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The Customer Love Spiral

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The Customer Love Spiral maps the audience relationship and aligns teams around measurable, connected goals for a lifetime of customer value.

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The Customer Love Spiral

  1. 1. 1!©! The Customer ! Love Spiral! understanding! By @HeatherMeza
  2. 2. 22!©! ?WTF 
 is a 
 Love Spiral! Today’s economy is all about connections, relationships, and 
 the people who share them. ! Like the dating process, each step of the journey requires just the right touch -- in the right way -- at the right time -- to build a relationship and fall in love.! The Customer Love Spiral is a 
 way to map the path of that relationship and align teams to measurable, connected goals for 
 a lifetime of customer value.!
  3. 3. 33!©! Align to a Lifetime of Customer Value! There are a zillion things to measure. Remember to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly).! Use simple metrics to connect audience experiences and align teams via shared accountability 
 at pivotal milestones along the life of the relationship.! !
  4. 4. 44!©! You + your audience Sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! ♪ ♫ First comes Love Then comes Marriage ** Then comes baby in a baby Carriage!
  5. 5. 55!©! ACQUISITION impressions > clicks > views >! GOAL: Subscriptions! CONVERSION downloads > try >! GOAL: Buy! LOYALTY use > recommend >! GOAL: Lifetime Customer Value! U S E F U L ! V A L U A B L E ! R E L E V A N T ! D E P E N D A B L E ! abandonment! attrition! churn! ** To enjoy a life-long relationship with your audience, your organization needs to be uber-connected inside and out.! Integrated campaigns are not enough. Your culture, processes, and tools must evolve to align and connect your internal silos before you can connect with your audience.! That means shifting from campaigns to an always-on approach that spans the entire customer lifecycle.! The DNA of an 
 Always-on Approach!
  6. 6. 66!©! Get Found! Be Relevant! Make a Connection! ² Be where your audience is. You can’t get a date if you don’t put yourself out there.! ² Know what you’re looking for. Target relentlessly.! ² Be real. Open your heart, listen, and share.! ² Ditch the bait and switch tactics. You aren't looking for a booty call. Be patient. ! ² Understand your audiences needs so you can be contextually relevant.! ² Attract your audience’s attention in ways that resonate.! Acquisition = Fall in Love!
  7. 7. 77!©! Get Engaged! Be Trustworthy! Make a Commitment! ² Only fools rush in. Don’t pressure your audience to give before they are ready.! ² Think beyond “sealing the deal” A lifetime of love takes more than a transaction.! ² Most marriages fail. It takes constant effort to grow together instead of apart. 
 Make a commitment to stay connected. Strive to understand and support your audience.! ² Not all fiances become spouses. Be consistent, loyal, and attentive to earn trust.! ² Be honest. Say what you mean and do what you say. ! Conversion = Get Married!
  8. 8. 88!©! Get Experience! Be Valuable! Make It Together! ² Keep doing what works, but don’t be afraid to try new ways to enrich experiences and deepen connections.! ² Experimentation is the spice of life after all ;-)! ² Grow and strengthen the relationship by continuously partnering to make amazing things together.! ² Don’t forget to leverage your community. It takes a village!! ² Good marriages are based on shared values and an equitable exchange between people to make it last.! ² Be of value, and the revenue will follow.! Loyalty = Build A Family!**
  9. 9. 99!©! Love 
 your audience!! (c) | All images, references, etc are copyright, trademarked, and owned by their respective authors/sources! Please follow me:! @HeatherMeza!