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First came steam power; then electricity and assembly lines; then computerization. So what comes next? A wave of technology is now crashing into our personal and professional lives like a ton of bricks. So the question becomes, when technology fuses with people, how does that impact and change our lives? How will the way that we work change? How is the fourth Industrial Revolution going to alter the way that we learn, work, and live? We’ll explore the forces of change and how organizations can prepare employees for the coming revolution.

Learning objectives:

Understand what the fourth Industrial Revolution is and the implications for your business
Understand core capabilities needed to build your future state L&D team
Identify trends and key questions to explore with your stakeholders to prepare your business for the future

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  1. 1. #CLOwebinar Sponsored By: The presentation will begin at the top of the hour. A dial in number will not be provided. Listen to today’s webinar using your computer’s speakers or headphones. Welcome to the webinar!
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  5. 5. How  Will  the  Fourth  Industrial  Revolu5on  Impact   HR  &  Learning  &  Development  in  the  Future?  
  6. 6. 6   Professor  Klaus  Schwab   Founder  and  Execu5ve  Chairman     of  the  World  Economic  Forum   “…the  breadth  and  depth   of  these  changes  herald   the  transforma5on     of  en5re  systems  of   produc5on,  management,   and  governance.”  
  7. 7. 7   Importance  of  Human  Interac5on   Simon  Sinek:  hPps://  
  8. 8. 8   Welcome  to  the  Industrial  Revolu5on  4.0   Empowering     Corpora5ons   Empowering   People   Scalable  Efficiency   Doing  things  right   Scalable  Adaptability   Doing  the  right  things   1.0   2.0   3.0   4.0   Mechanical   Electrical   Internet   Digital   1784   1870   1969   Today   Mechanical   produc3on   equipment   Mass     produc3on   Automated   produc3on   Automated   complex  tasks   10x  impact  of  the   internet  revolu5on   Blurring  the  physical   and  cyber  digital   divide   Impact   Socio-­‐economic   Industry   Government   Individual  
  9. 9. 9   Forces  of  Change   Demographics   •  Millennials  50%  of  workforce   •  Baby  Boomers     working  longer   Technology   •  Digital  is  everywhere   •  Disrup5ng  business  models   Social  Contract   •  Altered  employee/employer   rela5onship   •  2  yrs.  is  avg.  job  stay   •  Rapid  career  growth   Speed  of  Change   •  Compu5ng  power  doubles     every  2  years   •  Organiza5ons  must     be  more  agile    
  10. 10. 10   Poll   Has  your  organiza5on  gone     through  a  reorganiza5on     within  the  past  year?  
  11. 11. 11   What  Are  the  Implica5ons  for  Business?   Customer  expecta5ons   Product  enhancement   Collabora5ve  innova5on   Organiza5onal  forms  
  12. 12. 12   “the  emergence  of  global  pla<orms  and   other  new  business  models,  finally,  means   that  talent,  culture,  and  organiza3onal   forms  will  have  to  be  rethought.  BoDom   line:  business  leaders  and  senior  execu3ves   need  to  understand  their  changing   environment,  challenge  the  assump3ons  of   their  opera3ng  teams,  and  relentlessly  and   con3nuously  innovate.”    
  13. 13. 13   The  Employee  Journey   Onboarding   Social  connectedness   Learning   Performance     improvement   Career  development   Personal     growth   MASTERY   MEANING   AUTONOMY  
  14. 14. 14   Our  job  now  is   simply  to  deliver   learning  to  where   people  are.  
