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Agile Metrics Meetup: What to Measure and How?

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How to track the agile program and what all metrics to use? Why agile metrics tracking is important?

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Agile Metrics Meetup: What to Measure and How?

  1. 1. Agile Metrics : What to Measure and How? Scrum User Group Jakarta, 16 January 2019 Fauzan Feisal CEO of Program Digital Amoeba E :,
  2. 2. What’s AMOEBA.. CEO CTOCMO AMOEBA CEO CTOCMO AMOEBA CEO CFOPMO AMOEBA MANAGEMENT CEO CTOCMO AMOEBA CEO CTOCMO AMOEBA A cross functional team, so flexible, highly focused & dedicated, equipped with C-level authority for their project Amoeba team is a hyper agile team AMOEBAis aCORPORATESTARTUPprogram withinTelkom Indonesia Started from Jan 2017, we’ve developed 128 innovation teams from 469 submitted ideas, engaging >1.200 employees TRUE&FULLY DEDICATEDTEAM FOUNDERLEVEL AUTHORITHY
  3. 3. Do we need agility? … o yeah ...
  4. 4. … managing a group of 50 lady bugs on a panic elephant … AMOEBA Outstanding teams Out standing teams Newbie innovation managers Office politicians Where’s the results?!! Where’s the money? The big bosses
  5. 5. We needto prove, we’re10x faster than the parent We needto prove ourselves,that we’renot that dumb … We needto provewe’re as fast as start-ups to stay competitive We needto be 5x faster than startups, to provethat we have a giant parent
  6. 6. Golden Circle Lean Startup Lean Canvas Business Model Canvas Agile-ScrumDesign Thinking So, we’rehighly dependent on standardized approaches …
  7. 7. … I’m the one decide to invest in which methods in the program …
  8. 8. Scrum is our newecstasy … Nearly-compulsory adoption for all levels: software developmentprojects, productdevelopment projects, up to managerial projects 2-5xleaner progression 2-4xfaster progression 5xteam learnings 3xflatter structure 3xexpandable capacity Numbers are within our internal cases and rough estimation only, used as professional judgement to continue/discontinue adoption
  9. 9. Dowe use metrics?? … well, we’reoverloaded … BUSINESS METRICS INNOVATION METRICS TEAM METRICS METHOD METRICS Agile Metrics is here!!!
  10. 10. Examples … BUSINESS METRICS INNOVATION METRICS TEAM METRICS METHOD METRICS A new product portfolio contribute at least Rp 100 bio revenue annually to enterprise division in 2020; VR/AR services • Generate new revenue of Rp 1 bio in the next 3 months; • 3 concurrent projects delivery in a month capacity; • Projects delivered successfully to at least 3 clients; Deal with the team, get back to them on the next 3 months to discuss achievement (pre-scrum) • Generating 100 leads assuming only 10 for POC, and 3 deals; • Prepare a comprehensive web & mobile lab for marketing; • Test at least 2 delivery partners, 2 content partners, and 2 platform partners; • Test at least 1 other industries as target market; • Expand team 2x size every month to test capacity; • etc. Deal with the team on things they can fully control, actively discussed monthly (pre-scrum) DESIGN SPRINT  CPO • Prototype 3 validated within 3 weeks; GROWTH HACKING  CMO • 1.000 linked-in blast; • Induction to industrial association within 2 weeks; AGILE/SCRUM  CTO • Web: release 2 direct web experience • POC: release 3 mobile testing package for training • Platform: release 1 VR editing & AR editing capabilities • etc. (usually more detailed & technical, practical metrics used only internally or special cases) These are inspired by real cases in our program, yet still on going evaluation & improvement, based on team’s progress performance Starting this January 2019, we’ll implement full scrum approach for all metrics measurement, in biweekly sprints as single touch point with the team Within INCUBATION phase (innovation managers meet innovators) Within ACCELERATION phase (innovation mgrs. meet innovators) Legacy approach use only this metrics to monitor product development performance Within internal innovator team, Innov. mgrs. provide trainings
  11. 11. Ring-fencing the targeted environment has always been our top priority 1st – we need to ensurewe’reagile-possible [1/3]
