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7 Ways Your Business Can Thrive In a Down Economy | 2019 PM Symposium | Byond M&A Talks

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An engaging discussion to identify how you can grow their business despite less than optimal economic conditions.

With many economists forecasting an economic downturn over the next 12-24 months. CEOs are considering how to best position their companies for harsher economic conditions.

Declines in consumer confidence and decreased sales threaten all businesses, but small and mid-market businesses are particularly vulnerable as they often don't have the reserves to help them weather difficult times.

As the longest economic recovery in history winds down, CEOs are wondering how to best move ahead. Some CEOs have never had to deal with adverse market conditions. Others may have accepted lesser business results and simply been happy to have survived bad times.

We discuss how business leaders can grow their business despite less than optimal economic conditions.

About Hector Del Castillo
Hector is a product executive with over 20 years of experience working for digital companies with world-class offerings. He sparks creativity and innovation within teams to substantially transform and grow companies and achieve smarter product outcomes resulting in over 26% increase in profitability.

He loves to work with people who want to make a massive positive impact in the world. He helps executives, senior managers and entrepreneurs grow high performing teams to conceive and build great products and companies that change the world.

Hector is an internationally recognized product innovation expert who guides, coaches, trains and inspires business leaders to transform and grow their companies to outperform the competition. He has delivered over 250 inspiring lectures in U.S. and over 11 countries.

About Byond
A business strategy consulting firm who believes in making a massive positive impact within any organization. We help business executives and owners to grow their companies fast to outperform competitors. We also help investors choose the right companies to add to their portfolio to maximize their rate of return.

If you are looking to prepare your company to thrive, set up an appointment with us to identify your specific business situation and discuss how we can help you.

Contact: Follow: @byondma Visit:

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7 Ways Your Business Can Thrive In a Down Economy | 2019 PM Symposium | Byond M&A Talks

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