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MobiU2011 Lecture: STRAT225 Creating Mobile Conversations - BCBS

BCBS is using mobile to more deeply engage their customers on very personal concerns on health. Listen to Patrick describe how they’re using these personal mobile devices to create very personal conversations. This deeper level of engagement will help all brands understand the potential mobile has to connect to your consumers on an individual level.

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MobiU2011 Lecture: STRAT225 Creating Mobile Conversations - BCBS

  1. 1. Innovationfor a New RealityPatrick FeeneySenior Manager, Electronic Commerce@pdf1974, @bcbsilEvent hashtag #MobiU2011
  2. 2. Innovation in Health CareKey Themes Emerging Now, Soon … and Beyond #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 2
  3. 3. The Need for Innovation Health Care Increasing Customer Reform Expectations Rising Costs and Shift to Consumer Focused Aging Populations Business Models #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 3
  4. 4. Four Key Themes The Personalized The Rise of Health Care Prevention Experience The The “Unwiring” Consumerism of Health Care of Health Care #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 4
  5. 5. Health Information Anytime, Anywhere Health care is no longer confined to the hospital or doctor‟s office. At an increasing rate, health professionals and those they serve are seeking and receiving health information anytime, anywhere. Now Soon …and Beyond Simple remote Cross-stakeholder Advanced genome patient monitoring health information mapping exchange Integrated wellness Smart-chip Tele-Doctor / programs Tele-Medicine sensor networks Accountable care 2D Code Health Advanced organizations Care Applications Bioinformatics Online personal Digital health Health care retail health records coaching exchanges #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 5
  6. 6. Innovation at HCSCHow we are pushing the boundaries #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 6
  7. 7. Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) Life, Disability and Annuities Dental13 Million+ Members || 16,000+ Employees || $15B+ 2010 Revenue Other Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 7
  8. 8. A Fundamental Shift “business as usual”… “new reality” Existing members Potential new members 13M Different characteristics Traditional products New products B2B focus Direct B2C market Prevention/wellnes s Traditional channels New channels Tsunami of Regulation #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 8
  9. 9. Case Study:Blue Access Mobile Program #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 9
  10. 10. Significant Opportunity The competitive … required the timely landscape creation of a robust facing HCSC… mobile program Business Context Our Solution• Rising costs for care/disease • Develop mobile solutions to management and member create a simpler, more servicing affordable, and more• Shifting member expectations to accessible experience engage differently with their • Develop a targeted multi-waved health plan approach focusing first on• Increasing competitor interest in members mobile • Build industry-leading capabilities• Rising ubiquity of mobile usage to become more in line with user across member base expectations #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 10
  11. 11. Significant OpportunityBlue Access Mobile aligns with HCSC’s …and enables HCSC to deliver a targeted corporate strategy… and personalized mobile experienceSimpler Mobile provides members with convenient access to information and transactions Members interact with mobile devices all day, every day 2013More Affordable Mobile can help bend the cost curve by: 2012 Reducing member servicing cost 2011 (calls to call center, member mailings) Improving outreach and compliance with disease management programs …allowing for lower premiumsMore Accessible Approximately 90% of HCSC members Measurable Benefits have a mobile phone Decreasing Administrative and Medical Costs Mobile phones allow for real time interaction Generating revenue growth opportunities with members at the point of decision Improving quality of care and member satisfaction #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 11
  12. 12. “Mobile” is a combination of technologies Mobile phone sits at the intersection Devices still evolving Communication Communication Medium Medium • Mobile is no longer simply voice, it is voice and text In the first half of 2010, it was estimated that Tablet? 72% of adults use their cell phones as a means to send or receive text messages • The trend is moving towards even less voice communication Teens spend about a half hour a day talking on a cell phone, but 1½ hours a day sending or receiving texts. 3 Application Platform • Google, Apple, Palm and Blackberry provide a platform for mobile application development “People aren’t making their decisions about phones based on what apps to buy. But it is becoming something of a consideration.”2 Tracking Device • The mobile devices is becoming both contextually and personally aware of youApplication Tracking In February 2009, Google launched Platform Device Latitude enabling people to track friends, family, employees with, or without, GPS #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 12
  13. 13. Targeted Audience1 2 3 Focus on the Identify Target Provide targeted Member first Member Segments segments with personalized opportunities • HCSC‟s member population • HCSC‟s member population • mOpportunities were is inherently mobile, making was segmented across three identified based on the them the first population to different levers: targeted segments‟ wants target for a mobile strategy • Member servicing costs and needs • Care management • Members account for the • Market segments • HCSC will ultimately provide majority of both HCSC‟s cost a personalized mobile and revenue • Member segments with largest experience that decreases mHealth ROI are targeted cost and increases revenue, quality of care and member satisfaction #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 13