  15. 15. 15   Applying  Design  Thinking  to  the  Flow  of  Work   Instruc5onal   Design   Experien5al   Design  
  16. 16. 16   From  e-­‐Learning  to  Digital  Learning  in  One  Genera5on   Source:  Bersin  by  DeloiDe,  2017  
  17. 17. 17   Quality  Learning  Matrix   Blackboard  Business  &  Government   Organiza5onal   Planning   Educa5onal   Prac5ce   Technology   Ecosystem   Learner   Opportuni5es   Learner  Success   Vision  &  Strategy   Curricular  Design     &  Readiness   Plalorm  Balance     &  Performance   Audience   Iden5fica5on   Registra5on   Management  &   Governance   Instruc5onal   Design  &  Course   Development   Iden55es,     Roles  &  Access   Learner  Awareness   &  Opportunity   Posi5oning   Learner  Support     &  Help  Desk   Program   Development   Instructor   Development     &  Support   Process  &  Data   Integra5on   Marke5ng     &  Learner   Iden5fica5on   Risk  Alerts,   Interven5on     &  Coaching   Business  Model   Curricular     &  Instruc5onal   Innova5on   Adop5on  &  Use   Learning   Opportunity   Management   Pathway  Planning   &  Course   Scheduling   Analy5cs  &  KPIs   Assessment     &  Measurement   Opera5ons     &  Service  Delivery   Metrics     &  Repor5ng   Career  Connec5ons  
  18. 18. 18   Poll   Has  your  L&D  spending  changed     in  the  past  three  years?     or   Do  you  an5cipate  your  L&D   spending  to  grow?  
  19. 19. 19   Companies  Are  Realizing  the  Importance  of  Learning     As  an  Integrated  Element  of  Work….   Almost  every     CEO  and  CHRO  reports     that  their  companies  are   not  developing  skills  fast   enough  or  leaders  deeply   enough   66%     expect  to  increase     the  number  of  formal   learning  hours/employee   >60%     plan  to  increase     L&D  spending   83%     of  companies  rate  this  issue   as  important  and     54%     rate  it  as  urgent     This  topic  is     number  two     on  minds  of  CEO     and  HR  leaders   About  40%     of  CLOs  say  that  their   ini5a5ves  are  either   “ineffec5ve”  or  “neutral”     in  assessing  the  capabili5es   and  gaps  of  employees  
  20. 20. 20   Next  Gen  Corporate  Academies     In-­‐person  classroom  experiences   that  are  high  impact  and   immersive   Mobile  plalorms  for  learning     at  your  finger5ps   Analy5cs  for  learning  to  enhance   performance  and  measure  impact   Workplace  learning  that  is  core     to  a  company’s  culture   The  corporate  academy   of  the  future   Use  of  big  data  and  predic5ve   analy5cs  to  improve     learning  con5nually   A  culture  of  social  learning,  real-­‐ 5me  feedback,  sharing,     and  networking   Physical  separa5on  from  the   “daily  grind”  to  develop  new     skills  and  behavior   Cloud-­‐based  learning  that  is   mobile  and  mul5plalorm  
  21. 21. 21   Demographics   •  Younger  employees     feel  the  greatest  comfort     with  digi5za5on   Technology   •  Cloud  expansion  =  MOOCs,  SPOCs,   videos,  learning  games,  e-­‐coaching,   virtual  classrooms,  online   performance  support     and  simula5ons   Social  Contract   •  Empowered  learners  share  content     and  knowledge  across  companies   •  Shared  training   Speed  of  Change   •  FlaPened  learning  hierarchy  sharpens   messaging  and  broadens  the  pool     of  available  content     Forces  of  Change  Suppor5ng  Organiza5onal  Learning  
  22. 22. 22   One  global  Asian  original   design  manufacturer   offers  a  digital  3-­‐D   learning  environment  at   its  virtual  model  factory.   This  system  lets   employee  par5cipants   “see”  and  “feel”  complex   equipment  deployed     at  many  of  the   company’s  plants.  
  23. 23. 23   Where  to  focus?   Design   Content   Business   Model   Having  the  right   content  that’s   easy  to  find  when   it’s  needed   Crea5ng  the  right   environment  with   the  right  team     How  technology  is  used   determines  success  more  than   the  technology  itself    
  24. 24. 24   Design  Thinking  Focuses  on  Employee  Experiences  
  25. 25. 25   Shir  in  Mindset  from  Solely  Learning     to  a  Performance  Focus     L&D  should  be  asking   “what  outcomes  do   we  want  and  what   does  a  great   employee  experience   look  like?”  
