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Eight tips for a hassle free move

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Moving can never be easy as one, two, three especially if you are bombarded with a whole house to pack and an unorganized plan.So here are some tips so your home move will be hassle free.

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Eight tips for a hassle free move

  1. 1. Eight Tips for a Hassle Free Move Moving can never be easy as one, two, three especially if you are bombarded with a whole house to pack and an unorganized plan. If only teleporting to your new neighbourhood was possible, you could have already done that. Bidding goodbyes and see you soon to neighbours and friends is pretty tough too. But whoever said that we can’t make it hassle free? True, work still has to be done but if you do it right you won’t have to deal with all those stress and worries anymore. All you need to do is follow these eight tips and get those muscles to work! 1. Draft a plan and toss in some back-ups. Preparation is key to everything. Draft a plan months before your planned date. Include all the necessary details like a packing schedule, a route map, transportation means etcetera. Remember to also make some back-ups. Even if you follow your plan as diligently as possible there are still fortuitous and unforeseen events like bad whether which can disrupt your work. 2. Sturdy supplies assure safety. Don’t be afraid to spend money on the right packing materials. If you want to save on boxes, go to your nearest bookstores. Their boxes are sturdier than others. Avoid getting them from your grocery store as you may catch bugs and bed bugs from them. 3. Don’t bring everything with you. You don’t have to necessarily pack every single item. There will be those that you won’t need or you don’t want anymore. Sell them on a garage sale or give them out to friends. 4. Label and keep it organized. Make an inventory of your items. Number every box so you’ll know how much you will be transporting. Write down the contents of each box and the room they belong to and make sure that such is visible. 5. Follow the manual. Appliances come with a manufacturer’s manual. Follow the moving instructions stated there to avoid any damage.
  2. 2. 6. Zip locks are your best friend. You’d have to disassemble some furniture. Place the bolts and screws in a Ziploc bag. Tape it to the corresponding furniture to avoid losing them. 7. Call the right people for help. There will be items that need special handling like antiques and painting. Also you may want to ask a professional removal company to assist you in the entire process. See to it that you’ve done a careful research to find out reputable movers in your area. 8. Don’t forget to punch in some fun. Lastly and more importantly, have some fun. Don’t forget to smile along the way. Chat away while you pack boxes or blast some music to keep everyone lively. Make working fun. Follow those tips and you’d be assured of a hassle free move. Have fun and happy moving!