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My advent calendar for social scientists

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My advent calendar for social scientists

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My advent calendar for social scientists

  1. 1. My advent calendar for social scientists. PWC have their own Christmas price index based on the 12 days of christmas. but here is my own version. ns. Wood engraving, 1874 – Wellcome Collection – CC BY – first day: Partridges RSPB has data on number of Grey partridges in the UK. They are considered a species at risk. Find out more about the red list and all the endangered species in the Uk. For a different viewpoint. The Savills Shoot Benchmarking survey produced in conjunction with the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust £35.81 was the average price charged per partridge shot. The website also provides details on the number shot, wild and introduced birds. On a more happier note British Library Sounds provides free access to a recording of the bird song. Second Day: Turtle Dove
  2. 2. The ornithology of Francis Willughby The Biodiversity Heritage Libraryhas a fabulous collection of historic ornithology books. This book by Francis Willoughby from 1678 has writings on turtle doves in Warwick. Shockingly the dove is now on the ICUN Red list of endangered species. Find out where to see one in the Uk and listen to its call on the RSPB guide. and conservation efforts from Operation Turtle Dove Third day French Hens Too many birds in this list so I have decided to focus on eggs.The Uk egg industry data estimates that currently an average of 199 eggs per person per year are consumed. Within the EU – the Netherlands is the largest exporter of eggs. The full Eurostat data enables you to look at import and export and values. UNCTAD trade stats data has detailed tables worldwide for birds eggs where you can get longer term information by country and configure your own tables.
  3. 3. Fourth day: calling birds Actually this is a bit controversial as it may be ‘colly birds’ the Library of Congress has a great discussion on its blog The Pet Food Manufacturers Association publishes an annual survey of the Uk pet population. Find out how popular bird keeping is in comparison with dogs and cats . There are also regional breakdowns for indoor birds. They are much more popular in the North east than London! The American Veterinary Association has corresponding figures for the USAFor systematic reviews on the health and well being benefits of keeping pets try searching PubMed . Recent examples include this 2017 article on the positive impact on children and teenagers. Fifth Day: Gold Rings Here are some sources for investigating gold prices The Bank of England has up to date data LBMA has vault holding , prices and other data from the Uk industry Measuring Worth has long term data on the price of gold from 1257 onwards FRED has some historic data from US federal reserve and London Sixth Day: Geese and we are focusing on recipes! The Wellcome Library has a great collection of digitised historic recipe booksJane Newton from 1675 click view this page to see the original writing. to roast green goose or ducklings! Sir Thomad Osborne from the 17th Century has A booke of preserves cookerie and phisicall medicines. It also has advice on green geese! For more recent recipes. The Trove digital library from Australia has an online archive of Australian Woman’s Weekly. See these menus for poultry from 1936 as it is Australia there are some picnic ideas! Seventh Day: Swans so we are focusing on ballet and Swan Lake.
  4. 4. Swan Lake State Library of Queensland 1953 Performing Arts in America 1875 -1923, from the New York Public Library has some great images and online archives relating to all forms of dance. They include photos of Anna Pavlova as the Dying Swan as well as other costumes from Swan Lake productions The Royal Opera House Collections online have costumes from Margot Fonteyn as well as other costumes from Swan Lake productions Ballet Rambert online archive has programmes of productions. The earliest one is 1949. Eighth Day: Maids a Milking so we are focusing on agriculture THe Museum of Rural Life has a wonderful online collections database where you can see images of historic milking equipment It also has books and journals To search for references to academic articles on all aspects of agriculture try the free AgEcon Search open access repository of journal articles, conference and working papers in agricultural and applied economics which is maintained by University of Minnesota. AGRICOLA. A database maintained by the National Agricultural Library USA Ninth Day: Ladies Dancing
  5. 5. The Full English site from the English Folk Dance and Song Society has song sheets and manuscripts. See this example of 24 ladies dancing If you prefer old films Pathe has a selection of dancing ladies BFI player also has a free film of school country dancing from 1952. Tenth Day: Lords Find out about members of the House of Lords on the Uk Parliament website It also has information on what they do The College of Arms has the Roll of the Peerage which lists hereditary peerages. Use the Debrett’s website to find out how to address and speak to members of the Royal Family! Eleventh Day: Pipers So here are some bagpipes! Explore the fab digital library collections from the National Library of Scotland They have a special collection of printed music with great illustrations!Or view their moving image film of making bagpipes The Map collection even has this satire from the 1880s Twelfth Day finally! Drummers. Listen to some historic recordings the Library of Congress Jukebox has some good records. British Library Sounds has some traditional drumming in its World Music Collection Finally from the LSE Library Flickr a suffragette band campaigning to keep open a skating rink! Find out more about suffrage and music in this book. by Sylvia Pankhurst. search for bands.
  6. 6. (WSPU) Fife and Drum band marching, 1909. LSE LIbrary.