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  1. Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association For Success Presented by: Holly Duckworth, CEO Leadership Solutions International
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  3. 4 Membership Finances Technology Communications
  4. @hduckworth   What do you want to reboot in your association?
  5. Collective Expertise
  6. @hduckworth  @hduckworth
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  8. @hduckworth  
  9. @hduckworth   Fear
  10. @hduckworth  Doubt
  11. @hduckworth   Lack
  12. @hduckworth   What Does It Take To Keep
 Your Organization Alive? 
 Faith Courage Abundance
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  14. @hduckworth   Hit the Believe Key Believe
  15. @hduckworth   First Things First Recognize Every Challenge as an OPPORTUNITY
  16. @hduckworth  19
  17. @hduckworth   Your beliefs act like filters on a camera changing how you see the world.
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  19. It’s not our individual members, but the collective underlying beliefs that control our associations.
  20. @hduckworth   Hit Control Key Take Control of YOUR attitude and the attitude of your staff & volunteers
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  23. @hduckworth   What is your association vision statement?
  24. MISSION: ! To elevate the performance of medical practice leaders and their organizations by connecting members, building partnerships, setting the standards for certification, advocating for physician practice and providing innovative solutions.
  25. ! VISION: To be the foremost resource for members and their organizations in creating and improving systems that complement the delivery of affordable, quality patient care.
  26. VALUES ! Our commitment to support our members and their organizations as they provide outstanding patient care means that we are: Defined by administrator-physician leadership. Driven by data. Devoted to life-long learning and certification through ACMPE. Dedicated to advocacy for better healthcare policy
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  28. @hduckworth   Hit Control Key ! Let go of controlling vision statements, missions, bylaws, policies and procedures ! Embrace those that work for you.
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  31. @hduckworth   I am optimistic about ! The more I surrender and bring more people to the table the more power and influence I actually have. ! Tim Reese, Executive Director CA/NV Community Action Partners
  32. @hduckworth   I am optimistic about….. ! Our staff it is the best we have ever had. They are talented and get things done. ! Nathan Ridnouer - Speciality Equipment Marketing Association
  33. @hduckworth   Hit the Control Key: ! Get Control of Your Culture
  34. @hduckworth   What is one rule or policy that may be standing in the way of you rebooting for success?
  35. @hduckworth   • Take Control of YOUR Attitude • Create A Fabulous Culture • Let go of Controlling Vision/Mission, Policies & Procedures #Hit Control Key
  36. @hduckworth   Hit the ALT Key ! Strategic Visioning & Strategic Planning
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  38. @hduckworth  What  you  visualize,  you  will  actualize. What  do  you     see  today? @hduckworth
  39. @hduckworth   Visioning Process
  40. @hduckworth   What does the highest vision of this organization look like?
  41. @hduckworth   What does the organization in this highest form look like, feel like and sound like?
  42. @hduckworth   What must this organization become in order that this vision be realized?
  43. @hduckworth   What must this organization let go of in order for this vision to become a reality?
  44. @hduckworth   What must this organization embrace?
  45. @hduckworth   Is there anything else to be known at this time?
  46. @hduckworth   What is the highest and best vision of _________ association? What does the association in this highest vision look like, feel like, sound like? What must this association become in order that the vision maybe fulfilled? What must this association release in order to live the vision? What must this association embrace in order to embody the vision? Is there anything else to be known about this association at this time?
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  50. @hduckworth   We’ve Always Done It That Way
  51. @hduckworth   • Two Best Practices = Next Practice Hit the ALT Key
  52. @hduckworth   Games + Learning/Interaction ! GAMIFICATION
  53. @hduckworth   Social + On Demand = Live Stream
  54. @hduckworth   Boardroom + Connectivity = New Meeting Formats
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  57. Pop-Culture + Associations = Success
  58. @hduckworth   Education + Social Graphics
  59. @hduckworth   Technology as Enhancement 
 Not Merely a Toy
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  61. @hduckworth   Hit the ALT Key ! • BETA TEST
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  64. @hduckworth   How can you apply one “ALT” solution to solve your reboot issue?
  65. @hduckworth   Believe
  66. @hduckworth   Now is the time to hold a positive vision. Know something new, higher and better for every aspect of your organization. Believe
  67. @hduckworth   • Take control of YOUR attitude • Create Culture • Let go of controlling vision/mission, policies & procedures #Hit Control Key
  68. @hduckworth   Hit the ALT Key ! ! • Use Strategic Visioning • 2 Best Practices = Next Practice • BETA
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  71. @hduckworth   Contact us for: Consulting 
 Speaking & Strategic Visioning Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP
 Chief Connections Officer & CEO   Leadership Solutions International   503 887 4112   @hduckworth Ctrl+Alt+ Believe Ctrl+Alt+BelieveHollyDuckworth,CAE,CMP Countless challenges face associations today. As a leader, you choose how to respond to these challenges. Do you keep your association stagnant and block success, or do you create opportunities that, when leveraged, create higher levels of association achievement? Ctrl+Alt+Believe: RebootYour Association For Success moves associations through a process to clarify association beliefs, evaluate control, and create new alternate solutions.Throughout the book we use both universal principles and timeless transformational tools to create success that will be sustainable for your organization. Our world today demands leaders blend authenticity and technology in powerful ways that drive results.To be innovative and thrive,association executives and boards of directors must balance the desire to honor their history and innovate simultaneously. Ctrl+Alt+Believe offers spiritual principals to help you reboot the way your staff and volunteers think about your organization’s vision and mission.You walk away with powerful questions,able to move from being stuck in your head to being capable of flowing action—from the heart of your staff and volunteer leadership. BUSINESS-ECONOMICS U.S. $XX.XX Reboot Your Association For Success Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP
  72. Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association For Success Presented by: Holly Duckworth, CEO Leadership Solutions International