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Kinds of sentences according to function-LP

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Kinds of sentences according to function-LP

  1. 1. DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN ENGLISH 1 By: Jaydee Ferol GrefaldeoI. Objectives: 1. Identify the four kinds of sentences according to function. 2. Use the four kinds in a complete sentence. 3. Appreciate the kinds of sentence in everyday communication.II. Subject Matter: TOPIC- Kinds of Sentences According to Function. REFERENCE- , Interactive Learning 1. MATERIALS USED- pictures and word chart. VALUE INTEGRATION- Develop reading books and use sentence in an ethical way.III. Procedures: A. MOTIVATION- Teacher Student Good Morning Second Year students!  Good Morning Ma’am, God Bless you!  Let us pray first One of the student will lead How was your Morning class? Did you eat your breakfast? Okay then. Before we start, I have here a picture; can It’s shocking! Eeeiiw. OMG! someone tell me what can you say about this picture? Shocked and disturbed. All right, Any other hand? What emotions did you observe or feel after? YES madam. OKAY class. What sentence can you make out of this picture? All right, now we will be having a activity, is everybody ready?
  2. 2. B. LESSON PROPER- Let us have an activity, I will group you into four. I will give you a picture and you will put yourself in the shoes of the person in the picture. The first group that will finish the activity will have a prize. Okay! Let’s start! Factual, real situation(After five minutes the students will now proceed to Period, Exclamation point, question markthe discussion of every group.) What sentences did you made? What punctuation did you used? Let me have a representative from group one, what punctuation did you used? (then follows) You used Period, question mark, and The subject normally precedes the predicate. A exclamation point. declarative sentence ends with a period. Okay class, these sentences are the An interrogative sentence asks a question. An KINDS OF SENTENCES according to interrogative sentence ends with a question mark. function. The first group made a DECLARATIVE SENTENCE. An imperative sentence gives a command.According to what you made, what is a declarativesentence? The Group two made a INTERROGATIVE SENTENCE An exclamatory sentence shows strong feeling. AnSo what is Interrogative Sentence? exclamatory sentence ends with an exclamation mark. Group Three made a IMPERATIVE SENTENCEWhat makes it a Imperative sentence? And lastly, the Group four made a EXCLAMATORY SENTENCE.What is a exclamatory Sentence?VERY GOOD STUDENTS!
  3. 3. C. GENERALIZATIONWho can now give me an example of an Interrogative Sentence? In Imperative Sentence? In Exclamatorysentence and Declarative Sentence.IV. EVALUATIONWrite D if the sentence is Declarative, IN for Interrogative Sentence, IM for Imperative Sentence and E forExclamatory Sentence. 1. Mang Juan is a farmer. 2. Is Mang Juan a farmer? 3. Oh! There’s a snake at the farm of Mang Juan. 4. Kindly get me dozen of corn at the farm of Mang Juan.V. ASSIGNMENTWrite a composition that includes the kinds of Sentences according to its Function. To God be the Glory!