Social Campaigns BI AnalyticsCustomer Care Social Media Optimization Socialytics : Power Your Social Journey
  3. 3. Socialytics Modules and Features Profiling and Personalized Targeting 1. Identification of Top Influencers and their sentiments. Also category wise Influencers. 2. Detailed Follower Profiling. Based on their affinity and posts/comments 3. Personalized targeting of Content, Products, Promotions, Sweepstakes BI Reports 1. Traffic and Sentiments Trends 2. Customer Feedback Reports (Using Semantic Analysis and Customer Specific Taxonomy) 3. Social Media Optimization Reports (Insights which help you grow) 4. Advanced Filters for detailed tracking Social Media Monitoring and CRM 1. Monitor multiple channels across Social Media Networks. 2. Sentiment Analysis 3. Outbound communication capability 4. Work Flow and Email Integration 5. Operations Management and Reporting Capability Social Media Marketing 1. Develop and Execute Social Media Marketing Strategy 2. SEO and Social Media optimization 3. Improve your Fan Following on FB, Twitter, YouTube and other social channels.
  4. 4. 1. Social Media Monitoring and CRM Social Media Monitoring • Monitor multiple channels across social networks. • Monitor individual posts/ dashboard with drill down capability. Advanced Search • Advanced search to monitor using Name, Keywords, Date Ranges, Sentiments etc Sentiment Analysis • Sentiment and Semantic Analysis of content Outbound Communication • Outbound communication capability. Upload new content, Reply to individual posts, Delete Spam Posts across multiple social networks and accounts. Work Flow and Email • Work Flow and Email Integration. Assign posts to team members, forward posts to business owners via emails. Operations Management • Operation Management and Reporting. Track response status. Generate Response Status Reports, Turnaround Time Reports and Productivity Reports.
  5. 5. 2. BI Reports Customer Feedback Reports 1. Traffic and Sentiment Reports 2. Semantic Analysis Reports 3. Reports based on Customer Aligned Taxonomy (using Machine Learning) Optimization Reports (Insights which help you grow) 1. Engagement Effectiveness Reports (along with competition) 2. In Depth Engagement Analysis Reports Advanced Filters 1. Advanced Filters to generate Message / Keyword / Customer / Date Range Specific Reports
  6. 6. 3. Profiling and Personalized Targeting Top Influencers 1. Identification of top influencers 2. Identification of positive and negative influencers 3. Identification of Category wise Influencers Detailed Follower Profile 1. Detailed Follower Profile based on his affinity and his posts. Individual Targeting 1. Identify follower segments and send personalized communications
  7. 7. 7 Build Engage Monetize Social Media Journey and Socialytics Features Social Media Optimization Monitor, Respond and Analyze Profiling and Individual Targeting Social Engagement Index Competition Analysis Social Media Monitoring Sentiment Analysis Semantic Analysis Domain taxonomy based classification Analytics Dashboard Top Influencers Influencer Sentiment Influencer Category Individual Targeting Workflow Operational Dashboard Outbound Communicat ion Work Status Indicator Social CRM Influencer Affinity Profiling
  8. 8. No1 Choice For Social Media Management Customer Profiling Very Detailed Customer Profiling Feedback Classification Customer Aligned Taxonomy for Feedback Classification Operations Management Work Flow, Email Integration, Response Status, Turnaround and Productivity Report Semantic Analysis Sentiments, Keywords, People and Places using Semantic Analysis Common Dashboard Common Dashboard for all your accounts / competition Differentiators