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Get Sh!t Done

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Presentation by Hiten Shah at HustleCon 2014. The talk is three things that both non-technical and technical founders can work on constantly when they aren't working on "making" things.

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Get Sh!t Done

  1. Get  Sh!t  Done    Hustle  Con  -­‐  August  1st,  2014   ! ! !  Hiten  Shah   ! !  Download  the  slides:  h;p://
  2. Why  are  you  more  than   most  people?
  3. I’ve  had  a  computer  since  1989
  4. Last  language  I  learned  was  Microso@’s  QBasic
  5. I  used  to  terrorize  $RSH  employees
  6. I  can’t  design  or  write  code  (yet). KISSMETRICS.COM  -­‐  CRAZYEGG.COM  -­‐  HELLOBAR.COM I  work  with  awesome   developers  and   designers.
  7. Hustle Anything  you  need  to  do   to  make  money… If  you  makin  money,  you   hustlin. HTTP://KISS.LY/HUSTLE
  9. TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE We are people-centric inside and out. As a company, our employees are more than just a job title and our customers are more than just a dollar sign.
  10. I  invest  in  my  self,  daily.   You  can  too!
  11.  Learning    How  fast  are  you?   !  Communicaon    Can  you?   !  Context    Do  you  understand?
  12. Learning   How  fast  are  you?
  14. How  to  Read  300%  Faster  in  20  Minutes HTTP://KISS.LY/SPEEDREAD
  16. YouTube  2x  Speed YOUTUBE.COM
  18. Audible  3x  Narraon  Speed AUDIBLE.COM
  20. Communicaon   Can  you?
  21. I  used  to  be  allergic  to  personality  tests
  22. Then  I  had  kids… QUICKSPROUT.COM
  23. Why  We  Fight  At  Work Top  Sources  of  Work  Conflict   ! ๏  Personal  Insecurity   ๏  The  Desire  for  Power  and  Control   ๏  Habitual  Vic;mhood HTTP://KISS.LY/WHYFIGHT
  24. Personality  differences She’s  driven  by  winning,   ! I’m  more  driven  by  having  a   deeper  understanding.
  25. Example  of  a  common  interacon I  ask  her:   “What  do  you  need  from  me?”   ! She  tells  me  she  needs  something.   I  ask:  “Why?”   ! It  drives  her  nuts.   ! She  finds  those  types  of  conversa.ons  a   derailment  and  a  waste  of  .me/energy.
  26. InColor  Insight  -­‐  Behavioral  Orientaons HTTP://KISS.LY/INCOLOR AcEon People Structure Ideas
  27. Hiten’s  Personal  Insight  Inventory Behavior  Preferences   Your  focus  and  style  when  you  feel  most  confident. Expecta.ons   Your  deep  assump;ons  about  how  you  and  others  “should”  act. Needs/Energy     What  you  need  on  a  “gut  level”  to  sustain  and  restore  your  energy. AcEon People Structure Ideas
  28. Based  on  my  responses,  I… Like  to  consult  with  informed  others,  explore   ideas  with  valued  colleagues  and  develop   extensive  personal  knowledge.     ! Believe  people  should  be  to  new   ideas  and  probe  for  informa.on.     ! I  assess  the  value  of  any  ac.vity  or  ac.on   based  on  the  insight  and  feelings  of  self-­‐ worth  it  creates  and  its  impact  on   other  people.   HTTP://KISS.LY/HITENPII
  29. Learn  to  write  beger  emails HTTP://KISS.LY/ANGRYEMAIL
  30. You  are  a  reflec.on  of  your  company.   What  you  say.   Who  you  are.   How  you  treat  others.
  31. Context   Do  you  understand?
  32. How  I  give  advice  to  people HTTP://KISS.LY/HITENADVICE
  33. People  ask  me… When  you  started  KISSmetrics  how  did  you   start  your  blog?       ! When  you  hired  your  first  sales  person  where   did  you  find  them?       ! When  you  raised  your  first  round  of  funding   how  did  you  do  it?      
  34. I  ask  them… When  you  started  KISSmetrics  how  did  you   start  your  blog?   Are  you  trying  to  figure  out  how  you  should   do  for  your  business?   When  you  hired  your  first  sales  person  where   did  you  find  them?   Are  you  a  sales  team  and  trying  to   hire  the  first  person?   When  you  raised  your  first  round  of  funding   how  did  you  do  it?   Are  you  thinking  about  raising  money  for   your  company?
  36. @JoeStump KISS.LY/HITENBOC
  37. Explorers!
  38. Pirates!
  39. Explorer Pirate Discovery  centric Market  centric First  movers Fast  followers Solves  problems Builds  soluEons Where  are  you  on  the  spectrum?
  40. You  will  get  all  you  want  in  life  if  you  help   enough  other  people  get  what  they  want.   Zig  Ziglar
  41. Hiten  Shah   How  can  I  help  you?   !   @hnshah Download  the  slides:  hRp://