  12. 12. This assessment is indicative only, and primarily used for this session to maintain context of discussion 1st – we need to ensurewe’reagile-possible [2/3] Customer satisfaction through early and continuous software delivery Accommodate changing requirements throughout the development process Frequent delivery of working software Collaboration between the business stakeholders and developers throughout the project Support, trust, and motivate the people involved Enable face-to-face interactions Working software is the primary measure of progress Agile processes to support a consistent development pace Attention to technical detail and design enhances agility Simplicity Self-organizing teams encourage great architectures, requirements, and designs Regular reflections on how to become more effective AGILE MANIFESTO Developing by concept from the leader / consultant (TOP DOWN DRIVEN) Just do it as a plan, but ready for changes (FLEXIBLE AT ANY TIME) Build the perfect one and release to market. (TIMED DELIVERY) Developer team just tools for stakeholder to realize leaders idea (TYPICAL BIZ-IT) Segregation of duty (DISTRUST) Team isn’t collocated, just meet in monthly meeting (SILOS) Release the product on schedule without checking details (RESULTS ORIENTED) Development depend on senior leaders priority (GOVERNANCE AS DECIDER) Attention in deliverables, less care about experience (LOOKS THAN FEEL) Simple (FOR LEADERS) Developer team have a lot of project in one time (TYPICAL ORG. STRUCTURE) No feedback mechanism to enhance the processes (NO WEAKNESS SHOWN) TELKOM bynature Validation comes first before we develop the product, and keep going (USER DRIVEN) Iteration its our core values, and voice of customer is our priority (FLEXIBLE AT RATE) Using plan and sprint to deliver the release (PHASES RELEASES & TESTS) Every team has a stakeholder as a sponsor of the product (CROSSFUNCTIONAL TEAM) Empowering teams (TRUST) Team always collocated with the same passion and their roles (COLLOCATED) We’re testing before delivery release to customers (RESPONSE ORIENTED) With weekly review from budget to deliverable, (GOVERNANCE AS PROTECTOR) Team is always learning by doing every step in sprint review (LOOKS AND FEEL) Simple (FOR USERS) Every team has ownership of the idea, and they’re the C-levels (FOUNDER TEAM) We’re always review every monthly to make it as a plan effectively (OPEN MIND) AMOEBA bydesign QUALITY over everything
  13. 13. This assessment is indicative only, and primarily used for this session to maintain context of discussion 1st – we need to ensurewe’reagile-possible [3/3] Values of the AgileManisfesto Individuals and Interactions Over Processes and Tools Working Software Over Comprehensive Documentation Customer Collaboration Over Contract Negotiation Responding to Change Over Following a Plan TELKOM bynature Processes and tools are the kings (HISTORICALY: THE COMPANY) Contract negotiation is us (COMPLIANCE & RISK MITIGATION) Comprehensive docs are critical (ANTICIPATE PEOPLE MOBILITY) Just follow the plan (LEARNING BEFORE DOING) Individuals and interactions worth more (FUTURE: THE PEOPLE) Just stay with the customer and user (DESIGN PEOPLE MOBILITY) You = collaboration level with customer (ACCEPTANCE & PROBLEM SOLVING) How’s your evolution? (LEARNING BY DOING) AMOEBA bydesign yes, we’reagileready
  14. 14. 2nd – we need to ensure we’re staying on the ground Principles we’re using in the program to stay on the ground, maintaining program objectives % sprout of smileyfaces
  15. 15. 3rd – we need to ensure we’re using it properly # of champions Principles of good agile metrics
  16. 16. 4th – it’s a journey … AMOEBA 128 teams and counting AMOEBA Highly passionate, ambitious, critical, distinctively smart & hyper-realistic teams Hyper-blind, blunt, aristocratic, absolutely blank with mental blocks & aggressive teams New kids on the block (innovation managers) … & many other agile metrics # of quality conversations
  17. 17. The arrangement of product development planning becomes clearer Product/version release becomes faster and clearer product development feedback is faster and clearer Overall … Example of top performers, which intensively adopting agile/scrum approach
  18. 18. Thank you and lets discuss … @digitalamoeba digitalamoeba digitalamoeba