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Rihanna rated r (poster advert)

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Rihanna rated r (poster advert)

  1. 1. This is Rihanna’s advertisement of her album ‘Rated R’. The first thing our eyes aredrawn to is the large image of her where she is shown to be covering one eye yet keepingeye contact with the reader. The fact she is covering up part of her face is very effectivein the sense that we don’t know why she is doing it which creates a sense of fascinationand intrigues the reader to buy the album to see if there is any resemblance. This poster isnot much different to Rihanna’s CD covers etc. which tend to be quite seductive as she iswearing deep black eye and lip makeup and black leather clothes with what looks like aknuckle duster around her fingers/hands which also suggests power. The two singlesmentioned on the poster ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘Hard’ are both put in big bold red text sothey are standing out from the rest of the poster which is in black and white and ‘RussianRoulette’ also suggests danger and ‘Hard’ could also suggest sexual intercourse. As wellas her albums, this poster also uses the logo ‘R’ that people usually instantly recognize tobe Rihanna which is a big trade mark for her now.