  26. 26. 26   People  Generally  Learn  Best     When  Their  Learning  and  Their  Work  Are  Aligned   Learning  integrated   with  work  will   produce  bePer  results   in  terms  of  behavior   change  and   performance   improvement  than   when  learning  is   en5rely  separated   from  work.  
  27. 27. 27   Greater  Importance  on  Design  Thinking     Means  Faster  Organiza5onal  Growth   On-­‐the-­‐job  vs.  formal  training  impact:  3X  greater  performance  improvement   Exposure  to  on-­‐the-­‐job  learning  ac5vi5es:  increased  engagement  2  ½  X  
  28. 28. 28   Iden5fying  Type  of  Content/Learning   Source:  Bersin  by  DeloiDe,  2017   Explosive  Growth  in  Microlearning   Microlearning   Macrolearning   I  need  help  now.   I  want  to  learn  something  new.   Two  minutes  or  less   Topic-­‐  or  problem-­‐based   Search  by  asking  a  ques5on   Video  or  text   Indexed  and  searchable   Content  rated  for  quality  and  u5lity   Several  hours  or  days   Defini5ons,  concepts,  principles,  and  prac5ce   Exercises  graded  by  others   People  to  talk  with,  learn  from   Coaching  and  support  as  needed   Is  the  content  useful  and  accurate?   Is  the  author  authorita3ve  and  educa3onal?   Video,  ar3cles,  code  samples,  tools   Courses,  classes,  MOOCs,  programs  
  29. 29. 29   Applying  Micro  &  Macrolearning   Source:  Bersin  by  DeloiDe,  2017  
  30. 30. 30  Source:  Bersin  by  DeloiDe,  2017   Employees  Are   Overwhelmed…   The  average  mobile  phone   user  checks  the  device     150  0mes  a  day   Of  the  U.S.  popula5on,   40%  believes  that  it  is   impossible  to  succeed     at  work  and  have     a  balanced  family  life   The  “average”  U.S.  worker   works  47  hours  and  49%   work  50  hours  or  more  per   week,  with  20%     at  60+  hours  per  week   The  “average”  U.S.  worker   now  spends  25%  of  the   workday  reading  or   answering  emails   More  than  80%  of  all   companies  rate  their   business  “highly  complex”   or  “complex”  for   employees   Fewer  than  16%     of  companies  have  a   program  to  “simplify  work”   or  help  employees  to  deal   with  stress  
  31. 31. 31  Source:  Bersin  by  DeloiDe,  2017   …and  Spend   Too  Much  Time   Searching   28%   19%   14%   39%   Reading  and  answering  emails   Searching  for  and  gathering  informa5on   Communica5ng     and  collabora5ng  internally   Knowledge  workers  spend  less  than  40%   of  the  average  work  week  on  tasks  specific   to  their  jobs  
  32. 32. 32   Typical  Forgetng  Curve  for  Newly  Learned  Informa5on   Source:  Bersin  by  DeloiDe,  2017  
  33. 33. 33   Solu5on  Is  Three  Simple  Things:     Repe55on,  Spacing,  Ques5oning   Source:  Bersin  by  DeloiDe,  2017  
  34. 34. 34  Source:  Bersin  by  DeloiDe,  2017   1.  Organiza5on  focuses  on  long-­‐term  career  success     of  its  workers   2.  Organiza5on  focuses  on  enabling  workers  to  perform     well  in  current  role   3.  Organiza5on  employs  design  thinking  in  development   opportuni5es   4.  Organiza5on  offers  high-­‐value  learning  and  development   experiences   5.  Organiza5on  rewards  employees  for  development   6.  Organiza5on  gives  stretch  assignments  as  part  of  worker   development   7.  Employees  are  able  to  influence  which  tasks  are  assigned   to  them   8.  Organiza5on  is  clear  on  decision-­‐making  processes/ability   9.  Risk-­‐taking  is  rewarded  in  the  organiza5on   10.  Mistakes  are  valued  as  learning  opportuni5es   11.  Organiza5on  u5lizes  experiences  for  development   12.  Organiza5on  gathers  data  on  worker  performance     in  several  ways   What  really  maPers   •  Careers   •  On  the  job   •  Experien5al   •  Reward  systems   •  Empowerment   •  Learn  from  mistakes   •  Performance  data   •  Culture  of  learning  
