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Soccer Mom and Bully Ch 02

I stared at them hard, I can not help it, I slide into the computer and wait until the monitor turns...

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Soccer Mom and Bully Ch 02

  1. 1. Soccer Mom and Bully Ch 02 I stared at them hard, I can not help it, I slide into the computer and wait until the monitor turns on. Is there something on my desktop, the folder I have never seen before, it's called "Mom". I opened it and inside are two video files in the first video I have to admit that this is one of my mom Colin, the other is untitled, but I have no idea what it is. This thought fills his head with shame and excitement and filled with the blood of his erection. I play video and immediately recognize the location, it's in my bedroom as though? And then I'm on camera, it would still be recording, it still is! I quickly yanked the cable from the back of the computer. My mother is fully clothed in her room and Colin with his shirt. "I do not like it Colina, it's weird." "It's just a room, except I want to be able to make love to beautiful music." says in his familiar tone pimping, why do not they see through it? Colin is on the computer now, when looking at the web camera and smirks to him before looking back at the screen to find some soft music playing. "I do not know, Colin ..." He turns around and starts dancing playfully to her, my mother giggling when he grabs her hand and starts to slow dance with her in the middle of my room. "It's just clothes, we can always clean sheets." whispers. "... Okay." She replies. Colin starts to undress her as she dances with her, took her top off, he wiggles her hips and then unbuttoning her pants when shakes her breasts in his face. My mother blushed and totally in love with him right now, and now that they are completely naked, slow dance together as teenagers at the prom. I see my mother's pussy and thighs are dripping with syrupy nectar, she's so wet for him right now it's almost hard to believe. They kiss and tongue each other while dancing, Colin starts sucking on his neck, his firm erection glides smoothly between my mother's thighs. Her pussy lips are astride the shaft and lubricating it as it glides around with the movement of their dance, knees buckle slightly and she moans passionately. I look down at my hands, I still have my mother's panties clenched in them, wrap me around my small dick and strokes himself. I'm so sexually frustrated right now, my pussy touched mother's panties and now my penis is too, it's the closest she will ever get to her. I can almost feel the softness of her pussy in panties, but not completely, just enough to make me long for his touch more. As well as running a cigarette smoker under his nose and then throw it away, just makes it taste worse. Colin grabs his mother's arms tightly and pushed her away from him, looking at him sheepishly, his grip is so strong, and she is so fragile and helpless. "Suck me, make it wet for your pussy." he says. Mom gets down on her knees and opens his mouth wide, very wide. It moves forward so careful not to touch his penis with her lips, saliva dripping down from the roof of the mouth glazing your penis like her. Then, when it reaches the handle to close the mouth around the shaft and pulls back sucking hard. "Oh yeah ... more ... suck me sentimental." She listens, repetitive motion, although this time with his head cocked to one side as he slides in and then shake it to the other side on the return stroke. Her tongue coiling around him as he moves forward and then winding back as it moves away. I watched my mother learning and experimenting with new ways to delight his mouth, he adds something new every stroke. Sucking his
  2. 2. balls, massaging them, licking the head and shaft, sucking the knob while stroking the rest, sucking slowly, quickly sucking, sucking hard, soft suction, deep blowjob. Throughout eagerly watched his reaction to see what he likes most and was added to the rapidly growing repertoire. She is drooling and drooling over his penis so it's like your mouth is wet for him her pussy. The fibers connect saliva from her lips and chin with his shaft and head, she sucks his sloppy, but slowly. She pushes it deep into her mouth until I see her throat bulge of his penis enter her and starts swallowing " UH , oh yeah! That it feels so good!" Colin grunts when her throat contracts and curls around the head of his penis, her tongue lapping his ball bag as she was. Colin begins to stick to the mouth and throat, my mother is surprised at first and gags slightly then tries to pull away, but his hand clutching the back of her head and he would not let her. Soon to be released and he opens her throat for him, I hear a loud wet noises when he starts to suck again. Thick slimy saliva from the back of the neck begins to cover his penis when he shoves the neck. Colin soon fill of my mother's mouth and pulls her back her hair. "Get on the bed." Calls down with her butt on the edge of my bed and down to earth and looks at him. They are about a foot apart and looking at each other. There are no words, there may be both understood. My mother slowly begins to spread her legs apart, her pussy is so wet. I see her only source of syrupy slick pre-cum stretching from one leg to the other, until both are fully spread, and it breaks in the middle, fell on both sides and the rest wetly on her silky skin. Her pussy is fully exposed now shining wetly in the light, it's so hot and humid that the light haze of steam can be seen seen rising out of the area. The liquid condenses on the inner thigh near her pussy, as is the sweetest morning dew, she is so hot for him, I can almost feel the heat radiating from her pussy through the computer screen. He moves in the end, never unlock his gaze from her and leans on it, placed between her legs and pushed his member into her just to make her pussy lips bulge slightly to the side. My mother arches her back, closes her eyes and bites