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Sample lesson for als

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Sample lesson for als

  1. 1. Learning Objectives What is social-emotional competence? Why is it important? Fostering social emotional competence: 5 key skills
  2. 2. Your Classroom What is working for you? What are some challenges that you are facing?
  3. 3. Meet Dante + ¼ - ÷ % 5 9 47
  4. 4. What Is Social-Emotional Competence?
  5. 5. Social-Emotional Competence <ul><li>The ability to effectively manage emotions and behaviors in order to develop and maintain healthy relationships, overcome obstacles, and problem solve effectively. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Why Is Social-Emotional Competence Important?
  7. 7. Benefits of SEC Social- Emotional Competence Positive behaviors Academic achievement Resilience Lifelong Success
  8. 8. Social-Emotional Competence (CASEL, 2009)
  9. 9. the way communities raise their children… Transforming
  10. 10. child’s success … because the path to a is not in a manual