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Thriller pitch

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Thriller pitch

  1. 1. THRILLER PITCH Hollie, Tanisha, Ali and Eva
  2. 2. OVERALL NARRATIVE The overall narrative of our thriller film is that there is a female protagonist which conforms to the thriller conventions as in thrillers the female is the victim who is stereotypically portrayed as vulnerable. There will be an antagonist who will be dressed all in white to challenge the thriller conventions, as we want to make the audience think as you don’t usually see the antagonist dressed in light colours. There will be a frequent theme of red during our thriller representing danger. The whole film will be in black and white with some parts that are red which sets our film apart from the rest and makes it different from your typical thrillers. The title sequence will be on plain black between scenes and throughout scenes. This is where we got some of our inspiration for our thriller
  3. 3. Interrogation SCRIPT A-“You wanted me? Here I am.” H-“Where's my partner?” A- (Ignoring her) “You fools wanted me gone so you could get back to the way things were. But I know the truth. There's no going back. We’ve changed things... Forever.” H-“When are you going to kill me?” A-(Ali laughs uncontrollably) “I don't, I don't want to kill you! What would I do without you? No, no. No! No you.... You... Complete me. H-“You are putrid fucking garbage who kills for money!” A-“Don't try to talk like a cop, you aren’t one of them. Even if you'd like to be. To them you are just a freak. A bit like me. They need you right now. But when they don't.... They'll chuck you out. Like a leper. You see their morals, their "code".... It's a bad joke. -Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. You’ll see.” (Hollie spits in Ali’s face) A-“You, my dear, are going to regret that. (Smiles and brutally punches her repeatedly in the face)
  4. 4. LOCATIONS Crick Bomb Shelter - We decide on using the Crick Bomb shelter as we thought is would be appropriate for the atmosphere for the film. It will pan out onto the open field which is isolated and there are no people around which will conform to the thriller conventions. Guilsborough School - We found a room in Guilsborough school where it is dark and eerie and we decided that it would be perfect for the interrogation scene as it is quite small and confined and shadowed, further conforming to the thriller conventions. Rugby – Our opening scene will be filmed in rugby on a bridge where the protagonist will be looking out over the industrial estate. We thought that it would give a sense of authority as she is higher above everyday life, also showing that there is more to her that everybody else, there is a background story.
  5. 5. COSTUME Protagonist For the First scene when looking from the bridge, the protagonist Will have one item of red clothing e.g a red coat which symbolises danger and blood, drawing the audience in. In the interrogation scene the protagonist will be wearing black jeans with a light e.g white top which will be ripped with blood on it to show that the protagonist is the victim as the white shirt conforms to the thriller conventions. The antagonist will be wearing white which challenges the thriller conventions as the Nickel effect is where the antagonist wears black and the protagonist wears white, this will cause the audience to think as it challenges them to question their own knowledge of a typical thriller.
  6. 6. PROPS The props that we be using are: Handcuffs Cigarette and lighter A chair Swinging light Knuckle duster
  7. 7. The antagonist will be Alastair Snook = cast, cameraman, editor CAST AND CREW Eva Bukina = cameraman, editor The protagonist will be Hollie Brown = cast, cameraman The rescuer Tanisha Rae = cast, cameraman
  9. 9. SHOT LIST Shot type Duration Long establishing shot of the industrial estate 5 seconds Over the shoulder shot 4 seconds Establishing shot 5 seconds Pan around the room 4 seconds Close up of torso then follows the hand up to the mouth where the cigarette is lit 3 seconds (Scene change, flash) Over the shoulder of the antagonist looking on the protagonist Mid shot of the antagonists coming out of the shadows (not showing the face) Mid/long shot 2 second 2 seconds 3 seconds 4 seconds
  10. 10. Shot type Duration Close up 3 seconds Long shot 4 seconds Pan shot 4 seconds Mid/long shot 3 seconds Over the shoulder shot 3 seconds Establishing shot 5 seconds
  11. 11. Shot type Duration Long shot 3 seconds Close up 4 seconds Mid/long shot 4 seconds Pan shot 6 seconds Over the shoulder shot 3 seconds Establishing shot 5 seconds
  12. 12. Make sue the camera is charged before shooting Alastair Dec 1st Remember the tripod Alastair nov 27th – Dec 1st Making sure we have time All crew nov 27th – Dec 1st Making sure the weather is correct for the filming choices Hollie nov 27th – Dec 1st Making sure we are able to get to the location and back All crew nov 27th – Dec 1st Making sure that the location of choice is okay to use Alastair nov 27th – dec 1st Making sure all the equipment is Eva the same as when we took them nov 27th – dec 1st making sure we have a light for the bomb shelter in case of injury dec 2nd All crew
  13. 13. IMPROVEMENTS Since our first thriller pitch we have improved vastly as we have come together as a group and given a focus to each member after we had decided what we were going to do. Learning from our first pitch we found that we had to be more organised and we need to focus on setting our ideas in stone so that we know exactly what we are going to do.