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MET212-Assinment 2

Fluid Mechanics Assignment

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MET212-Assinment 2

  1. 1. assinment2-180807140017.doc MET212- Fluid Mechanics & Machines 1 st Octuber, 2011 Name…… ……… ……… …… ………… I.D No.…….… ……… Section: …….. date ……………………………………….. Q.1 Consider a U-tube manometer whose arms are open to the atmosphere. One arm contains 70cm (hw1) high water and other arm contains light oil (SG=0.78) from the other. If the other arm contains oil-water and the height ratio of 6 (ho=6hw2). Determine the heights in meter of each fluid in the right arm of this U-tube manometer. Q.2: A basic elements of a hydraulic jack are shown in Figure below for lifting a car. If mechanical advantage at F1 and the area of piston A1 is 20-cm2 and A2 is 190-cm2 , what load F2 can be raised for the car by a force of 60 N applied to the smaller piston. Dr. Adel Afify MET212 Octuber, 2011 1 10
  2. 2. assinment2-180807140017.doc Q.3: Compare the pressure heads (h) of water, carbon tetrachloride and mercury corresponding to a pressure of 50 kPa. Express your results in SI units. (ρwater=1000kg/m3 , ρmercury=13600kg/m3 , ρcarbontetrachloride = 1590kg/m3 ) Q.4: A closed tank is partially filled with glycerin. If the air pressure in the tank is 6 psi and the depth of glycerin is 10 ft, what is the pressure in psi at the bottom of the tank? [ρglycerin= 2.44 slugs/ft3 and [(1 Lb =1 slugs x 1 ft/s2 )] Q.5: The lower half of a 10-m high cylindrical barrel is filled with water and the upper half with oil. Determine the pressure difference (∆P) in kPa between the bottom and top of the cylinder. Dr. Adel Afify MET212 Octuber, 2011 2
  3. 3. assinment2-180807140017.doc Q.6: The top of an inverted U-tube manometer is filled with oil of specific gravity, SGo=0.98 and the remainder of the tube with water of specific gravity SGw=1.01. Find the pressure difference (PB - PA) in Pa between two points B and A at the same level at the base of the legs when the manometer reading in oil-water level h is 75mm. Q. 7: A rectangular gate located at h=3.048m below the surface of water (see Fig.). Determine the magnitude of the force as well as the depth of application on the rectangular gate of width 1.524m and height 1.828m and the gate is inclined at an angle 600 from the water surface level. ρwater= 999.52 kg/m3 . Dr. Adel Afify MET212 Octuber, 2011 3 h Water 600 Rectangular Gate 1.828m