  35. 35. 35   New  Capabili5es  Needed   Source:  Bersin  by  DeloiDe,  2017   Experience   Management/   Architecture   Technology   Tools  &   Leadership   Experience   Leadership   Experience   Design   Branding  &     Communica5on   Data   Analysis   Content   Cura5on   Mul5media   Development   App   Development   User     Experience/   Interface   Design   Division/Country   Leadership   Instruc5onal     Design   Content   Development   Learning     Delivery   Learning   Evalua5on   LMS   Administra5on   L&D   Performance   Consul5ng   Tradi3onal  Learning  Organiza3on  Capabili3es   New/Enhanced  Learning  Organiza3on  Capabili3es   Strategic   Core   Enablers  
  36. 36. 36   Today   Tomorrow   Learning  is  a  series  of  corporate  programs  built  around  L&D-­‐designed   content  and  L&D-­‐approved  experts.   Learning  is  an  “environment”  and  an  “experience,”  leveraging  experts,   content,  and  materials  sourced  and  recommended  by  external   communi5es  as  well  as  by  other  employees  and  internal  experts  (not  just   L&D).   The  learning  environment  is  managed  by  a  corporate  learning   management  system—essen5ally  a  large  catalog  filled  with  courses.     The  learning  environment  feels  like  a  consumer  website  that  provides   videos,  courses,  content,  and  access  to  experts—as  well  as   recommenda5on  engines  that  help  people  find  precisely  what  they  need.   L&D,  business,  and  compliance  experts  push  out  training,  iden5fying   required  courses  to  be  completed  by  employees  based  on  roles.   Employees  pull  learning,  naviga5ng  and  accessing  opportuni5es  from   inside  and  outside  of  the  company.   The  focus  is  on  internal  training  sanc5oned  by  the  company.     External  training  is  available  from  any  digital  content  source.     Learning  professionals  are  generalists  who  do  everything  from  design  to   development,  logis5cs,  and  measurement.   Learning  professionals  are  specialists  who  are  excellent  at  the  component   they  own.   Training  follows  a  lecture-­‐based  model  guided  by  an  expert.   Training  is  experien0al,  relying  on  simula5ons,  case  studies,  and  flipped   classrooms.   Employees  learn  specific  skills  through  expert-­‐guided  instruc5on   Employees  learn  how  to  learn  through  facilita5on  and  coaching.   Organiza5ons  create  detailed,  exhaus5ve,  skills-­‐based  competencies  that   drive  the  learning  agenda.   Organiza5ons  create  high-­‐level  frameworks  that  outline  broad  capabili5es.     The  learning  organiza5on  plays  a  lead  role  in  what  a  person  learns  and   focuses  on  delivering  work  experiences,  interac5ons  with  others,  and   formal  training  in  the  tradi5onal  70-­‐20-­‐10  ra5o.   The  learning  organiza5on  plays  a  suppor0ng  role  in  what  a  person  learns,   expanding  the  10  to  include  “inside”  and  “outside”  learning;  shiring  the  20   to  include  internal  and  external  networks;  and  redefining  the  70  to  include   corporate,  community,  and  social  experiences.  
