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7 Steps To a Successful IoT for Healthcare Strategy

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Why is adoption of IoT lagging in the healthcare industry?

There are known barriers to the expansion of IoT in healthcare. The vast amount of data, security policies and physician adoption are just a few challenges preventing the healthcare industry from implementing a successful IoT strategy.

This talk will address the following points and provide healthcare leaders with a solid understanding of what it will take to implement and execute a successful IoT strategy in their environment.

IoT is clearly impacting many parts of our lives, in the home (Wearables and the Smart Home) as well as many industry verticals (Manufacturing, Healthcare, Public Sector, Oil & Gas). Yet the question that continues to evolve is that while we need and desire many of the conveniences or downright cost savings that IoT devices make possible – How is security being addressed for this entire category of devices?

* What does a successful IoT strategy look like?
* How does IoT mean in the healthcare industry?
* How do we build a roadmap to implementing IoT solutions?
* How can we execute the roadmap in a fast pace, competitive environment?

This session is for leadership team members.

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7 Steps To a Successful IoT for Healthcare Strategy

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