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Reflections on the CILIP Chartership process

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Presentation given at the CLIC Cardiff Libraries in Co-operation staff development event (Professional development: mapping out your pathway) on 27 May 2010, held at the ATRiuM, University of Glamorgan.

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Reflections on the CILIP Chartership process

  1. 1. Reflections on theChartership process: apersonal perspectiveHelen Bader, Assistant LibrarianRoyal Welsh College of Music andDrama
  2. 2. Overview How did I get here? My Chartership journey So how was it for me? My top tips Final thoughts
  3. 3. How did I get here? Part 1 BA (Hons) English and EuropeanLiterature FE library assistant – university vacations Postgraduate Certificate in ArtsAdministration Several years in non-library jobs – fromtheatre marketing to website editing
  4. 4. How did I get here? Part 2 2004 – studied full-time for MSc inInformation and Library Management(University of Bristol) Qualified in August 2005 First professional post - Project Managerfor a European-funded public/academiclibrary project (fixed-term contract for twoyears)
  5. 5. My Chartership journey #1 After 10 months in post – officially beganChartership process (August 2006) Intended to complete by end of contract(late 2007 / early 2008) … … but this didn’t happen! Chartering went on hold temporarily whilstI was looking for a new job 
  6. 6. My Chartership journey #2 Took up current post in April 2008 atRoyal Welsh College of Music and Drama 1-year maternity cover Returned to Chartership process Hoped to complete by end of this contract(but then post made permanent inDecember 2008 )
  7. 7. My Chartership journey #3 Two different roles – had to rethink andrevise my portfolio Gradually things started to come together! Burst of energy in spring 2009 resulted insubmission in July Awarded MCLIP November 2009
  8. 8. So how was it for me?Negatives  Lack of time duringworking week to spendon Chartership … … so hard to find energyfor it in my free time Overwhelming quantity ofpaper to sift through “Monkey on my back”Positives  Mentoring relationship Reflective practice Thinking about CPDbecomes part of your job– not just an “add-on” Thinking about notcompleting the processhelped me realise howmuch I wanted to do it!
  9. 9. My top tips1. Support network Mentor CSO Manager / work colleagues Friends and family Other Chartership candidates
  10. 10. My top tips2. Assessment criteriaStudy the Chartership assessment form to seewhat the assessors are looking for Personal performance Service performance Continuing professional development Wider professional knowledge
  11. 11. My top tips3. “Reflective practice” Assessment form – “reflect critically” ; “evaluate”; “analyse” ; “professional judgement” Not just WHAT you did … but WHY you did it What you learned from it (what worked / didn’twork ; what you would do differently) How you will apply this learning / knowledge inthe future
  12. 12. My top tips4. Include examples of reflective practice Critically evaluate everything! Personalperformance, professional development,your service’s performance, application ofnew technologies into your service etc Learning log, CPD journal, blog ... Evidence for your portfolio
  13. 13. My top tips5. Streamline your portfolio Keep it focused – every piece of evidenceneeds to address the assessment criteria Annotate – don’t just include extracts fromdocuments without analysis / commentary If in doubt – probably best to leave it out!
  14. 14. Final thoughts #1 Get into the reflective practice habit – theaudit sheet on the CILIP website is anexample of a ‘learning log’ you could use Try and make time for Chartering – evenhalf an hour a week will get you a longway in a few months (and stop you feelinglike you’ve stalled)
  15. 15. Final thoughts #2Try not to feel daunted or overwhelmed bythe prospect of Chartering …The sense of achievement andprofessional satisfaction you’ll feel isdefinitely worth the effort!
  16. 16. Questions? Advice? Help?Helen Bader, MCLIP ;-)