  37. 37. 37  
  38. 38. 38   Why  Blackboard?   We  want  to  inspire   the  world  to  learn!   •  Anywhere   •  Any  device   •  At  any  age  
  39. 39. 39   Blackboard:  The  largest  learning  company  in  the  world     Serving  100  million  users  in  100+  countries   3,000   HE  Ins5tu5ons     in  North  America   1,900   Interna5onal   Ins5tu5ons   9,300   K-­‐12  Schools     and  Districts   1,800   Corporate  and   Government  Orgs  
  40. 40. 40   Your  partner  in  change   100M learners  and  users       19+   yrs   15+     yrs   14+   yrs   19+   yrs   18+   yrs   Years  present  across  the  world     17+     yrs   13+   yrs   16+     yrs   17+   yrs   21   yrs  
  41. 41. 41   The Blackboard solution Reporting, Dashboards & Analytics Blackboard Learning & Development Platform Implementation and strategic services Bb Collaborate Bb Registration and Management Content Authoring, Ally & Custom content development Blackboard for Business
  42. 42. 42   Allstate  Insurance  (US)   Training  for  Employees   Training  for  remote  staff  across   the  US   •  Allstate  Insurance  trains  the   employees  at  their  dispersed   offices  across  the  US   •  Allstate  emphasizes  the   importance  of  brand   standards  and  service   standards   •  Suppor0ng  staff  in  a  total  of   14  geographies   Sales  Support   Focused  on  revenue  growth   •  Offer  a  consistent  and   uniform  curriculum  to  all  staff   •  Focused  on  the  benefits  and   best  prac0ces  for  sale  of   insurance  instruments   •  Training  15,000  employees   annually   Use  of  the  System   The  flexibility  of  Bb  allows  BBVA   to  use  the  learning  tools  in   several  different  ways:     •  Corporate  Training  Pla]orm   •  Integrated  with  the  Bb   Registra0on  and  Management   Module   •  Hired  Bb  Consul0ng  and   outsourced  system   administra0on  
  43. 43. 43   Leading  Global  Teaching  Hospital   Training  at  Medical  School   College  of  Medicine  and  new   Medical  School  in  2017   •  Hybrid  model  –  HE  and  Bb4B   •  Onsite  Academic  Technology   Planning  onsite  w/eStrategy   component     •  All  Med  School  courses  now   have  a  Bb  element   Account  Growth   True  partnership  and  significant   growth  poten3al   •  Clients  of  Learn,  Collaborate,   Registra0on  &  Management   Module,  Consul0ng   •  Have  an  ongoing  Consul0ng   engagement   •  Academic  Technology   Planning   •  Course  Design  Pilot   •  Rebranding  Services  (CSS)   •  People  Analy0cs   Use  of  the  System   Uses  mul3ple  Blackboard   Products  and  Services   •  Train  healthcare  providers  in   Africa  via  Bb  Collaborate   •  Students  par0cipate  in  live   training  with  surgeons,  then   take  test  on  mobile  devices  in   real-­‐0me   •  Surgeon/instructor  shares   results  with  class  on  overhead   and  determines  who  will  join   surgery  that  day.   •  152k  employees  trained   annually  
  44. 44. 44   ADP,  beDer  collabora3on  means  more  effec3ve  learning   Background   ADP  (based  in  New  Jersey,  57k  employees)  decided  to  make  a   change  in  how  it  trained  its  sales  force.  That  investment  meant   an  improved  learning  environment  for  its  employees  through   the  Blackboard  Learn  plalorm.   Just  a  few  years  ago,  ADP’s  new  sales  associate  training  was  an   intensive,  lengthy,  and  expensive  process  that  required  trainees   to  spend  a  great  deal  of  5me  away  from  customers  and   prospects.  ADP  wanted  to  improve  that  process,  and  its   business  results,  so  the  company  decided  to  pilot  a  distance-­‐ learning  program  in  order  to  streamline,  and  improve,  its  sales   training  regimen.  Benefits  of  the  new  learning  plalorm  were   evident  right  from  the  start.  