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Happy 40th Anniversary - Vaincre l'Autisme

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Proposition d'une stratégie de communication et marketing 360 pour l'association Vaincre l'Autisme dans le cadre d'un projet à HETIC.

Équipe : Armand Fardeau / Jules Belamy / Ronan Fourreau / Aude Ficheux

Publicado en: Salud y medicina
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Happy 40th Anniversary - Vaincre l'Autisme

  2. 2. Vaincre l’autisme Justice Created 15 years ago and directed by M’hammed Sajidi. Vaincre l’AutismeVaincre l’Autisme BRAND VALUES Optimism Solidarity Advocacy
  3. 3. Strengths Opportunities ThreatsWeaknesses SWOTSWOTSWOT Political focus on autism > "controversy" vaccine Public interest in causes affecting children Nothing Is Done Everything Remains to Do Too many actors Confusion about the nature of autism > obligation to play on stereotypes Lack of interest on the part of public authorities Trust in health care institutions Difficulty in new prospect acquisition Lack of awareness Few recent media actions Strategy change may have weakened member cohesion Seamless family partnership Membership Militancy Historical actor
  4. 4. Brand DNABrand DNABrand DNA
  5. 5. Fondation de France + SEA, Big actor, Support from the public authorities - « Generalist » actor + Easy to understand, many CTA - Looks like a scam + Feedback from parents - Blog aspect not very credible Autiste France + Early detection and diagnosis - No state support Competitive analysisCompetitive analysisCompetitive analysis
  6. 6. Implement a 360° awareness campaign for the association Vaincre l’autisme. • Maximize their fight for Autism visibility and consideration • Engage as well volunteers and increase donation • Put forward its mission of pedagogy about this pathology • Increase commitment to their actions. BriefBriefBrief
  7. 7. Our campaignOur campaignOur campaign How to sensitize the public opinion and government on the delay of France in the care of the autism despite the public not being fully aware of this particular issue ?
  8. 8. Young people. Internet Activists/ Persons willing to change our society. Sensitive to issues of education for all. More involved in action than giving money graduates and wealthy Persons who has children in his/her entourage or who works with children. Sensitive to education for all and to injustices against children. More involved in giving money than action Mediator of the campaign for children. Sandra school teacher. Joseph Grandpa of a little boy with autism. TargetsTargetsTargets Marie mother of a newly diagnosed little girl. Paul teenager full of dream. Primary Secondary
  9. 9. Happy 40TH Anniversary
  10. 10. We are going to celebrate this 40th anniversary and challenge the French government to get commitments. France has always been a visionary nation, but on the autism topic we're still 40 years behind. 40
  11. 11. The main eventThe main eventThe main event
  12. 12. Sign the birthday card !Sign the birthday card !Sign the birthday card !
  13. 13. Join our event !Join our event !Join our event !
  14. 14. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite
  15. 15. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite
  16. 16. Crowdfunding campaign to finance the gift and the event Finance the eventFinance the eventFinance the event
  17. 17. Lead users through an information and activation channel ChatbotChatbotChatbot
  19. 19. Planning campaign du 21/11 au 21/12Planning campaign du 21/11 au 21/12Planning campaign du 21/11 au 21/12 Du 21/11 au 28/11 • Ads • Hijacking actualité - Organic • Mise en place d'un vote pour la cagnotte ulule • Envoie du premier mail newsletter • Signature de la pétition Du 29/11 au 06/12 • Mise en ligne des différents outils : Ulule,, site, chatbot, newsletter. • SEO / SMO • Préparation du buzz : Growth Hacking • Début de l'organisation de l'événement
  20. 20. Planning campaign du 21/11 au 21/12Planning campaign du 21/11 au 21/12Planning campaign du 21/11 au 21/12 Du 06/12 au 13/12 Du 14/12 au 21/12 • Ads • Hijacking actualité - Organic (FB/ Insta / Twitter) • Communication autour de la cagnotte • Envoie du deuxième mail newsletter • Ads • Communication autour de la carte • Envoie du troisième mail newsletter • Finalisation de l'event
  21. 21. Adrien Taquet Member of Parliament LREM Barbara Pompili Member of Parliament LREM  Gwendal Rouillard Member of Parliament LREM François Ruffin Member of Parliament FI Osons causer Video maker Et tout le monde s'en fout Video maker Bonjour tristesse Video maker Usul Video maker Pierre Emmanuel Barré Humorist Guillaume Meurice Humorist PRPRPR
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  25. 25. 07h15 : 08h15 : 10h30 : 13h30 : 16:00 : 18:00 : 20:00 : Consumer journeyConsumer journeyConsumer journey
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