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Three Ways to Make a Great First Impression

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Want to make a great first impression? It's all about what you see, feel and hear—in both your business and personal life.

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Three Ways to Make a Great First Impression

  1. 1. FIRST IMPRESSIONS Communicating your brand in a flash by René Shimada Siegel SLIDESHARE BY ARIANNA CHOPELAS
  2. 2. First impressions aren’t determined by what you say—but HOW you say it. What people see and how you make them feel can mean more than the words you say.
  3. 3. Think about what someone SEES when they look you for the first time.
  4. 4. Are YOU smiling with eye contact? Standing up straight? Wearing a colorful shirt that plays up your natural features? Keeping it classy?
  5. 5. Next, think about how you make people FEEL.
  6. 6. Pay ATTENTION to your tone of voice, breathing, pauses, energy level. And especially your physical proximity—no one likes a creeper!
  7. 7. Remember: what someone HEARS isn’t always the same as what you think you said. Think about your words.
  8. 8. Last, AVOID using jargon and let your passion and confidence shine.
  9. 9. When you meet someone for the first time, you don’t need to do a formal ELEVATOR pitch. Here’s some stuff to keep in mind: 1. Pause. Ask, “who are you speaking with?” 2. Be yourself 3. Be brief 4. Be different 5. Be curious
  10. 10. An elevator pitch should sum up what you do and who you are. And if you want to really CONNECT with people, make it about them or about you.
  11. 11. OPTION ONE: Make it about them (external) “Do you know anyone who struggles with (productivity, cancer, etc.)? Me too, that’s why I do _______.” Explain their problem/solution in plain English.
  12. 12. OPTION TWO: Make it about you (internal) Try this on for size: “Ever since ___, I’ve been crazy about ____. I’m totally fanatical about __ because ____.” Elaborate with your story, and then follow with your ask.
  13. 13. You can be an epic communicator. SHARE your message clearly, concisely and with great passion. Always tell your story and embrace what makes you different!
  14. 14. So, there you have it— how to make a great FIRST impression. Keep these things in mind when you’re meeting new contacts, prospects and friends.
  15. 15. Epic COMMUNICATOR? That’s you.