Although  5me  inside  a  formal   classroom  lessened,  students  became  more  engaged  in  the   sales  process.  Comprehension  quickly  increased  while  reten5on   and  grades  rose.  In  the  end,  ADP  experienced  a  true  impact  on   their  business.       hPp://­‐study-­‐blackboard-­‐pays-­‐off-­‐ for-­‐sales-­‐training-­‐adp/     Solu5on  benefits   •  $1.5-­‐$1.6  million  savings  in  training  expenses   •  60-­‐day  increase  in  sales  produc5vity     for  trainees   •  12%  increase  in  first  year  annual  sales.   •  Increase  in  reten5on  of  sales  force   •  Increase  in  comprehension   •  Increase  in  engagement   •  Improvement  in  grades  &  mastery  
  45. 45. 45   Ci5banamex   Degree  programs  for   Leadership   •  Administra0on  of  Sales   •  Administra0on  of  service  and   opera0on     •  Administra0on  of  banking   opera0ons   •  Masters  in  Human  Behavior   and  Leadership   •  Business  Administra0on  (in   collabora0on  with   Tecnológico  de  Monterrey).     •  Hundreds  of  graduates  have   come  through  the  program  in   past  8  years  with  lienses,   master’s  degrees  and   diplomas.   Real  Time  Mee0ngs  &   Training  for  Bank  Employees   •  Offer  real  0me  mee0ngs  and   training  to  all  bank  employees   in  Mexico  using  Blackobard   Collaborate   Use  of  the  System   The  flexibility  of  Bb  allows   Ci3banamex  to  use  the  learning   tools  in  several  different  ways:     •  Corporate  Training  Pla]orm   through  Blackboard  Learn   •  Integrated  with  the  Bb   Registra0on  and  Management   Module   •  Hired  Bb  Consul0ng  for   technical  and  strategic   consul0ng  during   implementa0on  and  con0nue   to  purchase  services  including   content  and  course   development.  
  46. 46. 46   Federal  &  Department  of  Defense  Overview   40  Cabinet  level   agencies   using  Blackboard  today   115  Schools     for  Training  &  Educa5on   Largest  client   US  Army  with  350k   users   ATO  for  FEDRAMP   coming  later  this  year   DOD  clients  choose   Blackboard  because  of   our  breadth  of   experience,  and   extremely  high   sa5sfac5on  levels  Corporate   academies     are  poised  for  change   on  the  order  of   magnitude  experienced   a  century  ago   New  Customers     Online  &  running    in  30  days  
  47. 47. 47  
  48. 48. SPECIAL  OFFER  FOR  CLO   WEBINAR  PARTICIPANTS   • $50  off  registra0on  fee   • Offer  runs  April  19th,  2018  –   May  18,  2018   • Limited  to  the  first  100   redemp5ons     • Use  code  BbWCLO18  to   register  at   NOTE:  discount  not  valid  for  speakers  or  other  reduced  rate   registrants  (AKA,  daily  or  pre-­‐cons)   WHY  ATTEND     •  3  days  of  speakers,  panels,  workshops  &   informa5onal  sessions   •  Network  with  over  2,000  like-­‐minded   aPendees   •  Learn  the  latest  0ps  &  tricks  to  deliver   compelling  content   •  Meet  face-­‐to-­‐face  with  over  200  product   experts      
  49. 49. 49   Con5nue     the  session     with  your   ques5ons     and  discussion   Tom  Holz   Senior  Director   Blackboard  Business     &  Government   Web:   Email:   LinkedIn:   TwiDer:   @tom_holz      
  50. 50. 50   Sources   •  hPps://­‐func5ons/organiza5on/our-­‐insights/ learning-­‐at-­‐the-­‐speed-­‐of-­‐business   •  hPps://­‐12-­‐12/fourth-­‐industrial-­‐ revolu5on   •  hPps://­‐revolu5on-­‐4-­‐0-­‐2/   •  hPps://­‐fourth-­‐industrial-­‐revolu5on-­‐ what-­‐it-­‐means-­‐and-­‐how-­‐to-­‐respond/   •  hPps:// HumanCapital/gx-­‐dup-­‐global-­‐human-­‐capital-­‐trends-­‐2016.pdf   •  hPps://     •  hPp://­‐content/uploads/2010/03/ tech_kids(pp_w768_h512).jpg     •  hPps://      
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