  14. 14. Evolution of Mobile #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 14
  15. 15. Targeted Audience Cost Revenue Quality Satisfaction Member Servicing Costs (claims and EOB inquiries, etc.)    Use of Mobile Health Status (Power, Casual, Non) (asthma, COPD, diabetes, etc.)    Sales Segment (individual, large group, etc.)   Segmenting Members Prioritizing & Targeting SegmentsHCSC‟s membership will be segmented through two different • Member segments will be prioritizedlenses: and targeted based on a number of • Members will first be segmented by their mobile various factors usage from power users to non users • Once segments are prioritized, those • Members will then be further segmented by HCSC with the largest potential mobile ROI business unit view of member (disease state, market will be targeted segment, admin cost) #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil
  16. 16. Targeted Audience Primary Targets Secondary Targets Non-Target The Mobile The Whiz The Late The The Lost Managed Bangs Bloomers Hesitants Causes 11% 21% 24% 20% 24% “All of my“It would be nice “They can tell me information is all “Health insurance “I only have thisif you could send where the nearest over the place. I fraud is difficult one phone and us a text saying Starbucks is, they would love to have to reset and I I‟m not looking to the last time you should be able to it in one place and would want to upgrade… I still got this test was tell me where the just show the know that its want my carrier Aug. 2006; you nearest hospital doctor „here look secure” sending me mail”should schedule a is” at this app‟” -26-35 year old , -- 55+ year old, new one now” - 26-35 year old , 46-55 year old IL OK– 31 year old , OK IL diabetic , NM #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 16
  17. 17. Mobile Approach Mobile Web Mobile Mobile Messaging Applications 17
  18. 18. Multi Wave Approach Mobile Product Strategy User Experience All users experience standard, basicWave 1 Foundational •Basic mobile capabilities and low data capabilities mobile capabilities focused on mWeb •Offers a „one size fits all‟ opportunity to members and targets and 1-way SMS as fundamental all members technology is built out Intermediate Capabilities including dynamicWave 2 •Intelligent communications delivered via basic mobile communication are added, enabling capabilities more effective exchanges between •Mostly „one size fits all‟ opportunities with specific upgrades to member and payer accommodate for data integration Advanced User preferences are leveraged andWave 3 •Leveraging sophisticated mobile technologies to provide a incorporated into the communication seamless member experience complete with channel experience to ensure a streamlined optimization experience for member and payer Technologies supporting multipleWave 4 Integrated channels and communication platforms •Building out the infrastructure to enable all necessary systems are integrated to consolidate to interface with mobile applications communications The user has a holistic healthcare CustomizedWave 5 •Provide a personalized mobile health experience tailored to a experience with all tools, channels, user based on their health data preferences, and health data integrated and personalized for a user experience #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 18
  19. 19. HCSC Blue Access® Mobile HCSC’s Multi-phased …is expected to produce a Blue Access Mobile significantly positive ROI Strategy… beginning with the first “wave” Wave 1 ROI (2010 -> 2016) Cost Implementation: $4.3m Maintenance: $8.3m Benefit Admin cost: $25.0m (savings) Medical cost: $26.6m Net $39m• Earlier “waves” focus on building foundational • Benefits from administrative costs will be seen capability and addressing “low hanging fruit” first, followed by medical cost savings• Later “waves” include more advanced • By leveraging the investment from Wave 1, capabilities designed to provide customers subsequent waves are able to generate with a comprehensive mobile experience similar or greater ROI #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 19
  20. 20. Blue Access Mobile: Public Site Mobile Public Site Sample Features Mobile Quote Provider Finder #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 20
  21. 21. Blue Access Mobile: Member Site Mobile Member Site Sample Features Coverage Claims Status ID Card Information Maternity Care Diabetes Information Articles #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 21 21
  22. 22. Blue Access Mobile: One-Way & Two-Way SMS Text Sample Features Diabetes Care Claims Status ID Card Management Tips BCBSIL Text: Eating protein with every IDCARD meal or snack helps slow the rise and fall of blood ID #: ##, Medical Group #: ##, Coverage Effective sugar and reduce hunger Date:MM/DD/YYYY cravings. A claim has been paid. Please log onto the Blue Access website for details. #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 22
  23. 23. Advanced Mobile ProgramsSample Features Blue Cross Blue Shield WellDoc Diabetes Care Provider Finder Management Pilot Program #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil 23
  24. 24. Blue Access Mobile UtilizationMobile Web - National Statistics • Illinois Provider Finder Mobile App• Mobile Public site visitors downloads (YTD) • 300%+ increase in public • Android: 5,747 downloads mobile website hits from April • iPhone: 11,665 downloads 2010 to 2011• Blue Access for Members (BAM) Mobile website stats (YTD) • 20,895 BAM logins via mobile • 8,186 BAM mobile claims page views• Shop for Insurance - Individual Retail Quotes (YTD) • 5,601 quotes generated #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil
  25. 25. Questionsand Answers #MobiU2011 - @pdf1974 - @bcbsil