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Walt And Wilf

Presentation introducing WALT and WILF to staff at MHF.

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Walt And Wilf

  1. The BIG Picture Text “How to encourage greater degrees of student directed learning.”
  2. Innovation 21st Century Skills for Life Craft of the Classroom Our Daily Teaching Practice
  3. We shouldn’t expect students to second-guess the purpose of the lesson.
  4. Purpose of Lesson Objectives
  5. Motivation Engagement Students feel they have Students get interested in control over their own what’s going to happen. progress. They share an “I can do it” feeling. Challenge Students know they will need to work hard and stay focused. Purpose of Lesson Objectives Confidence Students feel that they will be able to meet the challenge of the lesson. Depth of Learning Students see how they can build on prior knowledge/skills/ understanding.
  6. presenting objectives to students which are
  7. presenting objectives to students which are seen as challenging seen as achievable understood seen as important
  8. Best Objectives...
  9. Best Objectives... look ahead to what students will be learning look ahead to what they will be doing to bring about the learning focus on the knowledge/skills/understanding needed enable students to think about how they will be learning help students think about the challenges ahead (eg. how quickly they need to work, the demands of an activity etc)
  10. Giving one or two objectives are often more effective than giving several. Could be times when this is presented in terms of doing rather than learning.
  11. WALT We Are Learning To WILF What I’m Looking For
  12. WALT We Are Learning To “Aim” of the lesson “Skill” being learned “Topic” being covered WILF What I’m Looking For
  13. WALT We Are Learning To “Aim” of the lesson “Skill” being learned “Topic” being covered particular things students focus of assessment need to focus on learning outcomes WILF What I’m Looking For
  14. after Easter Holidays all lessons should have a WALT and WILF made clear to students at the start