her lip in anticipation ... nothing happens. She looks at him, he still looks mostly into her eyes. "Do it." She says, "Give it to me." his view is intimidating. She breaks eye contact and looks down, blushing slightly and then he understands. Looking back into his eyes, in order to say "please give it to me." and starts pushing inside my mother, clearly enjoying her answer and she apparently satisfied with his response. Her breath is so short and panting from the pleasure that almost sounds as if hyperventilation. When pressed deep into it I noticed something, abdomen, it is on the rise, slightly swollen. It's his penis is so big, I see it as it pushes its way my mother and her womb. I'm not the only one who notices. "Look." tells how he puts his finger on his chin and draws the eyes towards the stomach. He starts to pull slowly and bulge subsides. "Oooooh . " my mother cries when her eyes wide watching. Her pussy lips twitch and flutter when he pulled away. "Oh my God, you're so great, I see you in me, that's ... that's ... so hot . ' He starts to push back into her pussy lips and spray spit on his penis, as it does, and her other lips launched another groan. Her eyes are still fixed on the cock in her pussy as her belly expands, I look at it. "Give me your hand." he says, absently listening to my mother, put his hand on her belly and I can see her beautiful fingers grow slightly expensive as it pushes in and falling down when he pulls out. "I feel your cock inside me with my hands, it's just so ... Uuuuh . ' disappears. My mother's legs begin to rise up from the floor slowly begins to pick up pace Colins, grazing his thighs as they increase, then his ass. You will begin to move toward meeting its legs over its back, and ankles
  3. 3. locking together, she has now wrapped around him. Colin picks up his pace and fucks her harder "Oh Colin! Colin Oh God yes!" calling his name, "Fuck me! oh my God, you're so fucking good!" His legs tightened around him like an anaconda, she wont let him go. "Yeah, you like that, you bitch." he says. "Oh yes! I love it! I love my penis is so big! Fuck me deeper Colina, fuck me deeper!" Colin will also be placed on her, and her hips rise and tilt in order to completely eradicate the inside of her pussy. "Uh ! I feel something around my head like in my pocket." "This is my uterus! I feel that you are in it too! Cum in her Colin! Cum in my womb! " I'm shocked, I never thought it would go so much that is completely lost in the fog of lust right now. She is a glutton on his cock, her pussy is completely absorbed by it and indulging in obscene and physical pleasures it offers. Her abdomen is curled as her pussy curls and twists around his penis orgasm frenzy. I take her panties and trying to squeeze a piece of milk in them, but my frustration comes not from the bottle it all. I remember Colin squeezed cream on my pillow is still there and there are plenty of them. I scrape as much of it from my pillow as I can, and wipe it on my prepubescent penis size panties then wrap back around and continue shamefully masturbate. Milk feels different than it usually does, that feels better than it ever has before. It's slippery and slimy, sticky and I did not do too vulgar fervor care why. Legs lock-out, rising in the air as her hips higher angle upwards. knees and straighten her legs spread wide apart, his arms drop to his sides and wide her eyes to go to the back of the head. She starts to shake and convulse on the bed in a seemingly endless climax, Colin, pays no mind to still stick to force her vagina. Her grunts become pornographic and she starts to drool and combining it literally fuck my mother stupid. With her legs spread as far apart as possible sticking almost straight up and waving around in the air, eyes to watch her elegant legs and I see him. Shaking and rattling around the ankle as legs twitch and jerk of his thrusts and her orgasms. "MOM" with a little heart, I did it for her in kindergarten, she is still wearing. I begin to break out in tears, the most confusing thing I've ever seen. They sadness as sweet woman I did that for a fulfilled man I hate most in the world, I would never. A joy to see that he still cares for me, she thinks about me every morning she says further, that he still loves me. I wish I had not, it would be easier if you do not, I hate her, but then she and I love her. I love her so much, he's my angel. My sobs are not out of fear that the mom hearing, but are intense and emotional. Colin starts panting loudly when approaching. Stand straight up and grabs her ankles mother, his sticky fingers touching her jewelery and starts thrusting hard and unpacked into her pussy and probably her womb as well. He buries into it as far as you can, and stay there for a while, I see a heavy throb in his belly, his penis is blasting a huge package into it. "Ugh!" my mother screams loudly responding; "I feeeel your jizsh, It'sh sho thick." says bluntly, I can hardly believe these words came from her pure innocent lips. Colin pulls back, then repeats the movement, the next pulse. I count three ... four ... five ... six ... seven ... eight ... nine Jesus, what is there left? He is jizzeming in it so its slightly bulging belly is swollen as her womb fills his seed. He begins to gently pull your penis out of my moms pussy before suddenly and violently thrust inside again ... ten. With that I came hard into my mother's panties cream feels so good, it's so thick and slimy brings me to the euphoric sticky
  4. 4. orgasm. Compute their own weak pulses, one ... two ... and that's it, I can not help but compare him I was and I was quite inadequate in almost every way. He collapses on top of her, oh my mother seems to gain his composure her dignity, however, is lost. Not for me, though I still respect her, even if she does not respect. "Oh Colin ... before I met you I had no idea what an orgasm could feel like." Colin is lifting himself off from her, huffing and puffing. "Yeah ... you do not love it." "Mmhmm ​​ , I like it, too."