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TDI Asia Conference 2016 - Remote attendance & live streaming

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The Digital Insurer Conference 2016 is a one-day event hosted by The Digital Insurer. The purpose is to bring our community in Asia together to educate and inform on innovative strategy employed by experts in digital insurance. Hear the latest ideas, discuss the issues and meet like-minded enthusiasts for digital insurance.

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TDI Asia Conference 2016 - Remote attendance & live streaming

  1. 1. Live Streaming and Event App • Get access to great content on digital insurance for only US$180 • Access recording of all the proceedings and PDF of all presentation materials • Option to join live on the day - ask questions, take part in polls. • Watch live via mobile or desktop • Access to the mobile app to connect with other attendees BOOK NOW! asia2016.the-digital- al-remote-tickets
  2. 2. Live Streaming • Keep abreast of the developments in Asia with the first ever Digital Insurance conference • Individual tickets to Asia's first conference on Digital Insurance have sold out but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Remote access to the conference via live streaming is available. The option of remote conference attendance allows virtual attendees to watch and participate live from anywhere in the world. A recording for post event review will be available within 3 days of the conference • If you can't participate live on the day or are looking for a refresher on what you have seen, remote attendees can also choose to watch some or all of the sessions after the event. Remote attendance tickets allow participants to ask questions from panellists, see the other questions being asked and vote on the award winners all via our event app. The app also contains the agenda, bios of the event presenters and information on event partners • Live streaming tickets are $180 USD. This is inclusive of live access to watch and actively participate through the event app, all post event materials and recordings for later viewing BOOK NOW! asia2016.the-digital- tickets
  3. 3. TDI Asia Conference 2016 App • The TDI Asia Conference 2016 App will provide live streaming and video replay access • The conference App will give participants access to the Activity Stream where they can ask and review questions to panellists • The app will be used for taking part in the polls & voting for the award winners • The app includes information such as the agenda, speakers and sponsor profiles BOOK NOW!
  4. 4. Live Streaming FAQs 1 . Live streaming quality is poor. What can I do? Quality is really dependent on your local connectivity. Our advice is to get the best broadband connection you possibly can. 2. How can I view live streaming? • From your desktop using the portal login • From mobile you can access from the mobile app directly. 3. Do I need to use the mobile app? • It is up to you. You get to participate more with the app so we recommend downloading it . The app includes: - taking part in the polls - voting for the award winners - posting to the social wall (including asking questions to panellists - agenda, speakers and sponsor profiles BOOK NOW!
  5. 5. 4. When will recordings be available? • We will notify you by email when recordings are ready. We are aiming within 3 days of the event. 5. Can I share my login access with others? • No. The terms of licensing are that only 1 registered user may view. 6. Live streaming is not working. Why is that? • Our plan is to live stream from 0900 to 1800 SG/ HK Time on 23rd November. Outside that time Live streaming will not work. • If Live streaming is not working during the hours indicated then rest assured our technical team will be troubleshooting to remedy the problem Live Streaming FAQs BOOK NOW!
  6. 6. 7. Who do I contact if I cannot log in to live streaming and the mobile app? • You have to log in using the communication email address that you have provided to us, this means the email address that we sent our email notifications to. • If you still cannot log in, please contact us at Live Streaming FAQs BOOK NOW!
  7. 7. Get Started On Our Mobile App In 3 Easy Steps Step 1 In your mobile phone, go to your App Store / Play Store and search “TDI Asia Conference 2016”. You can also scan the QR code below Step 2 Install the app on your phone Step 3 We have created your profiles. Just enter your communication email address and password of your choice
  8. 8. How to Participate in the Polls Step 1 Poll question appears in your Activity Stream Step 2 Click on your answer Note: Please go to Activity Stream on your mobile app to submit your vote. You can view as well as send questions and comments here.